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i'm done.

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my area of expertise is pornography with kinks related to BDSM. Though i have written plenty of SFW content and other kinks.


Commissions over 3000 words: $40 per 1000 words, rounding up after 700 words (Ex. 3699 = $120 while 3701 = $160).

Commissions under 3000 words: $0.05 per word.

If interested contact me at my business email (kimberlybradford1993@gmail.com) or on Discord (kimberly#1453).

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That's All She Wrote

This account will remain active to communicate with clients/patrons, to preserve my read later list, and for the occasional comment when i actually feel like coming back from the grave. (And i guess the blogs can stay because i can't be bother to delete all 119 of them)

As you might've noticed my fics are gone.

Thankfully, all the quality ones are backed up at FurAffinity, AO3, and OffPrint.


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