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I wandered into this labyrinth called FimFiction one day... And i am still stuck here


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Thanks for finding The Spider interesting

Thanks again for the fav! Now tell me I'm pretty pony.

Oh and thank you for your Favoring of The Pink Out of Space. Certainly is one of those stories that have the most flack for basically daring to have a take on an old Dark Sealed Meme of this fandom.

I appreciate your consideration of my work. I warn you that my brand of storytelling mixes High Culture with Lower Culture. Like Alan Moore's.

Or more precisely you have your Oscarbaty Movies like "The Antichrist" that can be considered like Caviar, a bullshit appetizer for idiots with too much money.

You have your Pan's Labyrinth a genuine Fairy Tale and a true work of art in cinematic form; that is a fine Sirloin Steak served with a side of grilled shrimp and a glass of red wine.

Then you have my work which like your Hellboy's, Wolfenstine The Old Blood game, any Quentin Tarantino movie, any John Carpenter movie, and Kung Fu Hustle. Which is like a hand made Quadrupel Bacon Swiss Cheese Burger with Special Sauce and some Tabasco, a Side of Onion Rings and two pints of Red Irish Beer to wash it down. It's bold, it's fattening, it's delicious as all hell and it definitely is not in any way good for you.


That great, I will wait for your comments.

  • Viewing 130 - 134 of 134
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