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It's like a workshop for admins. :twistnerd: - Lady Froey

A group for aspiring and experienced admins to come share, learn, and give advice to or from other fellow admins. :pinkiesmile:

1. Don't be consistently rude.
2. Don't spam the same thread over and over.
3. No fun allowed Try and keep threads related to the group as much as possible.

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It’s Chad Warden here. I’m gonna get admin somehow

Hey everypony! I'm the admin for the groups: creative and Luna's subjects! Welcome to be here!

I honestly forgot I was part of this group lol

hey Founder and Admin of the Anon-a-Miss Group and I need advice

408306 the race is on then! :moustache:

408305 Ha! I'll do first! Watch me, nerd :trollestia:

407527 on that last part...
not if i do it first! lol

Heyo! I'm Co-founder of the Steven Universe group!

Admin for the Starlight Glimmer group, my own fan group (created by The Hat Mann). And of course, future admin and lord of FimFiction, but knighty senpai just doesn't know yet.

I am not an admin yet, but I do have plans for new groups I plan to make in the future and until then, I just want to get help starting from here and help maintaining them afterwards.

i am the coolest of admins

Okay, here I go.
Founder Of-
OC Tales
100,000 Words
The Crossdressers Group
League of FiMFiction Musicians
Kingdom Pony Worlds
The True Reviews Group
Potterhead Bronies
The Mad Authors
Facepalm HQ
Robin Hood
Chaos Coalition
Alternate Universes

Admin For-
Above Groups
Art For Fanfiction
The Competitive Writers Guild
Church of Walpurgisnacht

Hello, everyone. Somehow or other I have recently become an admin for a few groups, and I even decided to start a small handful of my own.

Groups I've founded:
Double Diamond
Party Favor
Golden Sun

Groups where I've become an Administrator:
Helping Hooves
The Writer's Group
The Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau
New Groups
The Equestrian Writer's Guild
The Birthday Association
Lemon Hearts
Sugar Favor

388821 Admin of friends 'nd stuff.

Comment posted by Limelight02 deleted Mar 15th, 2015

Founder of bronys and pegasisters with dark sides and screwball needs an icon
Admin of Luna needs an icon and badass baronies worldwide

Founder Of The TwiCord Group.

Admin of Badass Twilight = Total Domination, The Fad Finders.

Hello! I'm one of the admins for the Poniverse Fimfiction Group! I'm also an aspiring MLP fanfiction writer, but this admin business has been my way of contributing to the MLP Forums/Poniverse staff. If you'd like to give our group a look, we'd love to have you join it, and feel free to shoot me any questions you may have about it! :twilightsmile:

Alright, who do I need to kick?

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