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The Art of Lounging


Just because you don't have wings doesn't mean you can't soar. You give Rainbow Dash a rundown of humanity's history with flight.

A 2nd person oneshot with you as Anonymous.

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one of the best human-pony short story evolving both the history of flight and Rainbowdash I am looking forward to anything else from you :eeyup:

Pretty good for a short story.:twilightsmile:

Now write about when he tells her about space travel

We'll see if I can't work that out.

Neat story :rainbowkiss: feels a bit rushed though... but well, with all the geeky aviator facts it might get boring on the long run. So don't know how to do it better :pinkiehappy:
If you write about space travel, I'm curious how you approach the fact, that Laika was shot up with a one way ticket :rainbowlaugh:

It's a good idea but I want a longer version, as it is now it's more of a scene than a story.

Would you mind if I (somehow) stopped being lazy and expanded this story? You would of course get credit for the idea and I would link to your story.

the wright flyer
the fokker Dr.1
the vickers vimy
douglas DC-3
the spitfire
the avro lancaster
the B-29
the metiorite
the bell X-1


Humanity may not have been born with wings but we sure made some good substitutes.

And some pretty stupid mistakes too. Like when many monks in the early 1000's got it through their thick heads that all you needed to fly was a pair of home made wings and a jump off the church building.

Reach for the sky, people. Reach for the sky.

Excellent, perfect for a few minutes of awesome.

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we humans might have not wings but we achieve a lot with only technology without the use of magic

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