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Writing is not literacy, but creativity.

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  • TEquestriaCraft: The Beginning
    Drake doesn't know how he ended up in a strange world. He recognizes the place, but finds himself in the mysterious game of EquestriaCraft. However, he has no idea how terribly dangerous it is.
    Foxes33 · 16k words  ·  10  4 · 621 views
  • TBelow Zero
    Liz doesn't know what happened to her. She suffers no amnesia, but she never knew. She never knew waking up on a white tile floor can be so scary. She never knew that she was taken here for a pointless reason.
    Foxes33 · 2.2k words · 378 views
  • EOur Quiet Tree
    Sometimes young Mavis needs to escape her everyday life. The stress of school and social living gets to her head and she just needs her quiet place. Her little place of imagination where she is safe, but what if somepony follows her?
    Foxes33 · 4.3k words · 277 views
  • TExperiment 76
    Young Blitzer never knew how much danger he was in. He heard bells and whistles, but he doesn't know what happens after. Until they come to his door.
    Foxes33 · 8.3k words  ·  17  3 · 818 views
  • TDust in the Wind
    The Sonic Rainboom, something powerful and could possible be used as an advantage. War has spread and now Equestria believes that there is one hope. The long time descendant of the former general Rainbow Dash, but will she commit?
    Foxes33 · 11k words  ·  13  2 · 488 views

Bahhhh Editting · 11:46pm Mar 14th, 2014

Seeing as I wrote a lot of chapters when I wasn't the best at grammar I am going to be doing some edits on my stories and just adding slightly. I have already done this with EquestriaCraft, because I am obsessed with MineCraft and personally had this story idea going one for a long time. Plus my muse is kinda settled there and I was already starting. Plus I wrote that at 10:00 when I began and I feels bad for thee terrible writing at thee beginning... [the subtitle is the beginning... lol] I

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I never saw it, so yay first one I read xD
You get that achievement.

1431915 Someone else wrote a fic about the whole crew going to Equestria, so I suppose they beat me. :rainbowlaugh:


xD I am tempted to try and think of more reasons so you run out.

This was also the first Delirious Fanfic I have seen on FIM, so considering that also, congrats, your the first person to write about Delirious here. Well from what I have seen. So no guarantee.

1431888 I'm going to be out of thank you's soon. :pinkiehappy:


No problem, besides, Delirious I believe was played very accurately, at least from the videos I have seen of him. I am excited for the next chapter. Plus it wasn't from Delirious's point of view, but the view of a pony in Equestria which made it more unique, since most youtuber/MLP fanfics tell it more so from the youtuber's prospective. Like explaining how they got there from the very start of the chapter then some orientation blah blah, but this one introduced the characters more so then the concept of how it all occurred at the start.

  • Viewing 138 - 142 of 142
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