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Nothing is known of It's background. There are only stories and legends, most of them apocryphal, passed down through the ages. In truth, It is a mystery for whom the only true biography is description: It is a universal force, a consumer of souls. It is a being of the void, at times corporeal, other times ethereal. A beast between the planes. It is said that even the Great Equalizer fears Der Grosspony; the Tall Pony.

When a pony with a strange and shrouded past ends up seeking out this abomination purposefully, only ill tidings can come of it.

This was written at the request of a certain user.

Chapters (2)
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Comment posted by Null_Void deleted Jan 21st, 2013

This is shaping up to be an excellent story so far. I really love the complexity of the main character, Enigma, very true to his namesake as well. Maybe when I'm done with Anthropomorphism I'll read this one as well :pinkiehappy:

I absolutely approve of this story :raritystarry:

Wow. I'm surprised: you don't find many good Slender/MLP crossovers, and this is one of them. Good job so far and give that mysterious user a brohoof for thinking of the idea!


This is going to be on the featured page eventually.


But... Enigma is the guy who writes Epic Rap Battles of MLP:rainbowwild: But seriously, I'll read this. I mean, it's DBZ. Duh.

I'm the person that made this request as my name suggests.:pinkiehappy:

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