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"How hard can rocket science be anyway?"


Quick update · 2:53am Aug 6th, 2015

I noticed that when re-writing some old chapters, it doesnt tell you that they have been republished, so to tell you guys that the chapter has been reworked, there will be = signs at either side of the chapter name. This is just a quick way to say that that chapters been refurbished. Ones that dont have it from now on are old chapters due for a revamp!

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I counter with Puff of Logic.

rule of funny for the first. Rule of cool for the second

Two things. One: Rocket Science is... Rather difficult. Two. Wouldn't the tank in the gif be rather useless?

thanks, its really nice to hear someone say that. I absolutely love Excuses easily my favorite recent RDxAnon Fic, and quite possibily my all time favorite. Now i can see why. Its heartwarming actually to think that you based your dash off of mine.

I love your writing and I love how believable you make rainbow and anon, I know excuses is finished but that hasnt stopped me from re-reading it several times now.

I dont write much anymore aside from one or two anonymous green on the dash threads, but who knows I might take up the pen once again.

especially if excuses gets a sequel.

If you ever decide to write some more RD feel free to give me a bell, ill be happy to help

Thanks for the follow! I apologize for being a bit late on the draw regarding the response, but I don't get around on this site that much. Hopefully I'll have more time to get better at that in the future.

I just want to say I'm a huge fan of your works, and I apologize for not making that connection earlier. I remember reading Ut Ametur Iris as you released it chapter by chapter years ago back when I only lurked. I thought Xenophilia was the best thing us Dash lovers would get until I found your story, and I have to admit I strongly preferred the way you wrote her.

Needless to say I'm pretty stoked that you like my writing. You're story was a major influence for me and I would say my 'head cannon' regarding Dash draws most from the one you portrayed in Ut Ametur Iris. For what it's worth I still think you're a better writer than I, and if you ever find it in you to finish your story I'd love to read more.

  • Viewing 76 - 80 of 80
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