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Just an average guy trying to balance life, work, and ponies into a hectic schedule!...... Here's hoping for the best!

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My fantastic editor!

After just over four years, I've finally buckled down and got myself an editor. Here's a link.
Check back for future stories too!:twilightsmile:

My Twitch Account!

I recently got a Twitch account setup, and I'm going to stream every now and then!



New chapter, and small update. · 8:40pm Last Friday

Just popping in real quickly here to let you all know I posted a new chapter for Searching for the Beat this morning. If you haven't checked out that story yet, but it sounds like you might be interested, give it a read. It's vastly different from my normal stuff, but I'm really enjoying what I'm doing with it, and where it's going.

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Stories I'm currently reading!

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Hi there!
Thanks for liking and favoriting the story I wrote for you, 'A Dream For My Foal,' it's great to know you enjoyed it. :P hurrdeehurr~


Have a great day and all good things,

Still not sure why I ain't following you.

Great writing, keep up the good work!:raritywink:

Thanks for the follow :twilightsmile:

Fuck why am I not following you?

Fixed that quick.

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