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Your Bow-Tie is on upside down Ditzy...

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What do you call electro music made by a bear?

Bear Trap

Are simply un-bear-able...


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2325090 Nah what he did to Snowflake and Amber was totally not cool. :ajbemused:

2324801 It was a good read! And congratulations on creating a character I hate more than any other. Seriously, screw Peanut. :fluttershyouch:

2068760 nein fraulein! I am grateful for every follower I receive! :rainbowkiss:

I am ze one hundredth follower! :pinkiehappy: Suspicious eyes loom over me What? You guys don't want me to be his one hundredths follower? I'm ashamed in you all! :fluttershyouch:

  • Viewing 89 - 93 of 93
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