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This story is a sequel to Fallout Equestria: Influx

The journey to find answers and to stop a madpony from unleashing an army of robots may have come to an end but now our heroes and some new ones have to live with the consequences and life in the wasteland.

Crystal and her family must content with life as wastelanders and Solaris learns what it is to be equine while protecting those that follower her.

(Chapters are now in chronological order)

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It was alright though I was hoping Xian could've been in this story

don't lose hope, even though its marked as complete, thats just because they are one story chapters, i will add other ones over time, this is just one of many to come so Xian will be in one or more.

You just made me grin like an idiot, so I can't wait for the next chapter. Your stories are amazing

The alicorn smiled. “Just say I’ve gone out for a walk.” And with that, Solaris disappeared in a bright flash.

I have to :pinkiecrazy:

I thoroughly enjoyed this, can hardly wait for more.

I sense Solaris still has a lot of story potential in her, she's extremely physically powerful but has to contend with one heck of a personal demon.

This made for a very nice afternoon read, and yes this chapter definitely needs a part 2.

Also, hello there Kane, up to your usual shenanigans? I'm sure absolutely nothing terrible or sinister will come of this.

Glad you enjoyed the short.

Glad you clocked the reference :p

TBH, this particular reference was a great deal more explicit and on the nose than most of the others. Really it feels like a setup for another story, perhaps a possible sequel to Broken Steel?

I like this Solaris character, it is a good look on her.

How come you never added a robot based off of the T-1000 in your story?

It is always a treat to see another chapter of this come out. Well, that's Sparkle World conquered, i wonder what shall be next; defending the throne? Or perhaps something else?

It's kind of interesting really, how Raven and Pixie both became very timid and afraid of fighting; despite them both being sturdy enough to tank bullets to the face, and having enough strength to bend metal armour and powderize bone with their bare hooves. Pixie's case is perfectly sensible, she has completely integrated the personality and memories of the original Pixie. But i wonder if Raven has a more personal reason for becoming this way?

Probably because if Colonel Ironside had that kind of tech at his disposal, the flesh binding spell would have been rendered obsolete; which would have immediately knocked out a major source of conflict that drove the story. Ironside would have had no good reason to give a rat's ass about Crystal, so long as she stayed out of his way.

Very well deduced. It would also be a little OP too

I think i mentioned something in an earlier chapter (not sure though if i did) that a part of the original survives in the magic the Infiltrators absorb.

These stories will not be in chronological order.


Because there are ideas i want to do and these aren't chapters, they are one shot shorts.

I hope get a sequel to broken steel at some point I remember that teaser for a second krogoth

Nice, Buckshot has certainly come into his own, and has even found somepony to care about. Hoo boy though does he look just a tad unhinged...

I look forward to reading about what happens to him and Clockwork next.

And yeah, this ongoing pandemic is getting under everyone's skin, stress levels are up and cabin fever is rampant. It's good to see you're still hanging in there and have found the motivation to continue writing.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the chapter.

Yeah the pandemic is annoying. I haven't gone anywhere since it started apart from work. Fallout 76 has kept me occupied as well as getting back into writing. I'll start a new chapter soon.

She looked up at him with serious eyes. “Now, I bet you want revenge on this pony you were chasing, right?”

Oh, Clockwork. The Familiar Bias is in full effect now, I see.

Oh buckshot that only ends with becoming crystals friend

Sorry not friends but also not enemies because the chapters are out of chronological order and buckshot shows up in super stable 24 although we don’t see clockwork

Well, he didn't want to risk her safety when it came down to confronting Crystal, he cared too much about her to see her get hurt by at least two beings like himself (Crystal and Nexus) so he had her wait outside for him.

Yes that makes sense But it will be neat to see any interactions between Crystal and clockwork

Another excellent chapter, and i look forward to the next. Also I wonder what Solaria is up to now...

One detail I find odd... IIRC, Crystal had already seen the sorry state of Canterlot from a distance the first time she and Fruity took the train from Manehattan to the Marejave.

to be fair, she had a lot on her mind back then

An excellent chapter all around i'd say, and of course we already know what the end of this chapter leads too.

I do question Solaria's wisdom in not letting Clockwork disable the SDP. She's got enough mental demons to contend with already, without also having that lovely little subroutine constantly waiting in the wings for the next time she gets pushed just a little too far.

I wonder where these stories will go next?

Solaris wants of overcome this limitation herself, to better strengthen her emotions so she won't succumb to it again.

Raven: Welcome back, Princess. How was your walk?
Solaris: It was ok... I DID get to seen an unsuspecting city get burninated!
Raven: What...?
Solaris: They we're RAIDERS! That's like a freebie!
Raven: ...
Solaris: Yeah, you're right. That's the Unit-1000 talking.

