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Fallout Equestria: Influx - Beyond the Adventure - Lex the Pikachu

Crystal and the False Princess must now live with the consequences of their actions while settling into their new roles in the Wasteland.

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The Fall of Sparkle World

Author's Note:

Sorry for the long wait for this chapter. Buying a new PC and change of internet provider put me out of my writing for a month.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the next instalment.

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Fallout Equestria: Influx
Beyond the Adventure

The Fall of Sparkle World

When the Great War brought the end to civilisation and destroyed any sense of law and order, the world was plunged into chaos. It took many years for survivors to rebuild any sense of community, but even then, it was still a tough living. Those that emerged from the Stables formed tribes or rejoined whatever form of society that was left in the ruins of the old world. This new harsh environment, filled with poison, radiation, and monsters led some ponies to turn to darkness and barbarism. These ponies became known as Raiders, ponies who took what they wanted and needed, took pleasure in the misery of others, and didn’t care about the consequences of their actions.

Three such tribes of Raiders lived and operated in the ruins of the once great city of Manehattan. These tribes were the Crimson Skulls, the Rust Demons, and the Marked, and they were the biggest threat to the city and to each other. The Crimson Skulls were skilled and methodical, the Rust Demons were skilled in engineering and utilised repurposed robots, and the Marked were savage-like and consisted of ponies, griffons and changelings that scarred themselves to show their allegiance.

However, a lone stable dweller with great skills and abilities was able to defeat the leaders of each Raider tribe. However, this stable dweller was not set on a righteous path. He or she conquered and united them together, leading them to a stronghold to conduct their raids. This stronghold was the famous and popular Sparkle World theme park. The park was built by the creator of the famous soft drink that took Equestria by storm during pre-war times. That said, despite its family friendly outer appearance, the park was built like a fortress with high, thick walls and advanced security measures. When the groups of Raiders arrived, they found that it was occupied by traders, and with their numbers and brutality, they killed most of them and enslaved the rest.

Sparkle World became the strongest Raider base in the whole wasteland, and for decades, bands of Raiders consisting of members from each tribe ventured out to do their raids. After decades of relative peace between the factions, however, the sudden disappearance of the dweller destroyed the virtual trust they held for each other. Soon, the growing distrust between them would eventually lead to each faction going to war. A war that would last, until one Raider appointed himself as the Overboss. He was big, strong, and showed no mercy to anyone, beating down the other faction leaders into submission like the dweller before him. With him as the Overboss, another era of uneasy peace settled in.

But the Overboss soon became lazy, staying mostly in the home that once belonged to the dweller, no longer bothering to send out raiding parties, and with that, the distrust began to settle back in. Unfortunately for them, a new threat to their existence was approaching.


1 Year after the destruction of the Production Facility.

Sparkle World

“The fuck? Is that… is that an alicorn?” A Raider, dressed in a fancy suit with some well-put together metal armour over the torso and shoulders and a red skull painted on his face, yelled to his co-guard on the opposite side of the main gate. His comrade was another Raider but dressed in armour pieces that looked to have come from robots.

“That ain’t no Unity motherfucker that’s for sure. Its whiteness is blinding me.” He aimed a pipe gun with a scope. “Haha! The bitch has a cute little brunette trailing her. Hmm, she’s a meaty one too. Nice flanks.”

“Oi, dipshit! Put your dick back in your pants before I chop it off!”

“Sod off, you whiney bastard!”

Suddenly, a pressure in the air got the two Raiders to stop arguing and looked to the source. They both gulped as they saw the Alicorn’s horns glowing a bright crimson.

“Oh shit, its gonna attack! Quick, get the Overboss, he can deal with these things better than any of us.”

“Don’t need to tell me twice, I’m gone!” The robot armoured Raider yelled as he jumped down from his post and sprinted away towards the old dodgems building.


Inside the old dodgems building, a large muscular earth pony stood before a suit of power armour. The armour was typical to what Raiders tend to do with power armour frames they find, but this suit had an extra layer of mesh that was intertwined with gems and talismans. The large pony grinned as he watched a smaller earth pony work on the suit.


The huge stallion whirled around with a disapproving glare directed at the robot-armoured pony as he burst through the main doors unannounced.

“Don’t you assholes ever knock?” He yelled.

“S-sorry Overboss,” The Raider panted as he stopped before him. “We have a problem, an alicorn…”

The Overboss cut the Rust Demon off with an angry growl. “An alicorn? For fucks sake, you lot out there should be more than enough to take care of one measly alicorn!”

“Y-yes but sir, this one is different. Its bigger and white and…”

“Oh, my days, you spineless fuck! Fine, I’ll deal with this,” He grumbled and turned around to face the pony tending to his armour. “Get the fuck back out there and stall it while I get ready! How’s is coming, Tinker?”

