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This is the part where you all sing along, kids.


I AM WEEABU TRASH · 8:56pm September 15th

I caved in and bought the Sakura and Huniepop Humble Bundle and I am only just slightly ashamed. The cute girls and sexual content lured me in. Most of the "games" have pretty cliches stories for the most part. It was only 10 bucks for all the game, which on steam total to around 140 dollars. Great deal honestly. NO REGRETS! Tempted to make pony fics versions of these games maybe.

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Thanks for the faves!


You are welcome ^_^. I have a lot more stories to read through than I first realized. I haven't even added half of the ones I downloaded to my digital bookshelves here.

As for my own FoE story, I've scrapped it for now.

Thanks for the watch. Hope you're enjoying the other FOE fics, and that yours is progressing well.


Heh, no worries! :pinkiesmile: I don't mind at all!

Sorry for the sudden bunch of adding stories. I forgot that this site allowed me to put fics in bookshelves for various reasons. I lost track of what I have and haven't read so I'm going through my list and making that easier for me.

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