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A washed up old writer who still tries to live in a heyday that has long since passed...


Swept Clean has worked hard all of his life, cleaning buildings top to bottom, including; windows, floors, walls, beds, and anything one could think of that would need cleaning, he does it.

But how can he hope to clean the sickness out of a young colt? Armed only with countless stories to tell, and decades worth of wisdom to impart upon his young mind, maybe there is something he can do to help. Though, you know what he isn't? A doctor.

And yet, that's what seemed to draw this sick little Pegasus towards him. Swept was the greatest thing in the world, and somehow the colt found a friend in him, after hearing the old janitor mention his idol, Spitfire. Surely a few more tales, and some needed snuggles and cuddles should be enough to cure whatever ails the little guy! Besides, he will be better before he knows it, right?

Written for Categorical Grant's Cuddle Contest 2018-2019!

Prompt B

Special thanks to a close friend of mine Duskhoof for helping to motivate me to actually get this done in time, as well as a few pointers along the way. (Got a few collabs coming up with this guy, so stay tuned for those!)

And shout out to my editor Salty Alty for fixing my mistakes. (Check out his stories if you want too!)

And, to the judges who might read this, thank you for taking the time to read this story. I hope you enjoy it somewhat, and I'm eager to lean about what I could do to become a better writer! I've got more stuff planned for the future, so if you want to see more, make sure you hit that follow button so you can stay up to date on everything I'm doing.:twilightsmile:

Now with a live reading! Check it out here: StraightToThePointStudio reads Tell Me A Story.

DISCLAIMER: Spitfire in this story was an orphan, who ran away from home at a young age. While she did eventually reconnect with her mother, when she joined the Wonderbolt's, she was a runaway orphan. That's why it's an Alt Uni. Okay? Okay.

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FIRST! Iā€™m first!

This story made me genuinely weep a little, it reminded me of my closest nan and having to say a bittersweet goodbye.

I love this tale. Thank you for writing it.
All good things, my best friend,

This is what some might call...

"Good Shit my doodz."

This is a wonderful story! And yes, I did cry, but this tale is just too wonderful not to!

Very nicely done!

Ooof Ooof Ooof this hit deep. Really well done. :')

Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiesad2:

Oof, talk about a hit to the Feels. Very well done!

This is a really powerful piece of literature. The raw emotions this inspires is really something else. Thank you for writing this. I needed a story like this.

Bruh, why you gotta make me cry like this.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

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