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This group will never die, not so long as there is one fool left to teach new writers!

Welcome to the School for New Writers!

A community of over 3k members, and the largest author help group on Fimfiction.

Are you tired of getting your hard work trampled with dislikes? Are you a noob who is seriously considering writing a fanfic? Or are you an established author and simply looking for ways to improve your writing? Well, fret no more! If you are a writer in search of guidance and direction, then this is the group for you.

Writers of all skill levels are welcome. You'll find that our lectures are simple and easy to understand for those just starting out. Of course, authors with slightly more experience will also likely find ways to improve upon their own technique, along with resources and services such as story grading and reviews. Our work is entirely for your benefit.

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1. This is a fairly relaxed group. However, this does not mean it is uncivilized. Please keep fighting to a minimum and at least attempt to follow our rules or you'll be banned and have your comments deleted by an Admin.

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4. It's really unlikely you'll ever be banned from this group. You'd have to be trying to get banned. Still, comments can be deleted and/or a group administrator may say no to you. Bans are given for spamming, harassment (rule 1), and repeated rules violations.

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The Proofreader Group
If you are in need of an editor/proofreader or two, this group is the place to go. They have an extensive list of proofreaders willing to help with your story, and you get to pick and choose editors to PM based on a whole bunch of relevant information. Make sure to read their policies though. They are currently looking for fresh proofreaders who would be willing to join.
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Art for Fanfiction
This group is the principle group to go to when a writer needs an artist, or when an artist needs an outlet. If you'd like your story to have some cover art, you might have some luck asking one of the available artists here if you aren't artistic yourself.
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Authors Helping Authors
The giving and receiving of story reviews, by authors and for authors, is the primary purpose of this group. A great way to get more favs/likes, go here if you want to promote your story and receive feedback. Be prepared to give a few reviews yourself though.
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The Writer's Group
Would you like your story to have a second chance at the lime light? In this group they ASK you to shamelessly promote your story, by adding it to one of their many folders. They have an extensive forum for you to use as a bouncing board of ideas and/or cries for help.
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World-Building Alliance
This group is focused on... you guessed it. World Building. Its forum is filled with interesting and inspirational material. Go here if you want ideas about the world outside the nation of Equestria, or niggling details like "magic" or "politics". They have monthly group contests.
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At the "Writers and Reviewers Institute for Technical Excellence" Their stated goal is to get together the best of the best—an elite reviewing group who can take on any level of fic from first-timers to EqD-accepted authors. They are taking this claim quite seriously. Go here if you want a story reviewed.
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"We get to play God with our stories... And therein resides the hard work
of storytelling. Because, if you're playing God, you need to do it right."
- Larry Brooks

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Hey! I would appreciate it if I could get some professional feedback on my masterpiece!

TAll Day, Everyday.
Follow the journey of a little girl who takes her football to the next level!
Penanka72 · 143k words  ·  121  19 · 1.1k views

Thank you for reading friends!

Hello everyone) I've completely immersed myself in the world of my stories and have written several fanfics and now I'm in a mess of studies :😵:, I have to hand in three history essays by the end of the month. Perhaps someone who has been in my shoes can help me? I found a website https://eduhelper/essay-samples that offers free essay examples on various topics. I'd be happy if someone could give me a review and tell me if they've tried this resource)🙏. Thank you!

I need help with my story, characters, dialogue and some basic story finetuning.

Hello! i need some quick advice.

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The School for New Writers stands as a beacon for those eager to refine their craft, yet it uniquely bridges the past and the future. By integrating the " old roll " of traditional writing techniques with modern storytelling methods, it offers a comprehensive curriculum. This harmonious blend empowers students, encouraging them to explore their creative boundaries while paying homage to the literary foundations that have shaped the art of writing.

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Solo usa el traductor de Google, tengo que decirte esto.

Its ok, I think I can balance it. But I'm in the middle of writing a new chapter rn, so just send me something to edit tomorrow, OK?

I'm sorry i didn't know I'm going to add you because you did work on this but you don't need to work on tis just take your time and if you need anyone to talk to you can talk to me

that would be nice. but it would have to fit with my school stuff and my ongoing story. if I'm cluttered with stuff to edit and schoolwork, then I will have a few dozen people breathing down my neck asking constantly for an update. And that is not very good for my mental heath.

