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i am dead, yet ever living, i am humble, yet proud, i heal, but i kill, i am wrath, but i am also mercy, what am i?

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  • 4 weeks

    I am death I am sorrow, I am life I am love, I am rage I am fury, I am gentle and I am kind, I'm a servant of the Lord, yet I reside in hell, I walk among you yet you do not see me. what am I?

    answer: a soldier

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  • 54 weeks
    Whats up.

    So an update for everyone on what I've been up to these last couple years.....(sigh).....(deep breath)

    my dad was killed, my mother almost killed, (not in that order,) I had to give up my doctorate and switch career fields, so I'll probably be leaning more towards engineering for the near future at least until we can afford my doctorate,

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  • 195 weeks
    These are real riddles

    "from wretched walls, to hallowed Halls, from Golden thrones, to bleeding homes, I walk a thin, line razor fine, I'm an angel, yet I'm a demon, please tell me: what am I"

    The answer is "human"

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  • 195 weeks
    I'm back

    Hey everybody as you can probably guess I'm back, however I will not be posting very often, I only recently got my creative Spirit back, but you guys should be seeing more chapters very soon as well as a new book later this year, I am happy to announce that me and my sister midnight Rose are writing a collaborative book together, this will be the (as far as I'm aware) third factorio Fic on this site.

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  • 251 weeks
    so... yeah

    I am sorry every one but i may not be able to post new chapters any time soon, what with work, the pigs making bacon bits, my own messed up sleep patterns, and the fire wood fucking me over. i've been a little busy, i may, MAY, have time off this fall... no wait moose season, damn it... well when i get the time you'll know, aufetr'sen may the night guard thy dreams!

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