Tinker turned to face the Overboss. “I still need to calibrate the anti-magic field. Should just take me a few minutes.” He spoke calmly, a sign of above average level-headedness for a Raider.

“I must stress that you don’t have the luxury of time anymore,” The Overboss said as he took a menacing step closer.

“I get it boss. It’ll be ready shortly.”



The guards abandoned their posts when the white alicorn launched a powerful crimson beam of magic. The beam struck the large, thick gates to Sparkle Town, wrenching both gates wide open and even managing to break some of the hinges, as well as obliterate the guard posts that had been set up behind the gate. Raiders from each faction took cover behind anything they could find: broken pieces of wall, old stands, benches, and even rubbish bins. They aimed their collection of Equestrian and homemade firearms at the broken gate and waited with bated breath for the smoke to clear.

Through the smoke, a golden light appeared before the great white alicorn emerged, her horn aglow with golden magic. Her red hair whipped about in a non-existent breeze and her sharp crimson eyes flicked about as she identified her targets.

“I-it’s a princess…”

“She’s huge.”

“She’s different from the others.”

“Where’s the Overboss?”

Raiders commented as they watched the alicorn stride into the town square of Sparkle World’s entrance area, the section of the park known as Sparkle Town, her wings slightly flared, and her face set into a hard glare as she surveyed the scene before her. Moments later, a small unicorn mare with a brown mane and tail scampered in behind the alicorn, practically hiding between her long legs and hugging herself against one of them.

“Aww, ain’t that cute.”

“She’s pretty. I want a piece of her ass.”

The great white alicorn turned, and with a baleful glare aimed at the lecherous Raider. Her mane flicked almost like fire as she sneered. “Don’t you dare touch her!”

Several Raiders flinched at the volume of her voice while others yelled out in alarm when the tip of her long slender horn began to glow with power.

“Ah shit!”

“Fire, fire! Kill this bitch!”

And just like that, the group of Raiders fired their weapons at the alicorn. Their eyes widened in surprise as a shimmering golden shield made of hexagonal tiles flashed into existence upon being hit. The small unicorn squeaked in fright, but soon looked up in wonder as the alicorn’s shield was preventing everything from getting through.

“Sparkle World is hereby under new ownership. You have all been evicted,” She called out while the light at the tip of her horn grew to blinding levels. “Now get off my property!” She finished with a beam of golden magic aimed at the Raider who wanted to mess with her friend.

“Oh fuck!” The Raider exclaimed in alarm and tried to avoid the beam, but the magical blast moved too quickly, and he was consumed in its destructive power, promptly disintegrated.

Griffons of the Marked took to the air and began to fly in circles around the shield protected alicorn, firing bolts of plasma and laser from their scavenged energy weapons.

“I am Princess Solaris, the last thing you’ll ever see!” She caught one of the griffons with her magical grip and violently pulled him down to the ground with a crunch, the impact breaking his back.

Amidst the chaos, a Raider had got himself into a clear line of sight, and braced himself as he hefted a Missile Launcher, aiming and then firing at the alicorn. Solaris quickly turned in the direction of the incoming missile and her horn glowed before a Marked Griffon body-slammed into her shield. Although he failed to breach it, the tackle distracted her long enough to allow the missile to hit the shield and explode. She was hidden from view for a few moments by the fire and smoke, but when it cleared, the Raiders all gasped when they saw nothing had happened. The only thing they could see was that a small portion of the tiles where the missile hit had turned red.

Solaris stared wide-eyed in shock as she saw that several shield tiles had turned red and cracked from the explosive impact. She then cringed from magical feedback as the centre tile suddenly dissolved and left a hole in her shield. She was so overconfident with her magical might that she didn’t expect a missile to be strong enough to damage her shield.

“Everypony! Focus your fire on the red area. We got a hole!”

The Raiders fired once more. Ripples of impacts began to fill the front section of the shield, and more tiles started to turn red. In retaliation, Solaris built up more power in the tip of her horn. She cringed again as the weakened tiles began to collapse. She let out a yell as she released multiple beams of energy. Each beam was targeted at any pony out in the open, and several of them fell from the beam’s power. However, she had missed the pony with the missile launcher, and he responded in kind with another missile.

Solaris grit her teeth with anger as her threat detection system noted the missile but just as she was about to act, a bullet grazed her cheek. Surprised by the hit and the unpleasant burning feeling it left behind, she found herself distracted long enough for the missile to get close. Realising what was about to happen, she deactivated her shield and immediately grabbed her companion with her magic, throwing her backwards.

