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A washed up old writer who still tries to live in a heyday that has long since passed...

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Current Affairs. · 4:55am Apr 16th, 2022

Hello all,

This is not really how I wanted to come back into the fold of things, but it seems life has had different plans for me. I do apologize for the long and overdue update on things, the empty promises I've made, and thanking those who have continued to read and enjoy my stories. So, I guess first things first, what has happened in the past two years since my last update?

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B_25 #61 · Jan 14th, 2021 · · 1 ·

Thank you for your support to everyone these last few days.

Glad to have you aboard on Positive Ponies, awesome possum!

Any word on your cadance series?

I've thought about doing a complete rewrite of that story, but I would either do it as COMPLETE start to finish one; AKA take next to NOTHING from the original and make it far better than it could've been. Or option two would be to just heavily edit it and make it marginally better but still faithful to the original.

You can still view the story as it was on FIMfetch (by searching my name and playing with the settings there) in all the glory it had back in the day. But as I've thought about redoing it before, there would come a huge list of challenges, not to mention time to completely redo it over again. Even if it's just a heavily edited version. It's not off the table, but seems unlikely in the near future as I've got other projects that really need my attention before I'd go back and do that.

But thanks for asking!~ It's always heartwarming to see that people still remember that old story even after all those years.:twilightsmile:

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