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Dice Warwick

Dislexic tring to wright storys, makes gammer natzie eyes bleed.


New Chapter, and new ideas. · 6:42pm Last Friday

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There are also a few audio reads you can check out, if you don't have time to read. XP

Chumming Waters prologue

Fallout Equestria: The Sparkle-Lurker Nest

3378276 Well, I guess I'll continue with Stable-Tec R&D for now. I'm really enjoying it so far. :pinkiesmile:

tropical, sadly there's only one, (Dance of the Orthrus) as for what I recommend, it's really up to you, but from my earliest is never a bad starting point. It will at least introduce you to certain reoccurring characters. But if you want to jump strait to my core story, "Six Hooves under New Appalosa" is a good start, though some context will be lost.

I heard that you wrote some tropical FoE fics, so I'm going to try to give them a look. Do you have any recommendations?

for my stories, their mostly all loosly connected. Desperados is meant to be a point when their all converging. all of them you can read on their own with little problems, but starting with "Stable-tec R&D" will give you more context on Slowtrot, "Chumming Waters" and "Rust Red Shores" for Star, and "Dance of the Orthrus" For Harp.

as for Gammas stories, I have a lot of references to them in mine, and some of mine in his. PC, the hero of "Better Days" appers in Desperados, and the Mirage ponies makes a camio in "Long Haul" so their all loosly connected, but not reqired reading. Also he's a much better writer then I am.

  • Viewing 14 - 18 of 18
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