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Dislexic tring to wright storys, makes gammer natzie eyes bleed.


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Ch34 is out, but the next one will likely be late. · 2:49pm June 10th

Look, more are from out good friend as a reminder, he dose do commissions, so go check him out.

Now for the downer, I think I've mention the problem with procrastination before, and it's still a thing. As I settle into my new job, I might be able to will myself to do a bit more writing, but I can't even garentee that myself. I'll do my best to get the next chapters out in a timely fashion, but expect a less bi weekly updates.

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Hello, first off, I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you've put into your stories. They make for an excellent read: While Khat's work is the story of a gaming character, yours is of people. Everyday nobodies who act like everyday nobodies, because that is who they are.
Continuing on with the main point here, I was wondering about a reoccurring character of yours: Phobetor. I failed to find anything about her on the fallout wiki, and some basic research led me to a Greek goddess of the same name. A goddess of nightmares, to be minorly more detailed. Within your stories you have implied to a large extent that she was caste away into Tartarus, but still retained influence in the greater world. I remember seeing a implication that the zebras saw her influence as the evil beyond the stars, mentioned briefly in Khat's work. From all of this, I have concluded that she is an OC of yours.
Herein lays my question: May I use a cult that worshiped her in my (cruddy) fic?[i/]

Wow, my eyes are bleeding. XD

Hey, thanks for the watch! I'm planning a release of my next chapter in the next couple of weeks... hopefully!

Thanks for the watch!

I'm glad you enjoyed Monsters. Hope to hear more of your thoughts on my other ones! :pinkiesmile:

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