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Hello there. My name's James, and I'm a Metagross.

Yes. A Metagross. As in, the Pokemon.

Myself and five other acquaintances with varying degrees of friendship appeared here in Equestria quite some time ago, having all been transformed into Pokemon for some hereto unknown reason. The process of our reuniting was difficult, and we didn't get a happy ending, but we went our separate ways as friends brought together through extenuating circumstances.

Now, after being woken up from my oh-so comfortable hibernation by one of Princess Celestia's messengers, I find out that there's new, terrifying creatures terrorizing Equestria and even some of the lands beyond. By some of their descriptions, I have an inkling of what they might be.

Guess who's put in charge of cleaning up the mess.


Time to get the gang back together again.

This is a direct sequel to the story A Pokemon Problem. It is highly recommended, albeit not necessary to read that in order to understand this story.

Will write for a better cover image!

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Woohoo! I love this story already! Metagross and Gardevoir are my two favorite pokemon.

Well this is going to be a fun adventure. Been looking forward to this story and hoping that it would be as epic as the previous. I was wrong. It's going to be even more epic!

Also, I'm guessing he can talk with Discord on account of his telepathy?

I have been waiting so long and now I can live it again.

Oh sweet sequels up, looking forward to seeing how this pans out

Interesting, and off to a good start I see. I eagerly await what's in store for our metallic protagonist.

And I wonder what happened to Ryder? (Because James mentioned previously "We don't talk about Ryder")
Did he go mad?

Metagross are a badass and a half.
Also, I wonder if James will be able to walk through the castle without cracking the marble with every step or will he be forced to hover the whole way.

Man this story is even better then the previous one! :D
When should we expect updates?
I prefer daily but would we be lucky enough for monthly or even weekly?

so dost this mean none of james' friends still exist? as except for the ghost all of them should have died of old age by what your explaining?

Metagross is pretty damn high up in my list of awesome pokemon, I wonder if he'll get a mega-evolution at some point... that would be incredible.

Anyways, I'm glad to see the sequel to this story, I loved the first one and hopefully will love this one as well. From what I can gather, one or multiple legendaries (whether they were people before is not yet known) have arrived or will be arriving, with the first one already being in the Everfree forest.

I wonder who is still alive from his party, James and Ryder are immortal, but the others are not. I figure Psychic types live longer for some reason, so Cyndy might still be alive. Seth can hibernate, so the biggest concerns would be Miranda and Caleb. At the same time, you said that they didn't talk about Ryder anymore, and that worries me, as I've always liked him.

Hopefully the first legendary they meet isn't a fire or ghost type, James probably has enough problems as it is.

FINALLY!!!! :pinkiehappy:
I have been waiting for this for so long!
I almost thought you were gonna not make a sequel.

If I remember correctly, Ryder and the rest got into a fight last time.... is that true?


I've been looking forward to this.

*throws hands in air* YAY :fluttershbad:
It's good to see the sequel posted :raritystarry:

Oh god take all my my yes.

Yeah! What do you think your update rate will be?

Okay. I see that you have returned from your unannounced break, and have put this up. Which is cool. Metagross is cool. I like Metagross. I have one on my team. Or do I? I actually don't. I should put one on my team... when I find my DS, that is. Anyway, this was an enjoyable read.

My day has been made. Can't wait for more.

That's a pretty great start! It is very interesting to hear that James has seen and talked to Discord...

All you've done with this chapter is make us wait for a new chapter like impatient foals.

You meanie. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by 111segasonic deleted Oct 1st, 2013

At Last!!! Thank you!!! :)

Yay! Good to see this continuing.

3285087Because they are best pokemon.

Finally, awesomeness is ahoof!

Hmm now how will this effect Equestria as we know it?

Thank you! I ran out of ideas on my first fanfic with the same premise, so now I have a reason not to finish it!:pinkiehappy: (This was not a sarcastic insult or whatever)

"Well, now I need dry panties."

If Shining Armour looked surprised, he didn't show it.

