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A cartoonist in trainning dreamed to make a show of my own based on my inspirations.

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No there isn't but since I saw their DB cast answering our questions they said, they can't put or mention all the spell both combatants because that would take an hour to point it out.

I've seen it coming. Raven's Soul self gave her an edge in this fight. Raven has been through much more punishment than Twilight has. She's a superhero, what do you expect. She defeated her father Trigon who is more powerful than Superman and unlike Twilight who mostly realize on her friends, Raven can handle a big fight by her self. She doesn't always rely on the Titans. Twilight was in a fight by herself only once with Tirek and she had the powers of three alicorns on her side and even that wasn't enough.

A power Centaur who steals magic/ Demon from hell who destroys worlds. There is no comparison.


That's where I got the Idea of the character. :pinkiehappy: I'll keep on working on that recolor problem to a story, it would be a great moral lesson.

Well glad I sparked back that inspiration and vigor. Hopefully will read the story also. But first!

"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore"

You had to remind me of this olden gem.

101087 oh gee thanks :)

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