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What Is

In the beginning, I was, and so were you
In the middle, I did, and so did you
In the end, I knew, and you knew too
I am and always will be; you are and always will be
Everything came from nothing; zero begot one
And that one brought the rest

The past will be passed again
The present is a gift
The future is a promise
All things come and go
All things return to their origin
All things that were, are

Energy cannot be created or destroyed
For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action
What goes up must come down; as above, so below
A push is a pull from the other side
East becomes west and north becomes south
The only constant is change

Belief is the most powerful force there is
You create your reality by what you believe
I think, therefore I am; I doubt, therefore I might be
The power of the mind trumps the power of the body
Everything happens for a reason
But the reason is yours to decide

Chaos and order are both subservient to balance
There is no beginning; there is no end
Life and death are merely opposite points of a circle
There is more than one answer to every question
There is no ultimatum, no finale
We are only here to learn and be happy

We were not built to last
The driving force within us will continue elsewhere
Our energy is permanent
The tasks we complete are necessary
Our creation sets us apart
But our goals bring us together

We are the image of god
Every part is necessary
All occurrences have meaning
One part of the Whole
A whole part of the One
Be who you want to be

Blog Posts

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    Progress Update and Free Commission

    I am happy with the progress on my stories so far since returning. All of them have been restored in one form or another and are visible on my user page. I would like to have them all on this account, but I've forgotten the password and email address I used for Sepulcher, my old vault account, and I've heard no response regarding the transfer of stories from my alt, Solecism, so I assume they are there to stay. This means that A Legendary Issue will likely remain unfinished, which is a shame,

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Art Stuff

My most favourite fan art ever received by WHARRGARBLSMURF

The Storyteller draft by HeimoBauss

Second Person Shenanigans

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So got any news about the store transfer from the solciem account yet because I really want to finish legendary issue

Ah, just like old times! :yay:

I've sent Meeester a PM regarding the transfer of stories from Solecism to this account. All we can do is wait and see

Try again? Oh wait...

I tried to do or do not. It didn't work.

1001830 I'll be watchin' ya.

Finally, indeed. I'm surprised it's taken them this long.

993105 ooooh ok that makes sense...godamnit divide...cheater

  • Viewing 399 - 408 of 408
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