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A Juggernaut, one of the most deadly foot soldiers on Earth, wakes up from cryosleep to find his ship crash-landed in a foreign location. With seemingly nobody surviving but he, the Juggernaut dons his armour for a final time and prepares to go out guns blazing.

When he makes it outside, he is confronted with something that will shake his very foundations of life.

Written for a friend that has supported me since the beginning.
Cover image thoughtfully recommended to me by Ironwolves21.

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Are you serious? Juggernauts?




what's this crossed over with?


As far as I know, Call Of Duty. Or just a generic military jugger? Maybe the cover is pointing a guy with a jugger armor, which is beyond me.

Hot damn. I've read a few Jugg in Equestria fics back at FF, but none of them could hold a candle to this one. You've really squeezed some life and somewhat of emotion into the slow, lumbering, hulking powerhouse that we all have grown to both love and hate.

Unknown... Man, that had better be a coincidence. If not, then you've made this virtual soldier feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So, who might this mysterious figure be, I wonder? This seems to be some futuristic version of CoD, what with cryosleep and spaceships. I call MW99!

I get the feeling that Six (yup, my nickname for all anonymous characters) here is gonna have to defend himself and his ship from slews of angry multi-colored equines and hordes of forest monsters after displaying his clear dominance over an inferior species. What was that big dog, anyway? My first thought is Clifford, but knowing Equestria, a manticore comes to mind.

Hey... That would be an awesome Survival map. Defending the ship from endless waves of ponies and denizens of the forest. Welp, there's one more reason for me to try and take over Infinity Ward and Hasbro...

So, is this going to be one of your more serious stories, like Cube Land or Kleptomania, or is it going to end quicker? I personally would like to see the rest of this story as fleshed out, detailed, and entertaining as the beginning, but others may not share my sentiment.

Anyhoo, love this story so far (besides the relatable title, and my opinion that the Juggernaut is best killstreak), and looking forward to seeing what trials and tribulations Six has to face in the future!
Hey, I got it! How about some celebratory matches of MW3? Drinks are on me once we triumph, comrade!

2662330 maybe it was an Ursa minor/major? although those are bears, but if the jugg didn't know what a horse was, then he could have mistaken it.

Comment posted by Private Riften Guard deleted Jun 1st, 2013


Pretty sure the 'big dog' was a rather large timberwolf, given the noted coloration (green and brown mainly) and the wood-breaking sounds made when punched in the throat.

Continue... this intrigues me...

yes! yes!! yes!!!:rainbowwild:
finally ive been waiting for 2 years for something like this to come thank you you fine man or woman thank you:pinkiehappy:

I have but one complaint, and that is that you call it a juggernauts suit, which, unless they specifically made new armor made to defend machine gunners, would be an EOD suit

Anyone know what the crossover is?
Hint it is not CoD! (I don't know but it definitely isn't CoD, i think).

A Juggernaut suit is essentially an EOD suit with reinforced plating, among other things.

Lol the guy wants to be left alone and everypony wants to meet him and stuff. That and the local animals are really curious too.

It technically is a Call of Duty crossover, although I can almost guarantee that it doesn't read like one.

Ok, but when did CoD have Halo Tech?

Ever played Black Ops 2? They got some nifty tech in that one. But really, I was basing this off of a possible fourth game in the Modern Warfare series.

Not you again! You're the one that got me in trouble with the Captain. Your and your damned Dalek army....

Anyway, off of the topic of other stories:

This is a nice story author. I'm adding your story to the list of ones written by my slaves...
Now back to typing!

2663117 That is us in a parallel existence. We are in the dimension of 'Unknown'. Worry not, I am not in command of Daleks, not in this existence, anyways.

Oh. Good.

Wait, what were we talking about? And who is that captain I was talking about. I need to lay off the Oxycodone. And clean the blood off of my suit. After a while, the armor plates start reeking of burnt, rotting, and alien flesh...

There goes my first reread of this fic. But the question arises... Dafuq is a Juggernaut gonna do in Equestria? Six is quite the effective war machine... in a place where there's no war. He can't really make any friends or anything because of the language barrier, so he'll just defend his ship to the end?
... And he'll take down hundreds with his dual machine guns before going down.
... Seriously. Dual machine guns. Genius!

You know what quote would fit this nicely when an enemy futilely tries to hurt him?
"Don't you know who I am? I'M THE JUGGERNAUT, BITCH!"
And then he charges. Just like in X-Men.

Silly filly, I forgot to fav.

I wouldnt call this a CoD cross if I were you.

I liek, and need more :pinkiehappy:

Hmm... COD Crossover? doesn't feel like one, but meh, as long as it's like this im fine

God I swear I nearly shed a tear when I misread the post date. First glance it looked like June 1st, 2012. First thought was, "You wrote this awesome story and just LEFT IT AT CHAPTER TWO? DAMN YOU!" But then I realized my mistake. Now I can't stand to wait for the next update. :pinkiehappy:

there is no fourth MW4, Ghosts is alt. universe. Still spaceships and cryo is not really cod like.

This pleases meh. Like, Fav and continue on :twilightsmile:

This is fahking awesome


This is very interesting. I am looking forwards to seeing where you go with this in the future.

Looks interesting, added to read later, I'll give it a review when I have the time to read it.

2663236 ...You. Do you care to start this one off on speaking, non-hostile, terms or do you want to try and start a war with Imperial Britain again?

Because if I recall, the flagship won. farm4.static.flickr.com/3414/3429946627_903153d418_b.jpg

Although the Empire wouldn't mind a parley and possible alliance if you were open to debate.

Edit: Well looks like I wasn't as tired as I thought, so I read it and I think it's great so far. Can't wait for the next chapters.

Quite the read, I wait to see where this leads.

Well, this might be interesting. Will follow for now.

I don't think the ponies understand that he wants to be left ALONE

This HAS been done before, but it was a kick-ass story so, let's see where this takes us.

So he wasted an entire magazine to show that he wanted to be alone? :rainbowhuh:

Why not? He's got an entire armory full of it and plenty of other weapons should he run out of that type of ammo.


I was basing this off of a possible fourth game


Damn, just damn.
You are one hell of a writer.
I have nothing to say about this and other stories from you that i just love it.

ok, i accept its cod but still, i refuse to read it as if it was cod.

hot damn this is good! the fic's found a loving home in my favourites tab for sure. :rainbowkiss:

We never did finish that. Lobo is still inside your imperial starship, and I did lay a few surprises there. WE MUST FINISH THE FIGHT! TO THE PRIVATE MESSAGE MOBILE! (DadadadadaDA)

2665857 I'm still laughing that you forgot that in my earlier comment I told you there was no mainframe on the ship. It was designed to be resistant to remote hacking, although you could've used the nanites to hack the individual hard-wire computers that control the radiation. (As long as you don't destroy the ship I'm game with letting you take control for a bit.)

Is this a crossover with Army of Two, the picture looks very similar to juggernauts in that game.

2663005 Alright, im cool with that

This is gold :pinkiecrazy:

Love this story. Please continue.

This is amazing! Please continue.:pinkiehappy:

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