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We here at Encirclement Productions strive for excellence in storytelling, we excel with history, military tactics and other knowledge, need assistance contact us and we’ll be happy to aid

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  • 152 weeks
    Project Phoenix

    Coming soon with zombies, alternative dimensions and geopolitics

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  • 152 weeks
    So I have a test today (wish I was joking)

    They better not pull a April fools on me

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  • 152 weeks
    Man I’m as jittery as someone who just snorted 20 lines

    Hopefully I’ll be able to calm my nerves for the announcement I have planned

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  • 160 weeks
    New project in the works

    Now I’ve decided to delay the original project to later this year to instead work on a new project that happens around 1000 ALB, I’m working on it currently, I plan to have more information soon, if you have any suggestions feel free to PM me

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  • 162 weeks
    So tomorrow is a day that I never in my life cared for

    Inagruation day, I could care less who gets elected, i dislike both parties, but I’m not worried about that I’m worried that when I wake up tomorrow if America will still be there, i have remained apolitical on the platform because it has no place, but well things have heated up in America where I’m concerned that things won’t calm down

    So in short please for the love of all you people love try to keep America together, let’s all just move on with our lives.

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Project Phoenix · 9:52pm Apr 1st, 2021

Coming soon with zombies, alternative dimensions and geopolitics

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Hey, Honk, are you dead here?

What do you think of Rikard Astler?

Comment posted by Sound_wave deleted May 15th, 2021
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