There was a pause as Unit-04 examined the data on who Subject 084 was. It turned out that she was a mare called Raven and was a personal assistant to the late Princess Celestia before the bombs fell. According to the file, she was arrested for treason, but the specifics of her crimes were under the label of “Classified”, which seemed suspicious. Unit-04 ultimately decided to take on Raven’s appearance, for it knew that Unit-1000 would take on Celestia’s appearance, and since it would serve under the alicorn robot, it would be like giving the new Celestia her assistant back.

I hope this gets elaborated later on... No way would Raven ever betray Princess Celestia!

“Definitely not. Those things are death traps of the worst kind. No, my friends, we are heading to Sparkle World.”

Yes! Finally somepony said it!

“Wait, you’re going to attack that place on your own?”

Raven: What did you expect? That we walk around it for seven days carrying the case of The Elements of Harmony until the walls fall?

there was a lot of shadiness going on before the bombs fell, ponies being arrested for minor things if it was ever so slightly against the war. i believe if i remember correctly Octavia was arrested for speaking out against the war. Been a LONG time since i read the original FoE, should listen to an audio book of it sometime to refresh my memory of it.

being a product of the M.o.A, Solaris would know exactly what the Stables were meant for.

I also don't remember what happened to Octavia Melody in the story... I remember that Autumn Leaf had her music playing in the corridors of his cloudship! The Butcher of Friendship City had good taste...

I, personally, like to imagine that Raven died during the events of Shatterhoof Ridge along with Big Mac and many others protecting Princess Celestia on that day... Even commissioned an "Ok" artwork about it a few years ago! I just can't post it anywhere...

About the stables in Fallout Equestria I'm like: "Jesus, CMC, what the shit?"

“That ain’t no Unity motherfucker that’s for sure. Its whiteness is blinding me.” He aimed a pipe gun with a scope. “Haha! The bitch has a cute little brunette trailing her. Hmm, she’s a meaty one too. Nice flanks.”

I can relate, but... FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!

Raider (survivor): Message for Buckingham City, Priority Omega. Sparkle Workd has fallen. I repeat, Sparkle World has fallen.
Raven: Hey look! One survived.
Raider (survivor): Oh no, they can see me!
Solaris: You can tell Buckingham City that I am coming for them next. And when I'm done I'll be renaming the city to "Ravenna"!
Raven: :heart:

I'm enjoying this fanfic way too much hehehe:3

“Oh good. I didn’t want to run into another ‘Auntie Glimmer’ scenario again,” said Fruity with a shudder.


“’Bout fucking time!” said Fruity in frustration after ten minutes of waiting for the elevator, only to get a hoof to slap him upside the head.

Super Stable 24 is so big it needs hidden loading screens hahahaxD

“Eek!” Xian cried as she found herself falling to the floor, but thankfully, Crystal put herself underneath her so that she landed safely on her mother’s back. Nexus did the same for Fruity, but since he was made of metal, it wasn’t a soft landing for him.

The universe just hates Fruity, doesn't it hahahaxD

Crystal immediately hugged her terrified daughter, to which Fruity quickly joined in. Nexus stood close by, watching the scene play out before him. He learned awhile back that dealing with equine emotions was still something he needed to understand better. After a few minutes, Xian had calmed down and relaxed into her mother and father’s embrace.

One family hug a day keeps the wasteland dangers away :heart:

“I can see you are now lost, without purpose. I’m here to offer you a chance at a life with purpose.” The alicorn smiled a smile of absolute warmth. “I offer you a place at my side, to be my Captain of the Guard for Sparkle-World.” Just as she finished, her smile disappeared, and her eyes projected a dark aura of malice. “Or, I can erase you from existence so you can’t be a possible threat to the ponies of this world.”

Buckshot: Ah! Big shoes to fill...

The Auntie Glimmer bit was a reference to the previous story's chapter "Lunatic Asylum"

That's one balefire hell of a nightmare... Was it really real?

“Hiyaaaaa!” Fruity shrieked and jumped in fright, only to end up being held bridal style by Crystal. “For the love of all that is good, FUCKING KNOCK YOU ASSHOLE!”

Yup! The universe is mad at Tooty Fruity for some reason hahahaxD

It wasn’t long before they continued along the railway. Their point of reference was the old city of Canterlot, still clinging to the side of the mountain as it glowed in a pink haze. The poison cloud swirling around the old city drifted down like waterfalls of death. The sight was a big reminder to the group that they were not in a safe land anymore (though the Marejave wasn’t that much safer in its own right).

Oh! So this is still before Operation: Cauturize!
Still have not forgiven Calamity's brother for destroying Canterlot... That asshole deserved it!

“Yes ma’am. The cold doesn’t bother me.”

