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One mans mission to entertain the masses with tales of a universe that doesn't exist!

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This Fo:E book has been advertised on my Fo:E group on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/foebooks/

Feel free to join us on there. We encourage self-promotion, bragging and gushing about your own or other people's fics. Great place to hang out and make friends. :)

KellyTheDrwaingUnicorn! here is the link, I will update my pic on the cover with the right link.

Holly cow! I had no clue people could actually comment on this story lol. Thank you so much for sharing my story, I can only hope that your group members enjoy the read! I have a new chapter out, roughly every month, give or take a week.

not gonna start reading till more chapters come out but its looks like a decent read

Aaannndd done, nice read my foreshadowing skills need improving, but the story doesn't, keep up the good work!

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement! I release a new chapter on the first of the month, every month, depending on how long the art work takes to get done.

This whole fic is like a big scratch 21 song I love it.

Thanks! I have never heard of Scratch 21 but now I will search them out! Thanks for reading!


Hello, a few months ago in a Reddit thread I said I would check out your story after I finished Horizons, and I am so glad I added it to my list and finally caught up!
There are a few rough patches with grammar, but they are easy to overlook with a great story panning out. Also, your writing has improved very much since chapter one.
The protagonist and character development are what really set it apart from other fics I've read though. Cal is easily my favorite character so far, I believe you mentioned earlier that you based him off of a real friend you have, I too have a long-time friend that behaves in almost exactly the same manner maybe less children showing up but still a stunning resemblance.
I also love the recurring theme of Joey and Cal destroying every place they spend the night. You have brought me many laughs and smiles.

Anyway, you have a great story here and I look forward to the next chapter!

Hello Banana Bag! Thank you for the kind words! Thanks to the help of good friends, I have managed to somehow make something readable lol. I'm so happy that someone finally caught on to the joke about Joey and Cal's sleeping quarters always being doomed to some form of destruction, be it at their own hooves or otherwise. I have zero plans for this story to end anytime soon, but production has slowed a bit due to work. I work in a tourist town and my work varies month to month. soon i will be back to my once per month schedule and hopefully put out more than one per month if i can! Be sure to always check the bottoms of the chapters as well, I have a nasty habit of sneaking in art work there :p

Thanks again,

i started reading this expecting it to be rough due to the authors note at the beginning

but it wasn't. it was pretty good from the start, caught my attention and kept it pretty well (currently in chapter 3). story is decently paced and descriptive enough. plus plenty humorous (pet bush).

lookign forward to continue reading it, and seeing where all it goes.

to the author: the authors note made me question your confidence in writing. i can happily say don't question your confidence. your doing fine =)

Thank you so much for your kind words! This story has taught me many things about writing as well as grammar in general. I am a college drop out (3 times no less), failed every English class I have ever taken and before this, could barely form a proper sentence. I still have a long ways to go in the way of learning, but it is comments like yours that keep me going.

As for the author's note at the start of the 1st chapter, I really need to get around to repairing chapter 1,1.2, and 2 so that I can take that down. Some of the names of towns are spelled incorrectly, cap,punctuation and formatting is all over the place and I feel that a few things need to be toned down. I think that a lot of people see the author's note and bail before they read the first line in the story. But what can I say, I'm a full disclosure kinda guy and I hate to disappoint.

Thank you again for your comment, it means more to me that you will ever know! So there you go, now you know, you read the show and are free to go!

ok all caught up. gotta admit, i didn't much enjoy the story of the underground city, partially cause it went by so fast, events happen so fast and (to quote Joey...wtf is with these mares)....and cause it seems a bit like filler (what purpose does it serve to the overall. he went in, brought the missing peeps out, and.....turned on the power. not much change, hopefully this comes back around in the future.)

however the part after in hoofington, plus in filly. back on track and loved it. got a little nervous with the run-in with calamity (always a bit worried when books cross paths in case they start contradicting) but that moment was kept short, sweet....and..............Xenith....what are you not telling us........freaking zebras and being mysterious <.<
anyway. the filly part was great, the humor and dialogue between characters nice, and i'm looking forward to what comes next =D

though i do think you need...a proper antagonist. kinda thought the...gas bomb in caliber's house would lead to something, but i haven't really seen an overall antagonist, just a fast rotating line of them coming and going

HI again!

Glad to see that you came back for more! Don't worry, the underground city will be coming back to play a much larger role later on. The reason for it being kept short was due to the over all nature of the lead character, Joey is not the type to hang around a place too long if he can help it. Sadly, he will have to go back there and deal with further... Things.

