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This group will never die, not so long as there is one fool left to teach new writers!

Welcome to the School for New Writers!

A community of over 3k members, and the largest author help group on Fimfiction.

Are you tired of getting your hard work trampled with dislikes? Are you a noob who is seriously considering writing a fanfic? Or are you an established author and simply looking for ways to improve your writing? Well, fret no more! If you are a writer in search of guidance and direction, then this is the group for you.

Writers of all skill levels are welcome. You'll find that our lectures are simple and easy to understand for those just starting out. Of course, authors with slightly more experience will also likely find ways to improve upon their own technique, along with resources and services such as story grading and reviews. Our work is entirely for your benefit.

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Rules and Guidelines ~ Go here for a more in depth look at the inner workings of SFNW, because it makes our job easier if you know the rules. Repeated offenses will result in mild punishment and eventually banning.

School Directory ~ Our forum contains over 120 different threads. That makes this thread incredibly useful. It will usually get updated within the day.

A Few General Rules for the SFNW

All rules not stated here can be found in the Rules and Guidelines thread. Read them carefully, since they cover everything from thread posting and student behavior to contest rules.


1. This is a fairly relaxed group. However, this does not mean it is uncivilized. Please keep fighting to a minimum and at least attempt to follow our rules or you'll be banned and have your comments deleted by an Admin.

2. If you have a question, do not be afraid to ask a Professor/Contributor or a Professor/Admin in a PM or at our Study Hall.

3. Comments are to be used for commenting on the group's lectures or reasons stated in Rule 2. Comments such as "check out my story" will be deleted.

4. It's really unlikely you'll ever be banned from this group. You'd have to be trying to get banned. Still, comments can be deleted and/or a group administrator may say no to you. Bans are given for spamming, harassment (rule 1), and repeated rules violations.

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The Proofreader Group
If you are in need of an editor/proofreader or two, this group is the place to go. They have an extensive list of proofreaders willing to help with your story, and you get to pick and choose editors to PM based on a whole bunch of relevant information. Make sure to read their policies though. They are currently looking for fresh proofreaders who would be willing to join.
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Art for Fanfiction
This group is the principle group to go to when a writer needs an artist, or when an artist needs an outlet. If you'd like your story to have some cover art, you might have some luck asking one of the available artists here if you aren't artistic yourself.
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Authors Helping Authors
The giving and receiving of story reviews, by authors and for authors, is the primary purpose of this group. A great way to get more favs/likes, go here if you want to promote your story and receive feedback. Be prepared to give a few reviews yourself though.
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The Writer's Group
Would you like your story to have a second chance at the lime light? In this group they ASK you to shamelessly promote your story, by adding it to one of their many folders. They have an extensive forum for you to use as a bouncing board of ideas and/or cries for help.
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World-Building Alliance
This group is focused on... you guessed it. World Building. Its forum is filled with interesting and inspirational material. Go here if you want ideas about the world outside the nation of Equestria, or niggling details like "magic" or "politics". They have monthly group contests.
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At the "Writers and Reviewers Institute for Technical Excellence" Their stated goal is to get together the best of the best—an elite reviewing group who can take on any level of fic from first-timers to EqD-accepted authors. They are taking this claim quite seriously. Go here if you want a story reviewed.
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"We get to play God with our stories... And therein resides the hard work
of storytelling. Because, if you're playing God, you need to do it right."
- Larry Brooks

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I'm so happy to be a part of this group of fanfiction writers, where we all help each other out with our stories. When I was in my senior classes of school, I struggled with writing and often had to use websites like to keep up with my homework. But now, I'm determined to improve my writing skills and create stories that I can be proud of. I already have a few good ideas for fanfictions, and I can't wait to share them with everyone and receive feedback. Being part of this community is a great way to connect with others who share the same interests and passions. I'm grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow as a writer and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Hello! i need some quick advice.

so when it comes to choosing your own adventure books do you release with one end
a couple of ends
or all ends?

greetings to all who are looking upon this comment, I am humbled to start a new hobby in fanfiction however I do not understand how the website works, is it one-shots where you only have one shot to try to make a story, or can you edit your story over time?

Hello, I am looking for a co author. I just got this brilliant idea for a fanfiction but comedy isn’t my strong suit. It will be centered around the latest Gen 5 YouTube episode Dumpster Diving. It will basically be about Izzy’s new hobby dumpster diving. She is them amazed what kind of things the other ponies throw away. She then starts criticizing other ponies for it. She then meets a pony who has a hoarding problem. Hilarity ensues, mistakes are made and lesson will be learned. Probably will just be a one-shot.

