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  • Tuesday
    North American Commonwealth

    Just something I wanted to post because I got bored

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  • 4 weeks


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  • 6 weeks
    A sheathed blade

    For those that don’t know or were unaware of the goings of the Minecraft community, a great YouTuber named Technoblade has passed away due to stage four cancer and well I’ll let this video speak for me

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  • 8 weeks
    Daughter of the crimson king fan anime opening

    So for those who read this story I thought recently about writing a anime opening using Core Fade from the Ultraman Netflix show.

    (Note: the normal words are describing what’s happening during the bold lyrics)


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  • 8 weeks
    Frontlines fan art

    For those of you who know what Frontlines is I want to ask, why is it that there’s little to no fan art anywhere I look? Considering the first book “terms of enlistment” came out in 2013 about nine years ago you’d think there be a lot of decent fan art up on the net.

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I like Military stories and romance stories.
Writing is a hobby so no schedule.
I like mecha and anime.
And I enjoy playing video games.


Action and military themed

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Unfortunately I haven’t read it yet but thanks for the warning.

Thanks for reading Stellaris: Breaking Horizons. Unfortunately it was taken down but it will be back up again so keep an eye out.

Thank you for liking my story,

Thanks for the watch

And? I don’t understand what that’s got to do with me

It's a petition to get the complete series released to home video.

Yes I have what that got to do with this?

Haven’t you ever seen “The Penguins of Madagascar” before?

What do you mean?

No problem I like the sunlight stories you make

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