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I'm a fantasy enthusiast who loves to write, and I'm aiming to be a professional fantasy writer eventually. I love to help out other authors when I can. Feel free to PM me or drop by and say 'hi'.

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A Bit of Info About Me

Hiya, I go by the name of SilentBelle. I'm a guy, aiming to sharpen my writing skills and I use fanfiction as a way to do so.

I'm quite fond of RPGs (mostly the fantasy based ones). And tabletop gaming is where I started practicing most of the concepts of storytelling. I aim to be a professional fantasy writer in years to come. This is as good a place to refine the skills as anywhere. In fact, I'd be willing to say it's better than most.

If you write a (non-clop) Sweetie Belle story, chances are that I'll leave an honest opinion on it. I try not to be mean-spirited, because I know how much effort goes into the conception and writing of any story. As such, I'll never downvote a story unless it makes an utter mockery of existence (in which case it would probably be reported to the moderators anyway). If you feel I have slighted you in some way, let me know. I'd hate to have accidentally undermined a fellow author's self-esteem.

Thanks for reading,


One Neat Thing That I Did Get to Do Last Summer · 3:33pm Jan 21st, 2017

During August of 2016, my friends and I visited South Korea. When I went there, there were three things in particular that I wanted to do: I wanted to get some good hiking in, I wanted to see some live Starcraft games, and I wanted to do some karaoke. It turns out I got to do all those things and more. If you want to see that Starcraft bit, Here's a video of it, just go 10:55 into the video

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Good night, sweet princess.

Damn, a good writer lost in a flash...

Sadly the last login date compared to the blog makes me think something happened. I hope not.

I wish you luck wherever you are!

I just wanted to say I always enjoyed your Sicon of Change series. Every time I come back on this site I always take the time to read it again, because it’s that good! God bless you for writing it!

Please undead yourself.

Hope your doing well, and you keep writing, pony or not!

  • Viewing 160 - 164 of 164
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