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Blog 12.5: I'm Alive · 6:33am Jul 8th, 2014

Hello again fellow pony fans. I don't have a lot of time, so I'm gonna make this short and sweet. I was planning to make an blog containing news and updates and all that neat stuff on the 10th(approximately one year after I became an official member on this site), but since I'm going on a family trip until then, I've decided to hold off on it for a day or two. I'm just making this blog now to let you all know that I am indeed still alive. So until I return on Thursday, I bid you all farewell.

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My mashing's upon the keyboard

This is a Bio

Before I discovered this site, I was rather skeptical about the concept of being a brony. However, after stumbling across a Minecraft related crossover by the name of Cube Land,
my views about being a brony changed, so I began reading stories. Soon afterword's (six months...), I decided to make a profile on the site, and this is where we are today. Had I not given Cube Land a chance, I would not be here at all.

Now for the basics about me...

Home state: Texas
Age: Like hell I'm telling you people
Gender: Male
Favorite Game(s):Minecraft, AoT Tribute Game, Brave Frontier, Hearthstone
Favorite Music Genera: Glitch-hop
Favorite Band/artist: Pegboard Nerds/Monstercat
Favorite Shipping Pair: OctaviaXVinyl
Favorite show: Family Guy
Hobbies: Gaming, Reading
Favorite Anime(s): One piece, Soul Eater, Bleach, AoT,

Places I admin:

One Piece Bronies
Minecraft Crossovers
Lost Authors
Collaboration Central
Nostalgic Cartoon Network

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are you alive or dead?

ch.4 now plz on set adrift: kuma in equestria...


Thanks for faving Tough Stains. I'm glad you enjoyed it.



:ajsleepy: Getting a bit late. Guess I'll just dig it Minecraft-style and create a new world in which I'll pretend I'm Steve from Cube Land. :pinkiecrazy:


A fellow closet brony! Nice! :pinkiesmile: I, too, try to restrict all things poni to my personal devices. Trying to keep my affiliation with the fandom as clandestine as possible. Though I do feel kinda bad for not telling even my family or closest friends...

Now, say what you will, but I've been wanting to get a pony plushie to snuggle up to (but haven't for obvious reasons)... :scootangel:

901162 I try to keep all the Poni on this laptop, as well as my other one, buried, as nobody I know has found out about my being on this site.:twilightblush: I too would have used my phone for Fimfiction, had I not dropped it into the snow.

Speaking of which, it turns out that someone happened to find my phone just as we were pulling away from my aunts house. As soon as they found it, they turned it in to T-Mobile... who didn't notify me until yesterday.:ajbemused: To make matters worse, my new phone just came in, so now I have a new phone I'm completely unfamiliar with, and my old, deactivated phone, which I still know like the back of my hand. At least I can finally transfer all my contacts and music and whatnot now. :eeyup:



Poni poni poni on a school laptop? Seems legit. I'm mostly on mobile, so my currently bugged laptop bothers me none.:rainbowlaugh:

901031 And a Merry Christmas to you too.:twilightsmile: Unfortunately, My computer issue has yet to be resolved, but I have my school laptop, so I can still at least get onto the site. I cant do much else though, as all of the files for the chapters of my stories are on my usual laptop.:facehoof: Oh well, being able to get on the site is still better than nothing I suppose.

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My Goals & Works in Progress

I've seen a lot of people on the site with these things so I decided " Why the hell not?"

My goals

These are the goals I plan on accomplishing
Publish a story [X]
Set Adrift: Kuma in Equestria
Publish 5 stories [ ]
Get 100+ likes on a story [ ]
Found my own group [X]
Minecraft Crossovers
Hit the featured box [ ]
Hit the featured box multiple times [ ]
Get 1000 story views [ ]
Get 5000 story views [ ]
Get 100 followers [ ]
Get 250 followers [ ]

These are the goals I will try to accomplish

Publish a story with 100/1 (likes/dislikes)stats[ ]
Publish 10+ stories with 100+ likes [ ]
Get 500 followers [ ]
Get 1000+ followers [ ]
Become well known on the site [ ]
Get multiple famous and respected writers to follow me [ ]
Get 10000 story views [ ]
Get 50000+ story views [ ]
Create my own popular OC [ ]

Works in Progress
Set Adrift: Kuma in Equestria(To be Re-Written)
Chapter 2 100% complete
Chapter 3 100%complete
Chapter 4 15% Complete; On Hiatus

Minecraft Crossover(On Hiatus)
Chapter 1: 40% Complete
Chapter 2: 65% Complete
Chapter 3: 80% Complete
Chapter 4: 0% Complete

Sands of Time
100% Complete