“Solaris!” The unicorn screamed as she flew.

Solaris braced herself just as the missile struck the blue glowing disc on her chest piece. The Raiders all cheered with the successful hit, but they stopped short when they saw an intact body fly out of the smoke. A direct missile hit would have blown apart a Unity Alicorn, but this one was still whole. Solaris bounced off the floor before slamming into the wall of a souvenir store and falling to the ground limply, her red mane falling over her face and neck.

“Oh no, Solaris!” The small unicorn cried in alarm as she scampered over to her friend.

The cheers from the Raiders increased in volume over their supposed victory, but those cheers soon faded into confused murmurs when they saw the little unicorn freeze in her approach and wilt backwards in a show of fear.

“This is bad!” The mare said as the great white alicorn slowly picked herself back up.

The Raiders all gasped in alarm upon seeing the alicorn begin to stand, shocked that she tanked a missile and survived. Then, they began to shout in confusion and outrage when she stood to her full height, the point of impact on her chest now revealed metal plate under her shredded skin and destroyed chest piece. There was damage to her neck and forelegs in the form of tears and cuts, some revealing the gleam of metal. The commotion from the Raiders quietened down as the alicorn slowly looked around. They were taken aback by the crimson glow in her pupils.

“J-just what the fuck is she?” A Crimson Skull yelped.

Solaris looked down to her small unicorn companion, face blank and emotionless as she looked the mare over.

“Raven, take cover,” She said in a tinny mechanical voice.

“Y-yes, your highness,” Raven squeaked, hurriedly scurrying to the nearest shelter.

The cybernetic alicorn turned to face her adversaries. “You all have been marked for termination,” She stated matter-of-factly as she made her way to the nearest Raider with purpose.

“Rust Demons, we need reinforcements!” A Rust Demon Raider yelled. As one, the Rust Demons all turned and ran to their sector of Sparkle Town.

“You fucking yellow-bellied pieces of shit, get back here!” A Crimson Skull demanded.

“Forget them. It just means there is more of this bitch for us,” A Marked said while licking his lips.

“You are all vile and disgusting creatures that don’t deserve to live.”

Solaris’s horn pulsed with crimson magic. A group of three Marked rushed forward, one griffon and two earth ponies. The ponies were armed with a gauntlet on one of their forehooves that had two long steel blades (an improvised weapon called a ‘Digger’s Gauntlet’). The three weaved around each other as they closed the gap, the remaining Crimson Skulls taking aim with energy or ballistic weapons to cover them. Solaris let loose a beam of crackling magic that narrowly missed the griffon as it flew over his teammates. The beam struck the ground near the Crimson Skulls and exploded with enough force to kill or throw them off balance.

With the Crimson Skulls dealt with for the moment, the cyber alicorn could now focus entirely on her close-range combatants. She flashed her horn, grabbing the griffon by his talon and slamming him into the ground mere feet from her. He screamed in agony as the force broke multiple bones. The two earth ponies pounced, their gauntlets at the ready to run her through. She swiftly swung her wings out forward in a sweeping motion, catching both ponies and throwing them back. As the two ponies were flung back, she stepped on the grounded griffon, her immense weight crushing him under her hooves with a wet crunch. She approached the two earth pony Raiders as they rolled back onto their hooves, blood pouring down from their noses while letting out a feral yell before they pounced again. Solaris reared back to avoid them, and the two Raiders crashed into each other and fell to the floor in a heap. Solaris came down with both her forehooves and stomped onto their heads, ending them swiftly.

“Fuck, so fast… Everypony, spread out!” A Crimson Skull yelled. The remaining Raiders in Sparkle Town scattered to give themselves some range.


The Overboss and Tinker looked to the doors that led out into Sparkle Town, hearing multiple screams and shouts along with explosions and energy blasts.

“We outnumber this bitch a hundred to one. How can those cunts out there be having this much trouble?” The Overboss said in annoyance.

“I dunno boss. Um, the armour will be ready in just a minute.”

“Hurry up, damnit!”


Lasers, bullets, plasma, and projectiles were all sent flying to the angered alicorn. Her evasive system helped her avoid most that were thrown at her, and quick castings of her shield protected her from the rest. Instead of using just her shield, she was now dodging when necessary and only using her shield for short periods of time to ensure it remained strong. She also sped up, moving quicker in battle. Within ten minutes, the entrance section of Sparkle Town was cleared. Those that survived the assault had run back into the residential and market district, deeper in Sparkle Town. Solaris used her magic to pluck fallen weapons out of the dead Raider’s grips or from the ground and floated up to four of them to her side.

“Time to end this.”

