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When the dusters wiped out Applejack's orchard and the economic collapse, Rarity's business, bank robbing started to look like a pretty appealing career choice.

Neither really thought they'd become the greatest crime duo in history, however.

Written as a gift to my exotic French lover and lovely boyfriend, RoMS.

Cover art was designed by myself using vectors by AndoAnimalia and FamousMari5. A million thank yous to them for putting this type of stuff out.

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Twilight is a learned soul, and a learned soul is a busy soul, and a busy soul might have forgotten that it's Mother's Day this weekend.

Thankfully, Celestia comes to the rescue.

Proofread by, you'll never guess, Undome Tinwe, many thanks to them for the help and all the help they've provided over the years.

Written at the behest of my patrons for their June Project, consider joining my Patreon to influence future votes!

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It's Rarity's first birthday since she and Twilight started dating. Obviously, Twilight isn't overthinking this fact and totally isn't losing sleep over what would be the perfect gift to get her marefriend.

Hopefully Rarity isn't too alarmed about her sudden absence two weeks prior to the big day.

A gift for Monochromatic, the Donald of my Three Mouseketeers. But like an R63 Donald.

Proofread by Undome Tinwe, who is the Mickey of my Three Mouseketeer. And also the only one who can actually use a sword.

Cover Art by IsaSlashLaps_SP who i unfortunately don't know well enough to make a Mouseketeer but she was very kind to lend me this cover art and is an exceptionally talented author who is well worth the follow on DA. Check out the specific piece here.

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Ladyhood is a concept that Rarity knows well, so there's no better pony to teach Sweetie Belle the ropes when she comes of age.

Though, Sweetie had no idea that adulthood would be so scandalous.

Proofread by RoMS, the only rational member of my polycule.

Cover Art was done by LA-ndy, so many thanks to him for allowing me to use this piece. You should really give him a follow on Twitter.

This was written for a Quills & Sofas event.

Holy smokes, this got a live reading by StraightToThePointStudio, that's kind of POG

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This story is a sequel to A Simple Question

Sunburst has been dating Shining and Cadance for a while now, and while things have been going great, he can't help but feel left out when the royal couple sometimes goes on private trips to the countryside without him.

But this time is different: Shining and Cadance have asked him to join them, and he leaps at the offer.

Turns out they have something very special planned.

Written as my March Patreon goal! If you'd like to influence my monthly Patreon projects, don't be afraid to join for as little as $1 per month at this link.

Proofread by, you guessed it, the man, the myth, the legend, Undome Tinwe.

The cover art is done by the ever fantastic Pastal-Pony-Pictures. She draws some really cute horses and its an honour to be able to use her art. The specific picture can be found here.

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After Equestria's defeat at the hands of Sombra, their navy fled in an effort to evade capture. Years later, this forsaken fleet scours the world in an effort to survive, grow, and eventually get the power necessary to reclaim their homeland.

Rarity has heard many tales of the doomed Equestrian fleet, but dreaded the day those ships would visit her homeland.

A Commission for Undome Tinwe. Many thanks to him for sponsoring this endeavour. If you'd be interested in a commission let me know!

Proofread by ever astute boyfriend, RoMS. He'll provide six pages of editing notes for a five page story.

Featured in Round 168 of Seattle's Angels!

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coco pommel is Rarity's submissive. Twilight Sparkle is Sunset's. What happens when both their doms leave to attend a conference in Manehattan?

A whole weekend of hanging out, having casual sex, and learning more about one another than either could possibly imagine.

Oh, and maybe the blossoming of a fresh branch on the polycule.

Fourth Story of the Equestria Girls: University Series.

Proofread by Cynewulf, the mama wolf who picks me up when I fall down. Also Undome Tinwe, what more can I honestly say about him, he's the best.

Cover Art was done by iojknmiojknm, so many thanks to him for letting me use it.

A few things to note:
1) There is some funky capitalization in this fic which seems to go against proper English. It's intentional.
2) Chapter 3 references an abusive relationship (though there is no depiction of abuse or the abuser).

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Sandbar returns to the School of Friendship for his ten-year reunion.

The decade has been kind. From Yona to Ocellus, everyone is getting somewhere in life. But if time brings change, then no one has changed more than Gallus.

Cover Art was done by RedPalette. Many thanks to her and you can find this specific piece here.

Proofread by the handsome RoMS, whose stuff you must check out.

Livereading by WoodeIfNarrator14

Originally written for 2019's Everfree Northwest Iron Author.

Content Warning: Fic features a trans character venting about the trans experience.

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Discord deals with the crippling anxiety of being less successful than his younger brother, Jerry Seinfeld.

Don't worry this is a fic about nothing.

This was the lovely idea voted on by Patrons in October. If you wanna vote on future Patreon projects, consider joining using the link found here.

Proofread by the ever loyal RoMS and Undome Tinwe, and by a new face on fim, SerPounce. All of whom are bae tier and deserve attention.

Cover art was unfortunately created by me, but it used vectors from AceWissle whose stuff is hype.

"That fact that this actually exists has restored my faith in humanity... - IDontWatchMLP

"I think this may well qualify as the strangest crossover I've ever encountered, full stop." - FanOfMostEverything

"This is exactly the proper amount of weird. I love it!" - Heartshine

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There are few constants in nature as universal as the fact that the big spoon will always be big, and the small spoon, small. However, what happens when your tiny unicorn marefriend becomes a princess and is suddenly four heads taller than you?

Follow Applejack and Twilight over the course of twenty years, as love flourishes, vows are exchanged, and Twilight goes against the very laws of nature by proving that even small spoons can be big every once in a while.

Patreon Project for September, if you want to vote on future projects consider joining my Patreon.

Proofed by the extremely gentlemanly, RoMS and Undome Tinwe because, let's be honest, he proofreads everything. Y'all should check them out!

Cover Art was done by CinnamonSparx. Many thanks to him for allowing me to use it, and you can find the piece here.

"Incredibly sweet. Though I was not prepared for a sudden bit of political comedy in that bereavement. Thank you for a wonderful tale of dealing with the Amazing Colossal Girlfriend." - FanOfMostEverything

"This whole story has been heart-meltingly sweet." - Ice Star

"Downer ending to a lovely fluff piece, but a lovely fluff piece all the same. <3" - Rune Soldier Dan

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