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In this group, we like to talk/discuss about anything and read stories. It is open to anyone who wants to join. This is meant to share things with others, have fun and read stories and discuss them.

Here are the rules:
1) Follow my rules and the rules of FimFiction.
2) Keep it clean.
3) Anyone not obeying the rules will get two warnings. The third offense will get you blocked.
4) Feel free to post any of your stories, just put them in the proper folder.
5) Swearing is allowed as long as you do not use it to insult anyone.
6) You are allowed to post pictures or videos you would like to share with people, again no porn and keep it appropriate.
7) Don't steal content from anyone.
8) Feel to talk to in the group at anytime. You can talk to me in general, you can ask me questions, and if you want me to add a folder, just ask and I will consider it.
10) NO TAGGING! NO MATTER WHAT! This is a annoying free group!
11) You are allowed to place your stories in multiple folder, as long as it is relevant to it.
12) NO RAPE FICS! They will be removed and you will have 1 strike
13) 3 strikes and it's a permanent ban!
14) I have the right to remove any stories if necessary or that don't follow the rules above
15) Clopfics are permited

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I know that this may never be read, but I feel a need to respond anyways. Ahem,

1) Pinkie Pie. I believe she has the most interesting character in the entire show. Her insecurities, her miserable past, her vast knowledge, she's just a character open to SO much interpretation. Not to mention it's always a blast when she's on screen.

2) Simply put, I'm a sucker for discussing the things I'm into with other people.

3) Heh, having joined just a couple hours ago (or less) I haven't the chance to read any stories..
4) Just to achieve a physique that I feel comfortable in.

5) This is an immensely hard question, and this will likely change, but I will settle with ''Cutie Mark Chronicles''. Getting to know the Mane Six's origins was a real blast, and it really helped me in understanding and getting attatched to them more.

6) Another terribly difficult one to answer. I again, will settle with Season 5. I feel like this season held so many memorable episodes, and just about each episode was great at the LEAST.

7) Queen

8) No. Not yet at least.

9) $$, visa gift cards, and a diary

If y'all don't mind, I could use some pre-reading on a story of mine! :twilightsheepish:

EOur Day in Disdain
Rainbow Dash is forced to confront the ghosts of her past and the life she left behind. Lest the one she built for herself crumbles in her hooves.
Rainb0w Dashie · 30k words  ·  39  6 · 964 views

Hi, I'm looking for someone to help me with writing a cuddlefic between my OC and his twin sister. PM me if you're interested. Thank you!

How is everypony?

1: Favorite Pony: Octavia or possibly Moondancer
2: Why'd I join: Seemed cool
3: Favorite Fimficion Story so far: Shadowed bolts or Just a Bad Colt
4: New Year Resolution: No idea!
5: Favorite episode so far: Possibly Rarity takes Manhatten, Slice of Life, or Party Of One
6: Favorite Season: All of them
7: Favorite band: No idea.
8: Have you read any of my stories: Nope..
9: What'd you get for Christmas: Things and stuff.

1. I would say...probably Pinkie cause she's almost like me! (though maybe I'm not as crazy...sometimes :pinkiecrazy:)
2. It looked like fun and could be a place to post some fun forums (plus for stories)
3. Hard to choose. :derpytongue2:
4. Well, I'd say my resolution is to think outside the box with every creative thing I do.
5. So hard to choose! I have a favorite of each season though.
- S1 - Bridle Gossip because Poison Joke effects
- S2 - Lesson Zero because crazy Twilight!
- S3 - Keep Calm and Flutter On because of the return of Discord
- S4 - Pinkie Pride cause...its Pinkie...and Weird Al Yankovic...in a GOOF-OFF! Need I say more? :pinkiehappy:
6. Season Four because of SO MANY greats songs, improvements to animation, showing of favorite background characters, and a ROCKIN' season finale!
7. Oooh! Anything 80s rock! Mostly Journey and Bon Jovi
8. No :twilightblush: But I'm willing to check 'em out.
9. A new PS3 controller and One Piece manga (Yeah I like One Piece big deal wanna fight 'bout it? :rainbowlaugh:)

Alright, can someone PLEASE get rid of the Clop section...
it's just not right, ya know...
like if you agree