Also hi everpony I'm new here so can I have help please

hay can I have help with spell checking and punctuation of my story

Your name is anon, you were just taking a walk like you like to do every. Tuesday, followed by working on something, be it writing something or painting. You were on your way home from the store. And decides to go down the fasted way home, but as soon as you entered the forest a fog came in, and you noticed that. The fog was, a rainbow of colors, and, when the fog passed. The forest of different you look at your arm because you felt a pinch on his arm, and he sees a mark that looked like a pencil drawing, in a book. You continue walking, thinking you went the wrong way but noticed it's night you are confused because it was daytime, so either I was in the forest the whole day or that fog wasn't normal fog. You now find yourself in the sight of, wood-like a wolf or large beast, you can't tell. Because it was dark you see, the wooden beast moving towards you, so you run the other way then you noticed a light coming out a tree you see there is a door on the tree, so you knocked on it the door opened, but there is no one there, but then you hear a cough from below you, so you look down a saw a small, zebra with big eyes the zebra said hello. She asked me if I would like to come in, and I say may I, and I said thank you. You ask the Zebra for her name, My name is Zecora know what is your name. My name is Anon, nice to meet you Zecora if you could answer me a question, you may ask where am I. You sure sir please just call me Anon, ok anon we are in the Everfree forest. Well then I was right!, Right about what Zecora asked what he is right about Anon answered the question when I entered the forest in my world a rainbow fog set in but after 5 minutes of walking the fog lifted then I noticed it was night but when I entered the forest it was midday. Ah, zecora said Anon zecora said do you have any other questions, Anon said one last question when the fog cleared this mark appeared on my arm Zecora is shocked a little Zecora Said that is what is called by ponies it's a CutieMark. Anon is now confused What is a CutieMark, Zecora answer it's a mark that appears when a pony finds their special talent. Anon is still confused but then asks something else what else does a CutieMark, Zecora then said it also might mean you have magic. Anon now more confused what does she mean by he has magic, Zecora Said's that ponies get CutieMarks from a combination of magic and finding there true talent.

need help with idea's and punctuation this is the story i,m doing the human vrn of pinkie pie goes from nice to insane because she lost her friends and broke the mirror in the pony world after pony pinkie from cupcakes throws her in and over time pony pinkie learns to use her pinkamena side for good instead of evil by becoming friends with the human mane six while human pinkie uses a double sided axe and murders the ponyfolk in ponyvile at the end i,m ganna have a battle of the good vs the bad pinkamena

Hello there everyone. Though I'm not new here I am trying to get into the swing of writing and I only have a few questions. How does one write hurt and comfort? Staying in character while also getting into the character's heads as well as hearts. As well as writing the catharsis (emotional release). Am I making sense?

Hello all, i'm new to this whole posting side of this site. I am writting 3 stories, each with chapters, related to one another. Would it be ok if i posted them via the forum thread to get feedback (and maybe some proofreads) on how i can make them better and improve upon it?

Hey um... I'm new around here and I'm trying to figure out how to post stories on this site I could use some help please

If y'all don't mind, I could use some pre-reading on a story of mine! :twilightsheepish:

EOur Day in Disdain
Rainbow Dash is forced to confront the ghosts of her past and the life she left behind. Lest the one she built for herself crumbles in her hooves.
Rainb0w Dashie · 30k words  ·  42  7 · 1.2k views

hi there!

I was about to look at the rules, when I couldn’t help but notice something in the front page description, and thought I’d offer a description update for any moderators who haven’t noticed it yet:

A community of over 4.5k members, and the largest author help group on Fimfiction.

As your member count is definitely over 3000, (4727 [not 4713, oops] as of posting) I would recommend updating it. I don’t mind if this gets deleted, responded to or ignored, but I like to let people know if something needs updating during my free time.

UPDATE - 15 mins later
I clicked the image to view the rules and I got the 404 page. (updating needed? again, feel free to respond, delete or ignore)

I have a question The submission for a story has enter prequel ID for the story if it is sequel I’m just wondering what that is and do I need to have it on my story? Because it doesn’t show it when I put it on my sequel?

I have the ideas. I have the skills I didn't have when I rushed with my now deleted first attempt. I have the plans(mostly). My problem, now, is putting it on paper. Any advice for a....whatever you want to call me?

Hey peeps! Just joned, so don't mind me!

With these characters, both names need to be together because they are first names ( I think ), while other characters, like Twilight and Pinkie, need to be separated, because they have both first and last names: Twilight Sparkle and Pinkamena Diane Pie.

Unfortunately i dont trutly have this much time to write to much of an fanfic,and im not sure if i would be good enough,because i would always come up with new ideas.

So far I only had one dislike for my story and three likes but I am a perfectionist. It is the reason why I can’t finish anything.

Can someone help me with my story Eg and the hero hunter because the dislikes are driving me like a lunatic and I don’t know what am I doing wrong I know is my first story but I only get dislikes and I am using the same story and the hero hunter’s personality and people seem not to like it please someone help me with this trouble.

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