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This group is for everything involving Necromancy, Necromancers of all races and sizes within My Little Pony universe!

Feel free to post discussions and add stories into their respective folders in this group, or leave a comment on the main page to show your support for our favorite genre- Necromancy!

“I don't know what's so scary about zombies. Reanimating the dead isn't that hard, but they make TERRIBLE minions. They can't move quickly and they fall to pieces in a matter of days.”

The banner and character is claimed by me and my friend.

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File away as you'd like :).

Thanks man I got a lot of necromancy fics and stored away. who knew being a pack rat would be useful


Just finally came back and started writing, being active in MLP-FiM fanfictions so I created folders to be expanded upon. Invite everyone!

We may have to Pm him about that if we want this group to actually startup.
I mean 87 weeks and still no folders?

Comment posted by Royal7 deleted Jul 28th, 2020

Hey is there anyway somebody could put up a main folder, I got a bunch of necromancy fics that I've come across I just wanted to re-add them to the library

My question exactly.

Now we have to build everything back up again from scratch

Why did the old group go down?

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