1.Who is your favourite pony and why?: AJ, really interesting character.
2. Why did you join this group? : Duh, the title...
3. What is your favourite story on FimFiction so far? Quite a few, can't name'em...
4. What is your New Year's resolution? :None :derpytongue2:
5. What is your favourite episode of MLP so far and why? :Bats, tells somthin about nature, and I really like nature.:pinkiesmile:
6. What is your favourite season and why? :Must I choose, they all contain good episodes.:ajsmug:
7. Who is your favourite band? :None, I like Beethoven...
8. Have you read any of my stories? : No, but i'm gonna!:pinkiehappy:
9. What did you get for Christmas? :Who cares, it's the season of giving.:pinkiehappy:

I've started a group on Fimfiction called the Tournament of Canterlot where authors can submit their stories and then try to get their followers to sponsor them by donating to Oxfam’s Syria appeal. At the end of 2015, the stories who’ve gained the most sponsorship share in cash prizes up to $5,000, depending on how much is raised.

There’s also a place for musicians, voice actors and other brony artists to offer prizes for specialized criteria such as the story with the best villain or the best shipping; motivating authors to advertise their stories/ the tournament, therefore raising more money for the Syrian Refugees.

Tournament of Canterlot

Comment posted by PumpkinKittenSketch deleted Nov 23rd, 2014

1.Who is your favourite pony and why?
Don't make me choose between the Mane Six :P I like all the Mane Six really (Although Rainbow Dash is last place for me, she's great in some aspects but she's kind of my least favorite with Pinkie Pie as my second least favorite who's great and all but I don't like Pinkie as much as anymore)
BUT... for my favorite Mane Six it's bit of a tie between Twilight or Rarity with Applejack being second place until I choose between Twilight or Rarity.

2. Why did you join this group? :P
Because I like to discuss stories and read them :P

3. What is your favourite story on FimFiction so far? (Feel free not to answer this question if you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.)
There's a lot of great stories so don't make me choose D:

4. What is your New Year's resolution? (If you have one)

5. What is your favourite episode of MLP so far and why?
There's a lot of great episodes in the series but my most favorite might be Sweet & Elite.
Rarity's best episode next to Suited For Success, I just like the episode and a lot about it, and the song Becoming Popular (The "I'm the type of pony, every pony, every pony, should, should, know" song) I could imagine the look on Rarity's face when she tells Rainbow Dash she lied about Dash being the Wonderbolts captain. :P
Also, I just loved the setting and it was interesting seeing fancy Rarity in fancy city Canterlot. There's a whole awful lot of other reasons it's my favorite but this is all I got to say.

6. What is your favourite season and why?
Season 4 because I just loved most of the episodes in it and was pretty interesting!

7. Who is your favourite band?
I'm not into bands or singers, I don't care for any living celebrity that exists and lives at all to be honest.

8. Have you read any of my stories? :P
Not yet, but I'm going to read one of them right now as soon as I'm done with this :P

9. What did you get for Christmas?
I don't celebrate Christmas, my family is Muslim :fluttercry:
(My family and I aren't the type of Muslims that wear shawls all the time though, we only wear shawls during Muslim like hoildays like when we do fasting or when visiting a sarced place to our religion)
But my dad says we can celebrate it in a small way like decorating really or something and we do get christmas gifts.
For christmas 2013 I got a new IPad game XD

372100 Why you're welcome. To be honest all the horror really is in the imagery of what's going on. I'm glad you liked reading the story.

371636 Few thanks I took your advice and read it. It was kinda scary but it was really good:pinkiecrazy:

370256 Trust me it's not as bad as everyone says it is, it's mostly just description of one thing. If you read Rainbow Factory then you'll most likely be fine with Cupcakes.

HELP ME!!:fluttershbad:
I have read rainbow factory:rainbowdetermined2: and the gore didn't bother me. But I really want to read cupcakes:pinkiecrazy:!
People tell me its ultra gory and I'm worried it'll be too gory for me to handle:fluttershysad:. IS THE GORE N CUPCAKES WORSE THAN RAINBOW FACTORY?! SOMEONE HELP MEEE!!!!!!!!:fluttercry:

Where is the banner from? Can someone provide me with a link?

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