“Please be careful. You’re already injured, and I don’t want your judgement to be clouded from this anger I think you’re feeling,” Raven said in concern as she approached her alicorn friend.

“Do not worry, my dear Raven. It’ll take more than a missile to break my reinforced endoskeleton.”

“That’s not what I meant!”

“I know Raven, but do not worry. Everything will be fine.”

“Sister, please! I don’t want to lose you!”

Solaris paused at hearing that and looked back at her little companion. The crimson glow within her pupils faded at seeing the worry on Raven’s face.

“Oh Raven, I promise, I’ll be ok. Thank you for helping me see clearly again.” She gently wrapped the smaller unicorn in a wing hug. “I still need to clear this place of the squatters, but I’ll be more thoughtful from now on.”

“You better. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Solaris gave Raven a loving nuzzle before releasing her. “Please, go back to the group. I’ll feel much better with you out of harm’s way.”

“Not a chance. Who will reign you in if you get angry again?”

“Hmm, fair point. In that case, please stay back and remain hidden.”

Raven nodded in acknowledgement, and Solaris turned toward the gate leading to the residential and market districts. These districts were the main bulk of Sparkle Town and housed all the hotels and main retailers. There were a few entertainment buildings in the area such as arcades, theatres, among other things. The streets were narrow and, despite being in remarkably good condition, full of rubbish and junk discarded by the careless Raiders.

“This place will need a serious clean up after this,” Solaris said before she spotted her first target.

“Here she comes you wankers, get ready!” A Crimson Skull yelled at the end of the street.

Several shutters and windows swiftly opened and Raiders from all three gangs hung out with their weapons at the ready.

“Get her to the lake! We got a surprise ready for her!”

Then, the real battle began. The Raiders all opened fire.

Solaris fired the weapons at multiple Raiders at once while her horn fired beams of magic. She used her wings to block incoming fire as she quickly weaved from side to side. When she emptied the clip of one weapon, she would drop it and then pick up another from a fallen Raider to keep up the pressure as she moved up the street. Soon she ended up at the lake, a large equine-made body of water set in front of the fake mountain and restaurant known as Fizztop Mountain.

As she stepped out into the large open area, she found the group of Rust Demons that fled earlier, now reinforced with an assortment of robots under their control. The robots ranged from Ponytrons to the dreaded Sentry Drone, all of which had been modified. Their normal armour either removed or added with scrap metal that covered them all, each appearing to sport blades or spikes on top of that. Not only was the armour changed, but so were the weapons. The robots now wielded an assortment of weapons from spiked ball clubs and industrial nail guns to unrestricted miniguns and napalm launchers.

“Now I see why this gang is known as the Rust Demons” Solaris commented to herself as the leader of the gang, the one in the bulkier armour and an Assaultron helmet, pointed at her.

“Kill her!”

The Rust Demons and their robots attacked. Laser-based weapons lanced out from most of the robots, but Solaris’s shield deflected the energy blasts. In turn, she aimed her stolen weapons at the approaching Ponytrons and Assaultrons that were coming in for close-range combat.

“Alright, get Chargrill into position,” The Rust Demon leader said with a dark smirk.

Chargrill was one of the modified Sentry Drones; a blade-covered robot armed with napalm launchers. It moved to the side to give itself a clean line of fire while Solaris did a quick spin as she shot out a condensed beam of magic, slicing off the heads of robots and ponies that were close to her. As the bodies collapsed, Chargrill aimed its launchers up and fired balls of napalm. Intense flames soon covered the alicorn and hid her behind the blinding light of fire, but suddenly there was the sound of a thunderclap and the flames were dispelled to leave an unharmed Solaris in the centre.

“Impossible!” The Rust Demon leader growled. “Bunker Buster! Kill her!”

Another Sentry moved into position, this one armed with a minigun and a missile launcher. It took aim and fired a missile. Solaris glowed her horn and just before the missile struck, she disappeared in a flash and reappeared in mid-air above the group. She began to charge power into her horn as she hovered above them.

“Up there!” A Rust Demon yelled, pointing a hoof up.

Unfortunately, his alert came too late as a powerful beam of destructive magic rained down upon Chargrill, shattering its armour and super heating the fuel tanks for its napalm. In moments, the robot exploded in a violent fireball and set alight several of the robots and ponies nearby.

Solaris fluttered down to the roof of a bowling alley as she observed the scene and identified the targets she had left. While the Demons were distracted, she charged power into her horn again, but this time she activated the overcharge, allowing one of her Mana-Cores to amplify her magic. Her eyes glowed red with power while unstable magic crackled up to her horn’s tip.

