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I'll be pretty honest with this group. I was searching up a thread when someone said why there isn't much views when it comes to OC based stories.

I flat out told him that nobody wants to make the overall effort to learn a new character when they already know the mane six and the entire cast of the show. So there wasn't a point in trying to learn some new character that probably the person who was reading it won't have the same impact with the character like the guy who originally created it.

Then someone started saying that they need a good group who can take the good OC stories to the next level with a new group and here I am with this group. Hoping to give you guys the good quality stories of all OC related stories.

I'm giving it a goal. I'm giving it a shot. For bronies and regular people who read this site. I will present you with high-class, good reviewing, fun loving, dark depressing, high based, clop fic, rock n' rolling, drunk and on drugs, action adventure and most certainly romantic and comedy stories for all of you people here.

Now if this where the rules go? Then I'll tell it right now.

I'm giving this a one-shot here...

Rule: 1 - All stories must be related to OC's as the main story protagonist or supporter cast but still have a huge role for the story.

Rule: 2 - The mane six can be included for the stories but have the second largest role only. And if they do have the BIGGEST role? Then the OC must be extra real good, (Character, emotions, how they act, something that the viewers feel invested in!).

Rule: 3 - The same goes for the entire MLP cast: They can be included but must reside with Rule: 2.

Rule: 4 - All genres of storytelling included. Action, adventure, horror, thriller, depressing, comedy, drugs, teenage drama, drama, gore, sex, clop sex, regular sex! Fuck whatever you want, everyone, shipping, romance, fantasy, musical, avant-garde and whatever else I will post later.

Rule: 5 - Don't contradict about the sex stuff. Everybody including man, women and child all cringe with delight when it comes to sex. So please post it if you want.

Rule: 6 - I am a fair man, so any comment either it being harsh or whatever to any story or writer or anything including my work is all APPROVED. So go post what you want to post because its all okay too me.

Rule: 7 - Any stories involving music is allowed. I adore it.

Rule: 8 - Any OC's with bad character development will be banned from this group. So please take your time and fulfill the OC character to life. Because everybody will be invested with the story and will sincerely thank you for making their days more subtle.

Rule: 9 - Stories with true events and are taking influences off other books, movies, games, comics is all allowed on here.

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Oh its fine, dude. Don't worry, if they aren't literally involved like actually appearing in the scenes. Then its all good.

But references are something I personally don't mind and like because it does refer to other possible storytelling's in the future.

Hey y'all. I just put both of my stories in this group in the Main OC related stories (No mane six allowed) folder. I feel like I had to let you know, though, that in my tragedy story, the main character makes a small allusion to the mane 6 as they pass through his forest. This occurs in the final chapter where he is closing his story. He is simply observing their presence; they are not integral to the story at all, nor is there any interaction with them.

Knowing this, is it still alright for that story to be in that specific folder?


Hey great!

If you have anymore stories with good quality OC's then pop them into the folders we have.:pinkiehappy:

We should be getting more folders shortly now to fit all the specific needs.:facehoof:

Thanks for joining and all the best!:heart:

I'll jump in here.

Whipping up a great big Doctor Hooves story with OC companions. The way I wanted the story to go, it wouldn't work to have any established characters as the companions. This will be my first excursion into OCs, though I have written several non-MLP stories with all original characters.


that would qualify as OC as a main.

334798 I'll give it some thought over work, but I gotta get going.


We'll look into it. Any suggestions?

Though the title of the group comes off as sort of pretentious...

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