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This is a Fallout Equestria (primarily) and Terminator crossover.

As the war between Equestria and the zebras pressed on, many members of the Ministries conceived of desperate strategies to end it through magical and technological creations of questionable nature. One of these was Project Infiltrator, a top secret project of the Ministry of Awesome. It's goal: to create a super spy that was the perfect blend of pony and machine. But just as its first subject was ready, the megaspells dropped, destroying Equestria and creating the Wasteland.

190 years later, Crystal Eclair awakens in a world of ruin and violence, completely clueless as to what happened to Equestria and herself. Her confusion grows into horror as she discovers that she is no longer a pony, but now a cybernetic zebra. With no other choice left, she sets out to find answers to her predicament. How will she handle the truth if she finds it? Will she find friends who can help her in a world that trusts no one? And what if those who have done this to her are still out there, eager for her to serve a new sinister purpose?

PS. This is not a Prequel to Broken Steel despite what a couple of websites that link back to this story say.

(Chapters 1 to 12 Edited by Alycorn~(CF), New Editor Double R Forrest. New description credit to Double R Forrest )

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So, you're writing something new.

I liked both Broken Steel and Under the Red Cloud (Dead Money was awesome. All FoNV DLCs were awesome, but this one is my favourite right behind Lonesome Road), so I'm eager to see what you produce next.

You could really need a few commas, would make things a little bit easier to read. Or make some of your sentences a little bit shorter/less interlaced.
Since I'm no Englishman or American I can't say much about your grammar/spelling.

To the story:
I guess this will be a pre-war fic?
Wow. This protagonist is...I don't know the word to describe it. Everything's able to kill her, I wonder how she will do.
Is Crystal dead now or will she be upgraded?

I can't really say if it's good so far, since this is merely a prologue, but...it looks promising so far.

4194010 thank you for reading and i hope you'll enjoy it it and I'm glad you enjoyed Broken Steel

Jesus that mare had a horrible life :facehoof:

4197021 Indeed she did, unfortunately that's how life works sometimes.

Thanks for adding your story to the Fallout Equestria Group! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions! :twilightsmile:

I like it so far

Welp. Here's another one i have to eventually read...

4356173 i take it you enjoyed chapter one then?

This looks so good and with many other fallout equestrian fic dieing, im really glad to see something like this.

Keep up the good work. I cant wait for the next chapter :)

4362552 Thank you, i'm happy you enjoyed it :D

.....who the heck has plasma rifles?

.....who the heck has plasma rifles?
Enclave? Brotherhood?....

This is going to be updated right? :duck:

Because, really, it is just awful how few good stories have either a robot, brainbot, or even a zebra as the main character. In fact, all three of those reasons are why I want to see more of this, let alone the quite good premise and potential character development. :raritywink:

4486506 You are in luck, chapter 2 "Iron Horse of Speed" has been completed on Sunday night, i'm just awaiting my editor before I upload. I am happy you are liking it so far and I hope you'll continue to enjoy it.

4486600 Ah, I know that feeling, I'm waiting on my beta/editor (she's really good at catching things I miss) to update my own story. But regardless, I am unworried, for patient bear is patient :pinkiesmile:

She better find some gems and quick, also glad that the filly she saved is fine :twilightsmile:. Fruity looks like he will be interesting, good chapter again :yay:

epic and descriptive that's my kind of rescue. :heart:

:yay: Yay~! So good!

But.... :unsuresweetie:

You're going a bit too far here. Careful, or Crystal will seem like a Littlepip clone (which isn't bad, as Littlepip is- :rainbowkiss: SHO AWESHOME!) with how self-sacrificing she was here.

Regardless, loving this so far, especially considering how little action there is in comparison to most FOE stories in favor of progression and the few encounters that do happen, they happen from somehow nerfing the pure fortune of Crystal apparently somehow having untold heights of points in her Luck stat. :rainbowlaugh:

Looking forward to more, and your take on an Equestrian New Pegasus :rainbowwild:

4510193 I'm glad you are enjoying it.

Crystal believes she is more durable then a standard pony since she knows she is machine under her skin, that is why she believed she could save that filly in the burning train car. Things will escalate when she gets close to uncovering the truth behind her creation.

