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Mister Sacred Potato

I suppose I write stuff... Bad stuff, but I try...

About me and my stories.

I am a Norwegian brony with a HUGE love for grimdark (the darker, the better).

My interests involve writing, drawing and DJ-ing. I also like video games and being outside, strange I know!

My favorite genre of books is the Fantasy genre and my favorite book series is either The Inheritance Cycle or A Song of Fire and Ice.

Now to a few thing ya'll NEVER see me write: Fics that involve rape, foalcon, bondage, and those kinds of nasty ass shit. Nor will I write stories that are well written, at least in comparison to, say, Kkat, Pen Stroke, Akumosrgrdrgdrgdgdrgrdgsomethingsomething or anyone with talent.

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2389919 You peaked my interest, I should be thanking you!

Hey, thanks for the fave on Defect!


Thanks again for reading it and for giving me your kind words! :heart:

1606042 Really nice to see someone try to spark some new life into this series.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :pinkiehappy:

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