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Okay its benn ages since i was on here, feels strange...

I Don't know how they got there


Hello, I no longer possess Elder Brother · 11:55pm Dec 20th, 2019

As i just said, I no longer poessess The Elder Brother, you may be asking why, ill tell you, Yoni simply wanted it back, as he felt reinspired by its ideas and is hoping to bring it back as it is his story and im not going to say no to him wanting it back, and really i felt i was not worthy of completing the fic. tho i also fell off the fandom a bit, i still love pony but as I do but im just not as cought up in it as i have ben, tho i can say im much more of a Furry now, and i will be doing

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You're welcome, grate story so far, and thanks for excluding thorax in the story.)

Thanks for faving Unlike Any Other!


Love your story THE ELDER BROTHER, are you ever going to finish it?

2376576 because thats how the story starts.

2376575 Why something so depressing.

2376567 gamma ray, in the ally laying curled up on the steps with the tattered book placed at his side whale he is wrapped in rags. The plushie fermly in his grip as he sleeps. It's snowing. His colors are dark green for his mane. Light for his body. Mane and tail are very messy and dirty.

2376564 Ok so...what do you want?

2376532 ok, its cover art for my fic a little something I can call mine. Its about a young colt named gamma ray. Is exiled from his family because they simply did not like him and the only family member that did care for him was his older brother but he died a year before and that ended up with him becoming homeless. He's out on the streets for that year sick hungry and cold living in a back alley with many other homeless ponies residing in Manehattan. Later he end up being taken in by Coco Pommel.

I need some cover art decrypting him in the back alley among those home with with a Ghostly figure of his older brother looking over him his older brother's nname is Doodle, and gamma has to be holding his only and favorite possessions, a Dareing Do book and plushie.

What is it anyway?

2376497 I wasnt going to have you do them all. I just wanted one done at the moment if that's ok. I don't mind if it's just black and white or colored.

You mentioned more then one, and I already have to write 4 stories while created concept art for all 4 of them too.

I am a but full handed now.

2376423 art, more pacifically cover art have a few stories that need some.

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What type of Requests?

2359465 your welcome.

Thanks for the favourite!

2338089 your welcom , I it was hot a fuck

Thanks for the fave. I appreciate the support! :pinkiehappy:

2324598 your welcome

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