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from wreched walls, to hallowed halls. from golden thrones, to bleeding homes. I walk a thin line, razor fine. I am a angel, but also a demon. please tell me: what am I?

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  • 27 weeks
    so... yeah

    I am sorry every one but i may not be able to post new chapters any time soon, what with work, the pigs making bacon bits, my own messed up sleep patterns, and the fire wood fucking me over. i've been a little busy, i may, MAY, have time off this fall... no wait moose season, damn it... well when i get the time you'll know, aufetr'sen may the night guard thy dreams!

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  • 37 weeks
    up or west?

    hey, I just want to know if yall want sally & co to join Luna, or head west? cuz the elements don't work on human tech and the ponies inside were shielded by sally's hull

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