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Perhaps no one appreciates your writing, or you find you can't get started, or maybe you just want to find something to read. You can come here and show your writing, get some feedback about your story perhaps what you can work on or find something you like to read. Anyone is welcome here, you just asked to be respectful and not bully the others in the group.

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Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted March 12th
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333534 I haven't watched Skyrim, but looks good.

Welcome anyways.

PRAISE TALOS! I have found salvation at last!

Thought I'd come in with a Skyrim joke.

Glad you all enjoy this club. Nice to see it was worth making. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I should probably start here, even If I only post one fiction in my life.

This group is what I needed.

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