“I am your divine judgement!” She let loose a tremendous beam of magic down upon her enemies, slowly turning her head to direct it across the enemy line, consuming everything. Raiders and robots alike were engulfed, and when the beam passed over them, the ponies seemed okay at first, before their bodies began to turn grey and dissolved into dust, leaving nothing but their bones in a heap on the ground. The weaker robots, like the Ponytrons and Mr. Handys’, all exploded, but the sturdier ones managed to survive. By the time she cancelled her attack, all the Raiders were ash and the remaining Assaultrons and Sentry Drones stopped moving and slumped down without anypony in command. Solaris gasped and panted as she fell to her knees, suddenly feeling drained. She grunted as she pulled herself back up, her overcharged attack having drained her secondary Mana-Core and fifty percent of her wellspring.

Solaris grinned at her work, satisfied with eliminating the Rust Demons. Suddenly, in her state of distraction, something big and hard slammed into the back of her head and shattered. She cried out in surprise and fell off the roof but was quick to open her wings and glide down to the ground. She landed among the ash piles with a grunt.

“Ow-who-what?” She growled in annoyance as she turned to face the direction of the assault.

“Oh my goddesses, I can’t believe that worked, haha! I knew Striker would be useful!” A Crimson Skull laughed. Solaris’s onboard weapon database identified the weapon he had used: A Balefire Egg Launcher. However, she could also see that it’s launch system was modified. She watched as he pushed an orange bowling ball into the launcher.

“Here, catch!” The Raider fired the bowling ball at high velocity toward Solaris.

Solaris wore a ‘you can’t be serious’ half-lidded look and caught the orange bowling ball inches from her face in her magic. She looked up at the Raider, only to see him retreat out of view as the bowling ball began to vibrate in her magical hold. She raised a brow before her threat warning flashed in her HUD. Just as she was about to launch it away, the bowling ball exploded in her face. She skidded backwards several feet from the force, but the flesh along the right side of her face and part of her neck had been ripped and burned away thanks to the explosive ball.

“Why that smug, little bastard.” She opened her wings and shot up to the roof to track her assailant down.

The force of her take off created cracks where she stood as she sped up to the roof within seconds. She reached the rim of the roof just in time to see the door to the roof access close.

“Alright worm. I’m coming for you.” She landed on the roof and used her magic to rip the door off its hinges and throw it to the side.

The Crimson Skull hurried down the stairs until he reached the ground floor of the bowling alley. He panted heavily as he ran into the middle of the large room.

“OK, you Marked crazies. Time to show your worth. She’s coming,” He said out loud before running for the main doors. “Now I gotta gather my brothers and sisters to guard the dodgems.” With that, he threw open the door and rushed out.

The stairs door exploded and flew across the room before she entered, blinking her eye as she looked around. The large room was very dark, almost pitch black with the lights turned down to their lowest setting and all the windows being covered. As she slowly moved across the aisles, she began to get the feeling she was being watched. She stopped and observed her surroundings more closely.

“I’m detecting energy signatures, but I can’t see anything,” She stated to herself as she slowly began to move across an aisle toward the room’s centre. She caught movement in her peripheral vision and spun around to see what was trying to sneak up on her but found nothing. Solaris stomped her hoof in frustration, breaking the wooden floor and creating a small crater as she did. She blinked and looked down, surprised that she did that.

“Raven is right. I should not let my anger get the better of me.” Again, she caught movement in the corner of her eye and whipped her head around, only to see nothing. With that, she felt her frustration skyrocket once more and she growled.

“Why is this making me so frustrated?” She activated her horn to light up the area, but as she did, she began to feel a saturation of magic in the air, and it appeared to be directed at her. Her horn pulsed and her eyes widened in realisation. The magic she could feel was a form of emotion manipulation, and it was trying to influence her.

“What is this?” She pulsed her horn again. Her eyes widened in surprise as she realised the magic was focused on her anger, trying to bring her to the height of that emotion. “I wonder what could be casting this, but I must disconnect myself from my emotions if I want to get out of this unaffected.” She closed her eyes to concentrate. Being a machine, she could isolate her emotions and prevent anything from affecting her ability to operate.

A hissing sound reverberated throughout the bowling alley once the magic was no longer affecting the alicorn. Solaris opened her eyes, her expression blank as she continued to look around. This time she blinked her eye, and her exposed right optical unit rotated three hundred and sixty degrees, a shutter closing and opening all the while. After that, a bright glow emanated from her eyes, and soon her gaze was locked onto a steel support pillar by the flight of stairs she entered from.

As Solaris walked toward the pillar, there was more hissing. She also became aware of movement behind her, but she kept her eyes on the pillar. Her vision displayed an aura around it, along with several other items in her field of view. This meant that the magic was coming from these highlighted objects, and that she needed to destroy them to remove the threat.