448126 thanks if you want i could put you down as the prereader or co-righter since my original Kendallonian and ThePhantomThief99 haven't been responding to my message’s i thank you for helping

Here, though sorry its nearly 2 years late, I just got here:

Your name is Anon, you were just taking a walk like you do every Tuesday, followed by working on something, be it writing or painting. You were on your way home from the store, and decide to go the fastest way home, but as soon as you entered the forest a fog came in, and you noticed that the fog was a rainbow of colors, and when the fog passed, the forest looked a bit off. You look at your arm because you felt a pinch on that specific arm, and you see a mark that looked like a pencil drawing in a book. You continue walking, thinking you went the wrong way but noticed it's night. Your confused because it took way to fast to become night at this time of year, so either I was in the forest the whole day or that fog wasn't normal fog. You find yourself in the sight of a wood-like wolf or large beast, you can't tell, because it was dark, you see the wooden beast moving towards you, it looked hostile so you run the other way. Then you noticed a light coming out a tree. There is a door on the tree.

"Strange?" you say, "Why is there a door on a tree?" You knocked on it, it opens, but there is no one there, but then you hear a cough come from below you. You look down and see a small zebra with big eyes.

"Hello," it says, "It is strange seeing a creature out here so late at night. Come in, but don't be afraid, I don't bite. After all, I'm just as confused as you might." You stare in shock at the talking, tiny zebra. After many seconds of hesitation, you ask the zebra for her name. "My name is Zecora, what is your name? Strange creature from within."

"My name is Anon, nice to meet you. Uhhh Zecora, if you could answer me a question, may I ask where I am?"

"Sure sir named Anon. But before I answer let me ask why are you out so late? Aren't you supposed to be with your mate?"

"Mate? Oh the ring, yeah that's my ex-wife. We where married for a couple years."

"Ok Anon, we are in the Everfree forest. And let me tell, you, at night its such a fright!"

"Anon" Zecora said, they where well and safe inside her house at this point, "do you have any other questions?"

"Yes, actually. When the fog cleared, this mark appeared on my arm." Zecora is shocked a little. She said that is what is called by ponies, a CutieMark. Anon is now confused

"What's a CutieMark?" Zecora said it's a mark that appears when a pony finds their special talent. Anon is still confused but then asks something else.

"What else does a CutieMark mean?" Zecora then said it also might mean you have magic. Anon now more confused than ever, asked what does she mean by he has magic. Zecora said that ponies get CutieMarks from a combination of magic and finding their true talent in life.

Aight that's the end. But you should add more, that's not really a good way to end off a chapter, else you will get berated by critics and get the most downvotes anyone has ever got or will get on this platform, even with the improved grammar. So if you have any more chapters, send them to me so I can proofread and correct please. Thanks.👍👋

uhhhhhhhhhhhhh no hablo Española?

Hello,new to this group. I'm not exactly new to Fimfiction but I've allways wanted to write a story and post it but I'm so insecure with my writing that i don't have the strength to do it. So if anyone can help me be a beta reader I'll be thankfull.

Hellow wish I knew about this group when I started... Iv been writing for about a year now...

Got some fun stories to tell. One that I'm working on to be my best work ever,

Blood of the CHIMERA

EFull Friendship's Magic #1 (The Filly From Mitaly)
There are many mysteries behind the world of Friendship is Magic, all lost in history. Until one pony unlocks it.
Reykatan · 29k words  ·  51  6 · 1.3k views

Hello, it's been a while since I've been active in this site. Long story short I made a blog post about my resume and revamping my only story here from years ago. I'm haft way done on republish it again but first, I needed to gather audience again. Since Facebook pages is no longer post reach free it's been difficult until now.

I don't usually like to do this but I've spent a bit of hours working on this video teaser on youtube before my republish as I made another blog post. Its not much and it should, better keep it vague.

Anyway, this here it is hope you like it.

hola soy Dawn Shine, una preguntita rapida ¿habria problema si publicara fanfics en español?, pues soy latino, mexicano de echo y pues no soy muy bueno con el inglés, alguien podria ayudarme porfavor

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