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Inspiration, cover art and pictures in the story all courtesy of the PMV of the same name by the talented Loveless Nova, used with his/her permission and blessings. If you haven't already, check out the PMV - If I Were a Pony. It is awesome.

Queen Chrysallis died in the aftermath of that ruinous invasion of Canterlot. But Tartarus would not be my afterlife, and death not my reaper. No, Ponyville is to be my purgatory, and my socially-inept roommate, Moon-Butt, my rather overly-enthusiastic reaper. I now live on borrowed time at the whims of my layabout of a roommate. To earn my freedom I must be able to not only prove that a changeling can live as a pony but also earn affection as one. But in between trying to get used to the notion that friends aren't food and learning to join the flash mobs in song and dance, I find that there is more to being a pony than meets the eye.

That was the good news. The bad news? I swear by the Ancient Ones, this useless sloth I have to share a room with is simply using me as an excuse to be an incompetent freeloader away from her sister's watchful eyes. You know everything has gone hooves-up when I'm the voice of reason. But bills need to be paid, bits need to be earned, and I have to somehow save up enough to move out of this flat. For my sanity's sake.

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Across the Seas By Citric Acid

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Isn't there already a story just posted a few days ago with the exact same cover art and title?

Hrm. You have my attention. Can't wait to see where this goes! :twilightsmile:

5459274 You miiiiiiiiight want to change the cover pic as it is the same with another fic.

... Yeah, you're gonna do the song justice. Totally tracked and liked!

Pilot chapter?:unsuresweetie: More like a sure sign of good times! Full speed ahead!:flutterrage::heart:

This looks interesting, gonna fave it for now. However, you should change Luna to Modern English

5462295 No, it's part of her character. She has to pratice using modern english and in this situation it would be nateral for her to slip

5463226 But she speaks perfect modern English since "Luna Eclipsed"

5463338 But during Eclipse she did speak it and especially when she was stressed. I'm not saying she can't do modern, just saying it takes effort for her to do it and in the situation with Chryssy here she couldn't waste the energy to do it.

I look at the video and I love it.:heart: This fic has a LOT to live up to.:unsuresweetie: Don't disappoint.:duck:

I half expect this entire story to be a fever coma/dream, but I'll give you more credit than that.

Also, is it just me, or does this setup sound like a dating sim? probably just me since I've been playing one recently

5463338 she has spent her entire life save for a few years speaking Olden tongue, i have lived in france speaking fluent french for about 7 years, but lived in england for 18 before that. You slip back into your native tongue when there is a lot of emotion or you're speaking in fear, love, surprise or are in other powerful situations.

very nice start! i cant wait to what happens next :pinkiehappy:

Although I have qualms about love being an alien emotion to changelings, the rest of the story has taken mine and promptly put it in a cage and held it for ransom at gunpoint. Watching the PMV then reading this, I have a good feeling that this story will be something I'll definitely count as an inspiration in the future.

Oh no, Chrysalis is stuck in Sitcom Land!

No, seriously, that's what the description makes me think. Tracking this for now, will read either when bored or when I see enough chapters that I know it's not a one-hit-wonder. It does sound like an amusing premise, at least.

This is brilliant. I'm definitely going to favourite and follow it. :pinkiehappy:

So why is she so down on the song and dance numbers? She had her own songs after all. :trixieshiftright:

Queen Chrysallis died in the aftermath

Too many l's in Chrysalis.

Luna's giftsense needs work

Awkward Luna is Awkward...

At least she's trying though.

Willow Wisp might be able to keep her name, as it sounds Pony enough to pass without comment, but Chrysalis is going to need a new one.

5463226 Yes. Psychologically, we are assuming that Chrysalis is a long lived creature, Luna is correlating with her in a way such that she is a figment from the past a thousand years ago before her expulsion to the moon.

Oh Hey Admiral!

I see how her looks are different, but what about her voice? I know it's very hard to describe a voice, but I know somepony will recognize her voice. Plus, is Willow going with Chrysalis? If so, what will her disguise look like?

Excepting the plan for Pinkie, everyone of those is probably destined for failure. Spectacular failure at that.

Man, no wonder this was featured.

5465304 Good Morning! Hey! Say what do you think of a collab with Pen Mightier? I have a few ideas bouncing around!

Yes. Queen...It will be perfect....

5465542 I'm open to the idea. depends on exactly on the story.

Oh god, I went to watch that PMV. That ending sucker-punched me.:pinkiesad2:

Oh god.:fluttershbad:

I need a hug.:fluttercry:

Why would you motivate anyone to go watch that, you monster?:raritycry:

5465744 Cool, let me call Pen Mightier... How do you open up a three way collab.

5465222 no I think she'll pull that off, but will drive every pony else crazy at the sight.

'Train - Carries ponies and explodes'

Moon Butt is confirmed best pony for this story.

Give Blue Ribbon from last year's rodeo competition that she missed'

I don't think AJ would appreciate that really... She wouldn't say anything about it in front of Royalty but I doubt she would feel that it is deserved.

'Invite to natural history museum's cute critters taxidermy exhibit next month' for the Element of Kindness.

Taxidermy... Taxidermy...

Taxidermys the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals

Oh my... I'm slightly worried that Fluttershy would be interested in it...

Your Luna is just priceless, how did she explode a toliet?

5465776 switching to Pm . Question then becomes if skype is an option

Quick question, where is Twilight's gift?


It's Alicornhood isn't it? Damnit Luna...

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