Once she stood before the pillar, she raised a hoof to strike it, but as she threw her punch, the pillar was engulfed in putrid green fire before a large, insectoid yet equine-like creature pounced at her and sunk its fangs into her neck. With her emotions supressed, she didn’t react to the bite (apart from looking down at her attacker). She used her magic to yank the creature off her neck and held it out in front of her. The creature withered and struggled in her magical grasp and hissed at her in disdain.

“Target identified: Changeling.”

However, unlike the creature that was on file, the one in her magical grasp had red glowing eyes instead of light blue. Another difference was the use of magic to affect emotion, whereas Changelings originally fed on love. Solaris deduced that these Changelings were a mutated form of the originals, adapted to a world with extremely little love for them to feed on.

Solaris was brought out of her thoughts when a magic attack from behind was deflected by her shield. When she turned around, she found more auras around other objects like chairs, light fixtures and other items. She narrowed her eyes, now aware that everything with an aura was a disguised Changeling. Without looking, she compressed her magic around the one in her grasp and squashed it like the bug it was before discarding its carcass to the side and charging her magic.

As her power grew, the disguised objects were engulfed in green fire before more Changelings took their place. They all hissed angrily at her, their own horns glowing with power.

“You all have been marked for termination,” Solaris said as she fired a split beam, sending three beams out. The creatures responded by jumping into the air and circling the alicorn until she was trapped in a Changeling cyclone. It seemed like the entire room’s worth of Changelings had given up with their disguises and went in for a direct assault.

Multiple beams of magic lanced out from the swarm while Solaris folded her wings out in front of her and over her head for protection, her shield flashing with each strike. The barrage continued while she channelled magic into her horn. After several seconds, she threw her wings up and her horn pulsed. The shield rapidly expanded and pushed the Changelings away until they all crashed into the walls. Solaris grunted as she reconnected with her emotions and became aware that her wellspring had decreased to thirty percent after all the magic used up so far. She needed time for her magic to regenerate, so while her enemies were struggling to recover, she flapped her wings and threw herself at the nearest cluster. She drove her hooves into their heads and quickly moved onto the others.


Outside and in front of the Dodgems, a last stand was forming. The remaining members of each gang had gathered; several were shaking in fear from what they knew was coming. They could hear the bangs and screams from inside the bowling alley, along with the wet splats.

“We’re all gonna die,” A Crimson Skull mare squeaked in fright.

A large stallion, also from the Crimson Skulls, slapped the mare on the side of the head, growling angrily at her. “Don’t go chicken on me now!”

Suddenly, everything went quiet in the bowling alley, and the gathered Raiders raised their weapons, preparing themselves. Then, the main doors exploded outwards, and something flew out of the smoke and into the air. All the gathered Raiders aimed up and fired at it before it landed amongst them, riddled with bullet holes.

“Shit, it’s one of our Changelings!” A Marked yelled.

The distraction was all the alicorn needed before she slammed into the ground in the middle of the group. Those close to her were knocked over while the rest were left reeling from her sudden arrival. She grabbed two weapons from those she knocked over, shot them in the head and then proceeded to attack the rest. The Raiders scattered to put some distance between them and her before returning fire. Her shield flashed with each impact, but with her wellspring being low, cracks began to form across the hex-tiles.

Solaris panted with lack of power, but her aim proved well as the Raiders began to fall one by one. She grabbed other weapons when the ones she was using ran dry, and she moved around to get better shots on Raiders or to physically attack them. As the numbers dwindled, the Raiders that had more sense dropped their weapons and ran. Before long, the last remaining Raider was the leader of the Crimson Skulls. The armoured stallion grunted as he stood before the alicorn. He held his shoulder and spat a glob of blood at her hooves, looking up at her in defiance.

“The boss will kill you.” He picked up his shotgun and fired. His shot was the last straw for the alicorn’s shield as it shattered like glass, but he found himself picked up by his chest piece with one of her iron-shod hooves and slammed into the ground. He let out a cry of pain before she pushed down hard with her mechanical weight and strength and crushed his ribs which punctured his heart.

“Right. With the boss dead, Sparkle World will be mine.” She panted and sat in the middle of the carnage while she waited for some of her magic to replenish.


“It’s gone quiet, boss.” Tinker gulped as he turned the wheel on the back of the armour.

The modified Raider Power Armour opened and split apart to allow access for its user.

“That either means our boys took care of it or…” He didn’t get to finish as the mains doors exploded inwards, the body of a stallion hurtling through them before it crashed into the protective glass around the dodgem floor.

