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Hello All! · 2:19am Mar 24th, 2020

Well, what can we say? It sure has been a long while since we have been active here at Mangy Mutt Studios, but we just wanted to make an announcement that we will for sure be returning! In all honesty, we really don't even know who all will see this and even remember us, but that is more than okay! We will be coming back stronger then ever! More regular updates to our Fallout Equestria series (which we have been revising chapters for the last few weeks) will be coming!

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Thank you kindly for the follow. Everyone that joins means another who found some enjoyment from my stories.

Thank you as well, as we are thoroughly enjoying your personal Fallout: Equestria story! We really enjoy how you're taking the raider route!

Yoy, thanks for the faves and watch! Means a lot to me.

Thanks for the fave and the watch!

thanks for the follow

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