As far as characters from other stories and interactions with them, I like to have a soft touch if any at all. I don't like to step on ground that is not mine, but I do like to pay Homage to them when I can. Calamity is always my first choice seeing as he and Joey are both feathered up weirdos that end up being the fallout versions of Uber. As far as Xenith.... Sneeky little Zebras... I promise I am going somewhere with that, just not for the moment XD.

Ah the bad guy thing. There is a bad guy, and he has been there for most of the story (in my writer's mind that is) leaving subtle hints and nudges and he was a part of the gas bomb. As to who he is, you will just have to wait and see. When I started this story, I wanted to base it on something that I love about the show itself. Slice of life. I love BG characters and I love the idea of them all having their own little lives that they live. In stories like FoE, I love the idea of a story that tells more about ponies who are not out to save the wasteland, but more so just save themselves or their family. Sadly, this makes for slow plot progression with the way I write. Take with that that these are Wasteland born ponies who have seen 90% of what the Wastes can throw at you, and you have to get creative with what to write about.

All in all this is more of a 'coming of age/ love story' with a huge scoop of comedy on top. The villain in this case is more of the sprinkles on top, but trust me, those are not candy sprinkles, more like ghost pepper flakes!

Lastly, I want to thank you for being the first person to leave some real constructive criticism out side of myself and my editor. I love hearing from anyone who is willing to read this and appreciate any and all feedback or suggestions. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

=D can't w8 for the next chapter (also lol pegasus uber)

Well, I just managed to finish it and quite like it. The characters are funny and diverse, but I am wondering how you are going to shape Zuri, Shale, Val and Fetch. They aren't that fleshed out so far, at least, that is how they feel to me.

I am wondering what is going to happen to Lavender after all this.

As for the dynamic of the group as a whole, you will be seeing quite a bit of character growth over the next few chapters with particular focus on Shale, Zu and Val. Fetch will have his part to play in all of this and will have quite the role in the next chapter, but as for Lavender... You will see soon.

Why did you make the chapters so long?

It's a FoE thing. Lots of little details.

can't w8 for whats next =D

it's on it's way too. life just got complicated and ate up a lot of my time. Soon my homie, soon.

I’m massively enjoying this. I’ll write a better review later but for now thank you for sharing this great story with us

Thank you for your kind words! I'm working on 10 as we speak and soon hope to start the edit. I'm so happy you are enjoying this

You’re welcome! I’ve been writing my own FO:E so i know how important comments and feedback are -Hoofbump-

oh my! Link your story here, I would like to check it out!

No problem: I Am working on the latest chapter, but this week has been more hectic than the past few

WOOOT! What happened to the old cover!

Damn, just.... damn.

It took me some time to remember again who was who, but after that.... just damn.

Next chapter will have to be a little more light heart'd after that. It took me forever to get this out on paper due to the nature of the situation for Fetch. Being a father myself, this shit hurted.

No worries, it will be back soon enough. I like to rotate out the cover photo every now and again to keep it looking fresh and new. I usually change it when I push out a new chapter or if someone draws something from the story that would make a good cover to show the artist some love.

Joey X Zuri Is Cute, I love it!

Just a heads up, I sneak art into nearly all the chapters if I get the chance.

been a while since i read, time to catch up =)

Fetch and Joey just look so cute together.:raritystarry:

From somewhere far off, I could hear the sound of dozens of hooves pounding into the ground, echoed by the sound of ponies yelling and screaming. Somewhere among the shouting, Caliber and I both made out the word "Cunt" being screamed in a metallic, tinny sounding voice. Both of our heads turned in unison to see where it had come from, only to be met by a large horde of ponies rushing into the town.

Oh dear...oh dear oh dear......:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Yes! I have been going through some family drama and life drama that has kind of murdered off my creative spark. Between debts and kids getting sick, my time has been stretched to nothing after working overtime. But, I have been working on and off on the next chapter of this story. I have no plans on letting this go anytime soon, but for the moment I am saving money for bronycon 2019, so... I'm exhausted lol.

Well, I hope things get better...have fun at Bronycon.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Absolutely loved it. The scene at the end was so...oh the feels man, the feels! Damn good chapter...

Yet another wonderful chapter, I'm already looking forward to the next update!

Well, I seem to have hit a grove... so expect it sooner than later!


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