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A washed up old writer who still tries to live in a heyday that has long since passed...


Rainbow Dash isn't one to leave her friends out of anything, ESPECIALLY when they already feel like the world is stacking up against them. When one of her close friends is seemingly forgotten about, she makes it her duty to show him just how much everypony cares!

Originally written for an anthology under the request of B_25 for an artist by the name of NC Mares for their birthday! Reposted at B's request due to rule stuff.

Contains: Macro/Micro, cute stuff, and friendship.

EDIT: Somehow this got featured only a few hours after posting. All I can say is, thank you all so much! : D

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That is so freakin' pinkie.:pinkiesad2::pinkiecrazy:
Good read

Was always one of my faves of the bunch :rainbowkiss:

I enjoyed this one greatly.

Hmm... I would like to read more of this. More snuggle stories with Ben and Dash. Perhaps a sort of prequel on how he landed in Equestria?

Nope, rejected

To each their own I guess. Thanks for the comment!

I love it when Dash is being a real sweetheart.

nice history, good work👍

Omg this is cute. Imagine how comfy it would be if you were tiny and you got to lay in giant Rainbow dashes chest floof.

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