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Fan theory... yes it's fucking FoE lmao · 4:11pm November 7th

So some friends and I have been working on a rather complex fan theory about how the events of FoE transpired into g5 and the loss of magic all the way around through division. Basically, the pegasi closing off the sky was the long term catalyst for this theory in that it paved the way for division of the pony races. Granted this is heavily based on Kkat and Somber's fantastic works, along with all coinciding 'purist' FoE crossovers, but the sad thing is it feels like it holds water.

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Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed it! There will be a sequel coming out before too long. I hope you get the chance to check it out! Thanks again!

Ah, das ist why, well it is a very good story.

Thanks for pinning one of my stories.

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