“Oh shit, that was Dark Omen! If he’s dead, then that means…”

“The Crimson Skulls have been defeated,” The boss said as he looked up. Even silhouetted by the sun, he could see the tall alicorn standing in the doorway with red glowing eyes and severe bodily damage. “Well, C’MON!” He jumped into the armour, which then closed and sealed around him.

Tinker bolted to the nearest cover as his boss armoured up and the alicorn made her way down the stairs to the door to the dodgems ring. She gave the door a swift kick to open it and walked in, facing the power-armoured Raider.

“So, you’re the Overboss.”

“Heh, you got that right bitch. The name’s Boltok,” He sneered. “I hope you’re ready to die.”

“After everything your gangs threw at me, I don’t think your chances are good.”

“Hah! You just proved to me how worthless those weaklings were.” He laughed with no sympathy for those she killed. “Once I’ve dealt with you, we can start over with stronger ponies.”

The alicorn’s eyes narrowed with anger and her horn glowed dimly. However, her eyes widened suddenly as her magic tried to affect him. It felt like his armour was repulsing her magic. Boltok smiled.

“Can’t touch me with your precious magic, can you? Haha! It’s lined with anti-magic crystals and shit; you can’t do fuck all!”

“I don’t need magic to defeat you. You will fall like everypony else.”

“Bring it then, bitch,” Boltok snarled as he advanced.

Boltok threw a hoof out to punch her but she caught his strike with her own hoof. The impact shattered her iron shoe, but she held his hoof back despite his power armour-boosted strength. Solaris tilted her head slightly while giving him a confident smirk, which angered him more. He reared up to use both forehooves to attack her, but to his great frustration, she dodged or parried his punches until she delivered a hard punch into his chest, knocking him back several feet and dented the armour.

“Lucky shot,” He growled as he picked himself back up.

“Or you are a poor fighter.”

He growled and charged at her again. He punched and spun to lash out with his hind hooves to keep up the pressure. While Solaris dodged and parried, her horn was surrounded by a dim aura, her magic scanning his armour for a weakness. Unfortunately, with herself at lower power, she eventually slipped up and received a spiked hind hoof to her face, ripping away the flesh over her undamaged eye. Boltok jumped back with a start at the sight.

“Just what the fuck are you?”

Solaris cried in pain and shook her head before glaring daggers at him. The side of her mouth that wasn’t damaged twisted into a snarl. “Do you have any idea how much that stings?!”

Boltok just smirked. “Oh yea, I got something else that’ll sting more.” A panel on his shoulder opened, and a large, high calibre revolver extended out on a firing mechanism. The revolver fired, and Solaris cried out in pain as the high calibre round punched through her wing despite her efforts to dodge, creating a large hole in her feathers. “Haha! Like that?”

Solaris rushed at him, not giving him time to aim and fire again, and rammed into him. He grabbed her shoulders with his hooves and drove his armoured head into hers. There was a resounding clang as metal hit metal. Solaris, not phased by this, raised her foreleg and punched him in the side of the head, bending the wire mesh that surrounded the helmet.

Boltok crashed into the ground on his side but was quick to stand back up and face her. “I’ll turn you into scrap metal!” He yelled as he fired his weapon again.

As he ran at her, she ducked to avoid the shot and her horn pulsed. He roared as he threw a hoof forward to punch her again in the face, but suddenly stopped dead with his hoof mere millimetres from her nose.

“W-what?” He gasped in shock and noticed a crimson glow around his hoof.

Solaris smirked before her horn pulsed again and Boltok found himself sailing backwards before crashing into the protective glass wall. He bounced off the wall and landed on the floor with a grunt.

“H-how? You-you shouldn’t be able to touch me with magic?”

Solaris tapped her head just under her horn with her unshod hoof, grinning as she explained. “That’s the beauty of being mechanical. I can multitask better than most. While we were fighting, I was analysing your armour until I could match my magical signature with your armour to get around your anti-magic protection.”

“What, how?”

“Simple, really. I changed my magical frequency.” She approached and loomed over him. “You’ve lost.”

“I beg to differ.” He quickly jumped to his hooves and thrusted his head up to headbutt her under her chin. She grunted in pain before he uppercut her, and then reared up to use both forehooves to give a twin power punch to her chest. She cried out as she was sent flying back and crashed into the floor. “Don’t count your Rad-Chickens just yet, bitch!”

Solaris heaved herself up onto her hooves and grunted. “Ok, no more taking it easy on you.” Boltok, however, roared as he charged at her again. Solaris’s horn glowed with crimson light and he froze mid-stride. “I may be low on power, but telekinesis doesn’t need that much and besides…” She used her magic to heft him up and slam him down into the floor, hard. “I don’t need to kill you to defeat you. Just, pull the plug.” Her magic took hold of his mana-core and yanked it out.

