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Are you tired of a serious topic being treated as a one-off joke? Would you like to read a story that has a more mature topic that interests you handled in the pony universe? If so, this is the group for you. Whether you want a story that handles a problem you experience for a read you can relate to, or if you just want a story to answer the question of "How would X issue be handled in a pony story?" then this is a good place to find stories. Topics can range from less-traditionally pony ideas (murder mystery stories detailing pony police-work) to more sensitive issues (a pony seeks help for a mental illness).


1) Stories can be mature, but those stories must go under the mature topic folders, as they are mature in both sense of the word. The group as a whole is fine for all readers.

2) Sensitive issues should go in their story category. Stories with no folder to match can go in the 'other/unsorted' folder type.

3) You may add your own stories, just do so with discretion and make sure they align with the themes.

4) The issue must be a primary or secondary focus in the story. (Examples would be: A featuring the protagonist directly dealing with death is primary focus. Secondary focus would be if the character is dealing with the issue later in the story, or it it is more of a side character's issue. It just has to be present and notable.)

5) The controversial folder is for stories that have serious issues, but have different perspectives and a lot of clash that don't fit a specific folder. It has a submissions subfolder, and is otherwise not open for anyone to add just anything to. If you would like to get an idea of the kind of stories in there, just look in the main folder.

6) All site rules still apply here, especially when it comes to posting SFW vs NSFW materials in forums.

7) This isn't the place to evangelize, discriminate, or otherwise politicize something to death in any way that breaks site rules or makes you think you're clever for submitting something that doesn't belong to a folder. Any politics should be fantasy-land pony politics presented seriously in stories, and that's it. Stories about religions should also be about religions in pony settings (even if the morals have real-world applications or whatever) and not about soap-boxing garbage. If you have a story that brings up real-world religions as their Serious Topic, submit it to the controversial folder.

8) Not all stories are doom and gloom stories! Characters seeking treatments, acceptance, and moving on are all serious too! The topics in the story only have to be handled seriously, not tragically! (Unless, y'know, you want it to be a tragedy.)

9) Human and Equestria Girls stories are allowed. Displaced stories aren't. Mature stories are allowed, porn is not. Starting to get the idea?

10) Since this is a group about serious issues, it means that a lot of very gritty, upsetting, and otherwise dark topics will be present in the folders. Making any kind of social posts with the group, harassing members, and most chiefly, advocating for despicable things will get you banned. So, to repeat myself: literally the worst thing you could do in this group is advocate, sympathize, and otherwise treat issues like genocide, incest, pedophilia, rape, or whatever the fuck else as not that bad. This group is here to represent people who want to find serious topics in a pony story for the sake of curiosity, not where some stupid fuck can tell people they think people who want to diddle kids is totally okay and they're not bad at all, or some other sick thing. It's. For. Serious. Horse. Words. Not. Pro-YouBeingScum.

11) Stories also shouldn't be anything that would advocate for anything that breaks the tenth, golden, bolded rule.

12) Stories can go in multiple folders if they have multiple serious focuses. If their serious topic is mature/sex, it's best that they stay in the mature content area, though.

13) Self-aware comedy, dramatic comedy, and black comedy are okay, as long as they adhere to other rules.

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accidentally added "The Art of Rainbow Engineering" to the folder below the "magic" folder

Aw, here I thought that this group would be about handling the characters seriously!

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