I half expected Nexus to say "I think I froze." In the next line hahahaxD
(Dragon Ball reference)

Teen Flurry Heart is a brat and I love it~♡
I'm curious as to why the Crystal Empire did not try to help the inhabitants of the Equestrian Wasteland after the war was over...
Lovely artworks there at the end~♡

The story before this, Influx, sets up the scenario for the characters. It was set ten years before Littlepip and Beyond the Adventure will be spanning that ten year gap.

I believe the Empire did try to help but the state of Equestria plus the aids getting attacked soon put a stop to it.

Sadly, tomorow is the last day in which I have the time to read something this long so... Influx will have to wait. And honestly... Despite me loving the chapters with the family of Don Toody Fruity, it's was really Solaris and Raven that made me want to read this story! Those were the chapters I loved more and even feel like re-reading:heart:

My least favourite chapter (so far...) was "Second Chance". It's not be any means bad (it's good!), but I just feelt "meh" by the end of it. Couldn't even think of a comment...
Guess I was just more interested in seeing Buckshot as the new EUP Guard Capitain in Sparkle World than how in Tartarus he got to Super Stable 24 previously. Even began thinking of Buckshot and his new EUP Guard recruits singing "Royal Guard" from Sabaton for some reason hahahaxD

She started by single-hoofedly taking over Sparkle Town, the section of the park dedicated to guest accommodations and commerce. By the time two years had passed, hundreds of ponies had inhabited the old hotel district, bringing a sense of safety and normality to those that lived and worked there. Shortly thereafter, Princess Solaris discovered that the raiders had lost control of the rest of the park. All the other zones were taken over by creatures, ghouls, and robots that preyed upon all who ventured there. Regardless, Solaris would not rest until she had reclaimed the entire park for all her subjects, so she put together a task force of a dozen ponies to help her with this undertaking.

The small beginnings of Equestria's future new capital city:heart:

“Because I don’t want you all to become dependent on me like the ponies of old were dependent on their princesses. We all know what happened to them in the end. I don’t want the same mistakes to be repeated with us. The Equestrian Wasteland as a whole may not even accept me as Princess as time passes. I want you to be strong and independent without me, that way I’ll know that you’ll be strong enough to thrive and reclaim this country in the future.”

My biggest fear about Solaris put at ease! I was really scared she was gonna make this mistake. This could have been the ruin of everything she built for her ponies.

Solaris suddenly gasped in pain. She watched in surprise as her shield began to collapse from somewhere lower down. She looked to the source, seeing that the other Deathclaw was in front of her, its arm stuck out towards her. The initial pain she felt quickly increased; she looked further down and gasped in both surprise and horror. A clawed hand had impaled one of her ponies, and its two longest claws had penetrated through her chest piece, stabbing into her flesh about an inch deep.

That... That could have destroyed Solaris ability to recover while at the same time delivering a killing blow... Damn those oversized chameleons!

“Infiltrator Mark 2 identified: Unit-02… Threat level… Minimal,” Solaris stated in a thick electronic voice.

Buckshot and Fruity could bond over how much the universe hates them both hahahaxD

Solaris turned to look down at her loyal companion. “At what cost Raven? A portion of the park, the lives of over fifteen ponies, the extermination of a species!?”

But it had to be done! The deathclaws would have started coming for the ponies since they were a close, easy and available source of food of them now. It's sad and horrible, but those fifteen ponies were probably food for the young deathclaws Solaris killed...

“Oh, I don’t know, um… Err, how about Spike?”

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Now there is RavenSpike in Fallout:Equestria! (In a way...)

And, that's it... I'm all caught up now...
You can be sure that I'll be reading any new chapters you write in the future. I'm loving this story so far!

thank you kindly, i'm glad you enjoyed it so far.

You might want to read Influx next to get the story one the characters that happened before this.

The chapters with the family of Don Tooty Fruit sure did a good job in making me curious for that story:heart:
But saddly it cannot be now... Gonna be pretty bussy for the rest of the year (probably)...

Suggestion/Request: Why don't you put the Raven Inkwell and Princess Celestia tags on this fanfic. I know that they are not actually Celestia and Raven (they are OC's), but I'm always checking out the Raven Inkwell tag for any new fanfics or new chapters updates. I just don't want to miss when you post a new chapter.

Foals playing with orbital bombardment weaponry does seem to be a reacuring problem in Equestria these days...

"The mare in question squeaked as the Deathclaw was levitated over to her." Awwww~♡

"MASA"? As in "Most Amazing Simian Acrobats"?

It might have been shorter, but I still enjoyed it like a lot:heart:

Hehe glad you enjoyed it.

MASA stands for the Marejave Astronomical Space Agency or in this case of where it is, Mareginia.

Thank You for writing it:heart:
I knew MASA could not be what I said... It's a joke from "My Gym Partner is a Monkey" hahahaxD

Those two stories are amongst the best ones i've read. Thank you for making them and keep up your good work.

Thank you very much. I'm happy to know you enjoyed them and look forward to what comes next. :)

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