If he looked surprised, he would have definitely shown it, since that's kinda the definition of looking surprised.

Other than that, I'm liking this new story. I would think, though, that being alive for hundreds of years would screws with one's sanity a little, but perhaps the fantastic Human has jaded my thoughts on that somewhat. Something else that has me apprehensive is that this fic also seems to be going the well-worn route of the HiE wherein the human has foreknowledge of the yet-to-happen events in the show, but can't spoil anything for fear of the unknown consequences. The intrigue with the main character knowing Discord is certainly a plus, though, and like I said, this new story seems enjoyable enough overall. Do try not to go the way of the cliche I mentioned, but otherwise, keep it up.

I see what you did there :derpytongue2:

First thing: good point, I'll fix that so it actually makes sense.

Second thing, about the sanity: I thought about making the main character a bit off his rocker, but eventually decided against it because of the amount of time he was in hibernation. Just because he was alive for a long time doesn't mean he was conscious for a long time.

And third: I'll do my best to not go down the well-worn way of Cliche Street.


What? I only listen to a pony's thoughts when it's absolutely necessary, or when I'm bored. And I was bored. Sue me.

I would but the other day i told my lawyer i wanted to sue a 1 ton metal animal residing in a mythical world ruled and inhabited mostly by ponies. I eventually sued him for trying to wrongly imprison someone in an asylum.
people these days

Ten of the first 13 comments have both one thumb up and one down. Weird

3286817 Ain't got nothin' on Blaziken.

Update, or I will launch a cross of Pinkie Pie and Abra at you, Imagine the HORROR of a teleporting Pinkie Pie with party cannons.

3288673I like Blaziken, I really do. But I love Gardevoir even more. And she can whoop Blaziken's ass.

3288839 Doesn't PP already pretty much have teleport powers? She's already able to show up wherever she wants/needs without much difficulty.

Also, I'm curious: What's with the NV transitions? I mean, I have no problem with it (it looks like a double N which reminds me of Black and White), but I don't think I've seen it used as a transition before.

And what's up with the +1/-1 rating on most of the comments? Someone on a trolling spree?

The /\/\/ transitions were just something I made up. I already saw some authors using //// and \\\\\ ones, so I decided to combine the two. It looks kind of silly, but at least it works.

And as for the comments, I guess someone was having a bad day and then someone else upvoted to balance the scales.

I realy want to know what happend to Ryder considering he's my fav type (ghost) but good story

Ah, I see what you did there...
The part where the unicorn winked was a reference, wasn't it?
Or at least I think it was...
You didn't happen to base that part off of "The Keepers of Discord", did you?
I actually can't remember if one of the keepers was a unicorn or not...
Wait, that occurred after Discord's second stoning.
Dammit, I know it's a reference but I'm not sure from what!?
Anyway, awesome chapter, I can't wait for the next one. :)

Dear Solecism.

I must admit I wasn't expecting much when I came into this cross over, but a good read, from a pokemon crossover none the less. I'm quite excited to see what you come up with my fellow writer and may the block of the writer never haunt you.

Yours Truly The Cake Devil.

Yes! Yes! Awww yeah!

Very excited to see this back. Seriously love the way you went with the characters in the last story, already loving where this is going.

You sir, are awesome.


You ma'am, are awesome.

Fixed that for you :rainbowkiss:

i remember this! it seems like months since i read the first part... actually, it was :rainbowlaugh:, it's obviously safe to say that most, if not all, of the other five are deceased, well, the guy who became... Gastly i think, would probably still be... around, because, technically, he died at the start

If I had the choice between having my life narrated by Discord or Morgan Freeman, it would be close, but I'd have to go with Discord.

All of my yes.
:ajsleepy:Now if only my life were interesting enough to be worthy of either of their commentary.

3289731 For some reason I find that's even more Badass now I know you're of the female variety. Are we going to learn what happened to the others in the next chapter? I mean doing the base math it's been 357 years at least.

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