4511664 Well, that was pretty obvious :ajbemused:

But what I meant was in general, Crystal seems to have a natural disposition to help others without any thought to personal gain, just from my analysis of her personality and her interactions with others. :twilightsmile:

I can see already that in a way, she's your analogous character to Littlepip, and Tooty (I prefer that to Fruity *chuckle*) thus far, seems to be a "corrupted" variant of Calamity, as he's displayed a decent level of Loyalty, but is still questionable in his overall demeanor and ultimate objectives. (seriously, rutting a mare in public? Not cool buck, not cool.) :facehoof:

Also, is the reason Crystal doesn't just eat some metal or glass to fix herself a psychological issue? She could repair herself with some scrap and glass (if like in FOE: PH, she can process glass like gems like "Queen Whiskey" *snort*) :twilightsheepish:

All the British stuff threw off my immersal. Whe reading a story like this, you need to create a whole nww world for the reader to get lost in, throwing in British culture kinda ruined it for me :facehoof:

.....now I want fish and chips

4515021 I am British after all, of course i will include British Culture

4514979 Fruity has a drink problem which as Slick stated makes him extremely horny, he can easily be manipulated by those giving him drink, i suppose you can summaries the mare had something to do with that.

I'm not trying to make them like Littlepip or Calamity, though I can tell people will think so but I'm not.

4515838 I'm British too, that's why it threw me for a loop.
Fallout is more American culture than British, even Fallout. Equestria itself is primarily American culture.

YA new chapter:pinkiehappy:

Cant wait for the next one keep up the good work

well done on this chapter :pinkiehappy::ajsmug: and hmmm... bananas? yes bananas are very good :scootangel:

I bloody well knew something was going to happen to the train XD especially considering you've clearly put the timeline to be before Littlepip and Blackjack's leaving their respective stables.

Honestly though, I was expecting something more insidious than it being the usual "greed ruins need" scenario, like somehow that racist mung and his goons sabotaged the train to spite the Marshal...which I've noticed you suddenly ignored :rainbowderp:

Hope that family in particular came out ok, and turns up someday like most characters do in FoE and PH.

4843958 Oh they'll turn up eventually and I wanted to use the locomotive itself being a bomb when it can't vent all its steam safely.

4845132 fact is that is quite beautifully true to fact. As shown in Back to the Future III in the climax; if a steam locomotive burns too hot and the steam just builds up violently, then the entire thing turns into a barreling shrapnel deathtrap.

Likely when they went full speed to get through Ponyville (or Pon'evil) they probably didn't properly vent the excess steam as they should have and it blew a gasket or valve, causing it to constantly build up. Which is why those idiots caused it to blow by their stupid greed when they could've saved the engine by venting it properly.

4845280 Not to mention from one of the crew Crystal heard muttering, it had been shoved into service without having its trails done. So no issues would have been known.

4845410 Yep, forced into service too soon and now they won't ever have a working train line again until after the events of FoE, let alone one as fast and impressive as the one they just blew up.

Also, I didn't bother saying this sooner but I love the new illustrations for the cover of the story and your icon, beings Crystal didn't keep the vault suit, mohawk or be in Manehattan long enough for the previous cover to apply to most of the story, and give us a better visual of Crystal's appearance.

However, you might've released the new cover a bit too soon, you've given spoilers, however slight.

4845425 they still have the 4-6-2 they had been using before but its going to take about a week to clear the track.

I don't have a proper cover yet but i do intend to get one soon

4848108 Woo, industrious. I'd figure it'd take at least a month considering hazards like Geckos and raiders/nutcases like Right Bleeding Bastard, not to mention that the older 4-6-2 engines are much slower than the sexy one they lost. :ajsleepy:

As for cover, this one is definitely good, you just used the epic exposed Terminator face rip a bit too soon, now we're all expecting it to happen. :trixieshiftright:

Dieses Kapitel ist am angenehmsten.

4853261 It's German! It translates roughly as 'This chapter is very comfortable'
So...this chapter is very good!

Great chapter, can't wait for the next one.

Great job on the chapter. Can't wait for the I-01 to battle the I-02. Let them fight :pinkiecrazy:

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