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Story Rules

Every month we have a contest, but since we are just starting, we will have a contest when we have 50 members. Contest can have clop and gore . Every month, the admins will pick a random genre and 6 characters. You have one month to post it to Monthly submissions folder. if you win your story goes to the Monthly winning folder. If you get second or third place you will go in the second or third place folder. If you didn't win you will go to the didn't win but was still good folder. If your story is good, it will be mini-featured and put in the best fics of the month folder.

How it works more detailed: Once we have all judges and admins set up and a good amount of judges, we focus first on a genre. If it's a sad story, then we want you to make us cry or feel bittersweet. If it's a comedy, make us laugh real hard. Once we all decide on a genre, we get the idea of a prompt coming. The judges then contact me for a prompt idea from the thread or their own idea matching the genre. If we all agree, then we pick 6 or less characters; it could range from one character to five. As a judge and admin will choose six you really want and six you be ok with. We will mix them up and make a certain amount. Every first day of a month, me or an admin will post a thread about the contest with all the rules and prompts on it.

Their will be one prompt per contest. You will then submit when you're done with your story to the Monthly submission thread. Than you will wait till the 25th of the month for the results. When it is over, all submissions in that folder will disappear and only the winner will be in the Monthly winner for so and so genre. We will have a certain theme to each prompt; if our prompt wants someone talking most of the fic, then we look for creativity and dialogue.

Every month, our judges choose one fic out of what we have to be mini-featured on the front page. The judges or admins will say good things about it and why people should read it.

If you are a judge here is how we review a submission for a fic.
Pros You list three good things about it, but you PM them to me.
Cons You list three bad things about it.
Grammar You tell me about how they did grammar wise on punctuation.
Story flow Did the story have a few bumps, or did it go with the flow.
Theme Did it follow the theme well overall.
Overall score You give a X/10 ratio of this story in general.
Favorite parts List some good things or stuff you will remember about this fic.

Judges will PM me this and I will decide the winner.

First place gets a special quote they can choose from made up to already famous quotes on the front page. Their name will be their too.
Second place gets a name in second place folder and gets to post a quote also.
Third place finally gets a name in front page and a special quote also they want us to remember. Or something of their liking.

You may not use a story you have been working on for ten months or is already published. It must be new and be submitted to fimfic at the time of the contest.


1. No hating on other fics for no reason or bashing people because they don't like something you don't like.

2. No posting threads that contain porn or gore, enless you have permission by me.

3. No making sticky threads without my permission.

4. Be nice and kind to others.

5. Have fun


First offense, you're banned for a day.

Second offense, you're banned for a week.

Third offense and you are banned forever.

if you will like to be an admin please fill out a paper and PM me the link on why you should be. I will bring it out to 5 admins.

Admins: Your job is to keep this group running. You don't have to be on 24/7 just be on for a decent time. If you are gone for the week or month, let us know instead of not telling us. You will no longer be admin if you do that. You must follow the rules and help other people follow them. Every month, please message me what you have done to help the group to know if you helped or just abused your power. I can tell if you're lying, too.

Judges: You are the meat to this group. We are looking for judges right now. PM me if you would like to be one. I will PM you back if I am interested. You must review a test story to see if you are a fair, unbiased judge. Your job is to review submissions to see if they win. Like the admins, please message me each month to see if you're still here or alive.

Users: You help this group by posting stories and helping us out. You don't have much power though you can write amazing fics. You may not write or judge, be an admin at the same time.

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Y U no start next contest?

Yay! I'm 50th member!:pinkiehappy:

:D I feel special!!!:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::yay:

Reminder, we still need four more judges. PM me if you would like and read my post on the forums for more details. We can't start endless we have at least three, but we need five

Thanks:twilightsmile::pinkiesad2: But, don't know if copy paste, or written by yourself. nah, it doesn't matter. Thank you!

Well it's my birthday today!

Well, you can write for fun and I will still mention it, but it wouldn't win anything. If all judges did that than we would have tons of people asking me that. I hate letting people down though. You have to choose really, judge or user. Sorry if it is complicated.:twilightblush:

315124:twilightsheepish: Sorry, I fixed most of what I can find. Will you forgive me.:twilightsheepish:


I feel your pain... :pinkiesick:

315112 Oh okay, I'll go stand at a corner of my house and think on what i did.

I thought third is the one with the hairy chest... hey look a butterfly!

315101 315101 First the worst, second the best, and third has swerve.(idk why)

It was my time to shine there!:rainbowlaugh:

No one will get first comment except me!

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