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Several years ago, Equestria saw its first human arrive on its soil. In the years he lived there he went through hardships, greif, and lonliness. But he also felt joy, happiness, friendship and even love.

The past is the past, but the things we put behind us are the things that define us.

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Cool story, think you got the sentimentality balance about right.

I don't think you need to indent each paragraph for computer stuff (technical term) though. However, check up on that as grammar is not my strong point, ask my pre-reader :raritywink:

this is tacos :U

I enjoyed this quite a bit. I am not really much of a literary analyst but know what i like and I think that it was good. Especially for something so short. If felt a lot like the whole thing was a recollection in a logical way that someone would recall events when thinking back on them and the ending was satisfying.

i liked it i finished a life story in my head after reading this it took me about an hour

This fic was mainly just a writing exercise in feels and how I think a human might look back on their time in Equestria in a more realistic sense. Even though it is a one-shot feel free to create your own story based off of this one if you wish.

Also I hope I made a few of you Google walschaerts gear XD

2790055 This was cute, although I personally would try my damnedest to get back to Earth. And I would find it unlikely that I would have a relationship with a pony, even my favourite. (Octavia)

I prefer the Stephenson's valve gear, but that's probably just because I like late 19th century British engines with internal cylinders. (Of which by far the majority had Stephenson's gear.)

Same as your other fics being capitalisation your only real grammar problem, and again not bad enough to ruin the flow. You get a thumbs up. :twilightsmile:


If this fic becomes popular enough and there is enough demand I may create a kind of scrapbook fic full of various one-shot scenarios involving this character.

I doubt I'll turn it into a full on story however but if someone wishes to write their own using this as a guide I would be more than supportive.

That would be stinking amazing. I hope you decide to do it.

dude that was a great read. I would absolutely date Dash, but all that heartache would really suck too.

2804180 Ditto. As for the heartache I thought:

Out of all the HiE i've read very few have touched on the idea of proper homesickness some have skimmed over it but none have really written it in as it should have been.

Because I know that if the average joe blow was ripped from everything he'd ever known and couldn't go back we would all feel that way.

I also put the whole daughter and fiancee part in because I am so fucking sick of HiE's being about angsty teens who have no will to live and are orphans (you know because their so common) I just felt like this was a far more realistic approach to the scenario.

I've grown quite close to stories like these

Fimfiction needs more slice of life stories xD
Keep on writing man /)

I'm really fucking glad I found this.


+1 for you.

Edit: I'm the 69th person to like this story.


great story keep it up:rainbowkiss:

That was quite nice. One thumb up for you :twilightsmile:

While I have a bit of a hang up on the human letting go of his fiancee and daughter semi-easily, I liked it.
Nice and sweet!:twilightsmile:

You made my heart go "daww" with this. I'm not sure, how, given the lack of cuteness, but you did nontheless. Congrats I guess?

Well this was very entertaining and its actually pretty rare for a 'father' to end up in Equestria and eventually find love again I liked how he didn't forget just merely let go.

Great story.

3261490 It was three years before that happened and he had one hell of a meltdown beforehand, you know. I'd hardly qualify that as 'semi-easily'.

Nice actually the first story I've read that made be go "dawww".

"weary" => "wary"



The one Human x Pony story that I've read and wasn't like "what am I reading?":rainbowhuh: Really nice story!:pinkiehappy:

While i really prefer slow paced romances, and more than one chapter storys, i have to say this was a nice read.

I am one heartless bastard, but this... This actually warmed that empty void.

Nice. It's very realistic to what would happen and and I thank you for it. Stay safe and live prosperous.

Nice story. But to give up the life you were taken from, would never sit well with me.

I have a feeling that I would have liked this more back in the good old days where it was still possible that Canon!Rainbow Dash would pull her head out of her flank and actually teach her honorary little sister to fly. Unfortunately, she never did, which means that Rainbow Dash...you have failed that pony.

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