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  • 139 weeks
    Chasing My Muse

    This happens to every author eventually, I suppose. I've simply lost the will/ability to continue working on any of my current projects.

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  • 146 weeks
    An Honest Critique: To Feel Is To Understand

    An Honest Critique of "To Feel Is To Understand" by Arthur Paige

    A note before any of you make it into the critique proper. I attempt to write these reviews with the least amount of personal bias possible, despite my trope and genre preferences. Self Inserts/Human badass OC fics aren't typically my gig.

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  • 147 weeks
    Chapter 1 Revision is out!

    Hoooooooly shit.

    Life's been a fuckin' disaster wrapped in a clusterfuck, but we're getting 'er done boys!

    Chapter 1 revision is finally RELEASED!

    I decided to keep the everfree bit the same for the most part, but I've added additional stoofs before that!

    Go ahead and check it out!

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  • 165 weeks
    Nightmare: Revisions & Expectations going forward.

    Hey y'all.

    So I realize it's been a hot Minnesotan minute since I've actually posted anything. I'm doing a bit better than before, and I'm finally getting some of my ducks in a row. So I figured I owe you guys an update on Nightmare and what's going on with that.

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  • 172 weeks
    An update on where I've been.

    So. I haven't actually uploaded anything in about two weeks now, and I bet a few of you are wondering where I've been.


    Life caught up to me a bit.

    I've got a whole slough of family drama going on right now, and I'm dealing with some personal demons of mine. That doesn't mean I won't continue to upload, but maybe not as often or with the same quality you guys are used to.

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Chasing My Muse · 2:52am Jun 7th, 2020

This happens to every author eventually, I suppose. I've simply lost the will/ability to continue working on any of my current projects.

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As I said, I'm interested to see further content from you!

Thanks so much for the "watching"! Hope it's a good show for you! :twilightsmile:

Considering you've chosen to come to my page with your bullshit, and you're acting like a prick on top of that, I'll treat you with the same kindness.

My criticisms still hold true. Your OC is an edgelord, simply of the Kingdom Heart variety. Your writing is still fraught with errors, which is your editors job to clean up, and I don't particularly care to go through and pick out each individual one. Your story feels like a third grader wrote it.

As for your comment about the tools I've mentioned "not working", such claims are laughable. Khan Academy is a site that provides top quality schooling for free. If you wish to assert that it did not work for you, that is your own issue. Google Docs highlights awkward and clunky sentences with a blue underline, as it does with misspelled words with a red underline. Admittedly, I have not used Grammarly, so I can't speak for that.

If you wish to continue this discourse in private, I would be more than happy to do so. But if you continue to cause a ruckus on my main page I will simply block you and be done with it.

Criticism is very much a part of the writing world. I would suggest you learn to accept that, or you will end up alienating your own audience from your incessant flaming of critics, polite or otherwise.

Hey, just a heads up if you want to revue something next time try to not make it trash by actually stating the correct fact, show evidence when you claim there are errors that even Gdocs could find, and don't tell someone to use stuff that you've clearly never used

No problem, my dude!

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