“NOOO!” He cried before the emergency release ejected him from his armour. He shouted in pain and rage as he landed on the floor. “No! No, this can’t be happening!”

“Face it. You’ve lost.” Solaris approached him before she put the mana-core into her mouth and bit down on it. There was a surge of magic energy before she spat the core out and shuddered for a moment, sighing in relief as she absorbed the energy.

“Ah, that’s better. Any last words,” She said as she loomed over him.

“Yeah, fucking die!” He swiftly whipped out another high calibre revolver and fired round after round at her until his gun clicked empty. His eyes widened as he saw a shimmering hex shield in front of her.

“That mana-core gave me just enough energy to reconstruct my shield. Good thing, too. Those would have really hurt.” She stamped a hoof down onto his chest, but not hard enough to kill him.

Boltok grunted in pain and dropped his weapon. “Treacherous bitch,” He grumbled before he was hauled up off the floor by her hoof, which gripped his neck.

“Goodbye, worm.” She flung him over her head. As he flew into the air, she fired a beam of magic at him. Once it hit him, the point of impact began to spread across his body as it turned to ash. She smiled in triumph when a pile of bones and ash crashed into the floor in a heap. “Job done. Sparkle World is now mine.”

A gentle creak caught her attention, and she whipped her head around to find a single Raider left trying to sneak out of the dodgems floor.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Solaris stood and approached, while using her magic to slam the door shut, preventing his escape.

“Ah, shit. Uh, wait, please don’t kill me,” Tinker begged.

“Oh? And why not?”

“I… I can be useful to you; you’re taking over Sparkle World, right?”

Solaris tilted her head for a moment as she regarded him. “That’s right.”

“I can help you. Teach you about the different zones and shit.”

“You’d change sides just like that?”

“Hey, if you can’t beat’em, join’em.”

“You don’t seem like the typical Raider.”

“Yeah, but it was better to join them instead of lying down and letting them kill me when they had the chance.”

“Hmm… So, you were only a Raider by necessity?”

“Yeah, I mean they rolled in and killed everyone in the settlement I was living in when I was young. I figured if I joined them, they wouldn’t kill me too.”

“And you just went ahead and killed with them?”

“No, well mostly. I stayed back as much as I could. Fixing shit, advising or suggesting things with whoever was in charge,” He explained. “Look, I tinker, I fix things. Using a gun to kill isn’t really my forte.”

Solaris regarded him for several long seconds before she relaxed. “Alright then. I’ll give you a chance.” Then, her demeanour turned dark, her eyes glowing with malice. “However, if you so much as step out of line, you’ll end up like your boss over there.”

Tinker gulped and nodded. “Under-understood.”

Her stance relaxed again, and she smiled. “Good,” she said as she turned. “Come with me. I don’t want you out of my sight for now.” She began to walk up to the main entrance with Tinker in tow.


“Oh creator, what happened to you?” Raven squeaked as she re-joined Solaris outside the dodgems building.

“Nothing a little time won’t fix,” Solaris replied as she gave her friend a soft smile. “Sparkle World is ours now. Please go inform the refugees.”

Raven nodded as she turned and ran for Dusk Town.

“Uh, you know when other Raider gangs hear about this, they’ll come to challenge you right?” Tinker asked as he stood beside the alicorn, her flesh slowly beginning to stitch itself back together while a blue gem on her metal chest glowed brightly.

“Let them come. I’ll teach them not to mess with me or my ponies.”

Tinker nodded. “Well, if you plan to fight them, you might want to get the rest of the park under your control too.”

Solaris turned to regard him.

“Since the disappearance of the Dweller, the other zones of the park fell into disarray before we lost our hold on them.”

“What happened?”

“Well, a crazy ghoul now runs Foals Kingdom and has set up taint sprayers that keeps the place in a toxic and radioactive haze. Then there’s the Sparkle-Cola Factory, which is overrun with Sparkle-RAD-mutated Mirelurks. Then we got the Wild Zone; that place seems to be overrun with large horned monsters that look like dinosaurs. There is also the Badlands Zone, a western themed area that appears to have an infestation of things we’ve dubbed Blood Worms. And finally, there’s the Cosmic Zone. Some idiot tripped the pre-war security and now the place is full of robots and turrets.”

“Hmm. Well, in time we’ll retake each sector and bring the whole park under control, so that this place will become a haven for the innocents of the wasteland.” Solaris declared with a firm nod.

Solaris and Raven https://www.deviantart.com/lex-the-pikachu/art/Don-t-you-dare-touch-Her-812769454