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I am a relatively new brony who wishes to write and read some of the fanfic. I prefer heavy and intricate plots. I despise forcing ships on others. My favorite villain (and hero) is Starlight Glimmer.

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how he won't become popular

This is writing fanfiction, not a popularity contest. Anyone who believes it IS a popularity contest is shallow and needs a serious adjustment.

I will never understand him.


Yep that's Mykan for you. You don't agree with him 100% you're the enemy.

I asked him why he wrote when there's no reason for him to post. I pointed out his his writing isn't that good and hasn't improved in any way since his first stories, how he won't become popular, etc. He replied with "stress relief and character bashing."

So, I clarified, "So... self gratification then? Really, if you wrote it decently, I wouldn't even bother commenting, but the fact you lack even the most basic points of grammar makes me apathetic."

He then blocked me.

Hey um apologies for bothering you but I noticed Mykan deleted your comments on "Darkness of Dimensions"

Since I'm the morbidly curious type what did you say to him exactly?

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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