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Life has a weird way of messing with you. You might get screwed here or there, out a job, maybe a stab in the back, nothing you can't get back from. Then there are those times. The times you can't get back from within your wildest dreams. And the universe couldn't cut me a break and make the impossibility simple. Nope, didn't get to stay human, didn't get the luxury of being transmorgified into a pony, griffon, or other, I didn't even end up as an already established pony within the candyland of Equestria!

Nope, for me, I wake up not as Pinkie Pie, but instead inside the mind of Pinkie Pie. Back on the rock farm when she was a filly. My name ain't that important anymore, but Pinkie's taken to calling me Mena. And it's gonna be a long, windy, freaky road ahead, ain't it?


[Tags will be updated if need be. Dark tag there for overall and reoccurring themes. And while it's not enough to warrant the tag there may be adventure elements from time to time. Critique is welcome and I hope you enjoy!]

Holy cow, featured on day/night one! Thank you muchly so everybody!

9/19/2023: Overall grammar overhaul for existing chapters.

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Me likey! I would love to see this keep going!
I shall now favorite immediately!

She was a frigging pony! But not just any pony. I recognized this pony. The pink fur, the darker pink mane, the blue eyes... That was Pinkamena Diane diddly dang Pie. As a filly. I was in the head of a pony, not of the earth I knew.

Well gosh dillidy dang it's Ned Flanders

Very nice. Its an angle on HiE that I don't see often. I'd love to see where this goes.

VERY interesting concept.

Scan and track, CH-1.

Oh, my god! You, like, totally, 100% stole that name idea from me! I was the first one to think up “Mena” as an alternate to Pinkamena! It’s, like, totally not an obvious choice to make based off of her full name! And I am so, totally for reals right now when complaining about this mundane crap! :flutterrage:

But, seriously, cool to see someone else had the same name change idea I had. Just for that, I’ll probably give this a read . . . soon . . . when I have time. >.< XD
(Where’s the Emoji of that hipster valley girl that Flutters insulted in FITYMI when you need one?)

great story/chapter i hope to see more soon

This reminds me of a project idea I had where a human was transported into Equestria's Dream realm and has to hide is somepony's subconscious...

Now this, this is interesting. You have my full attention.


Reminds me of that one story where a human took control of Rainbow Dash's body while Rainbow Dash sees it happen and later they can switch

The story looks mighty interesting

That sounds interesting actually, do you remember what the story was called?

I remember that, that's an old one! Huh, never did get around to finishing it, thanks for the reminder.

Discord is CERTAINLY in for a big, bad surprise when he attempts to flip Pinka's personality! Mena most likely ain't gonna put up with that sh*t on their watch!

Lookin forward to some more.

It would be hilarious if they did the “Pinkie & Pinkamena” spiel like “Hyde & Jakal”. Only that the human isn’t a murdering psychopath, but that (she), don’t know if the voice was once a male or female, comes out when it gets serious.

You know you f ucked up, when she comes out to play. :rainbowlaugh:

Perfectly Insane

Interesting concept, though I’m not a fan of the human suddenly appears in equestria premise, I hope this one isn’t like the others, cuz I actually like to do far.

I like the idea.

I'm not amazingly enjoying the execution though. The constant exclamation marks that even creep into the narration doesn't really appeal. It's like the whole story is shouting.

Hopefully that slows down in future chapters when there's less reason to portray everyone as surprised.

I think this is actually a completely original idea for HiE. I have never seen a human displaced as a voice in a pony's head. I know there are some where there's basically two humans in one body, but I'm almost certain this is unique, at least among well written stories. And as a result, I would love to see more.
Well, there are few similar stories (Dash of humanity), but usually they begin in the show. This gives more options, among other things.

Got my attention. Looking forward to more.

Actually this is very similar to the story "my voice in a head". It too is about a human becoming the voice in a pony's head. It sadly died and I greatly enjoyed the premise, so I am looking forward to this taking it's place.

Saw this on the Feature Box and couldn't believe that finally someone else is writting a story with a concept that I see so little on the page.
Gotta keep an eye on this.

That's pretty good.
There is some suggestions, based on similar concepts or seen experience:
I like the idea, and would prefer to keep truth hidden... At least mostly and vaguely. I have no idea, how you going to implement pinkie-powers, but it better be connected to Mena's presence. I also would like to not see skipping time to jump to show events, because they kinda boring and here's a lot of uncovered in pinkie's life on farm and before Twilight. Also, childhood is very important time to develop relationships of mc and pp, and it really should be showed to reader. There also important to not cheat l not show pp often happy before rainboom, or it kinda loses purpose.
Also, there is expected to be lot of akward-funny situations with family and pinkie naivness, as well as her almost blowing cover, but I really don't wanna anyone to know about mc, as it would destroy a lot of story potential. But having, for example, Mod knowing truth and helping to hide it would make it much more interesting... But it should not be opened to her for a good amount of time.

Thank ya'll very much for the war response to For I am of Pinkie's Mind! And apologies for not responding to comments all that much as of yet, haven't had so much to respond to before that I'd wrack my brain before just going back to writing this here chapter.

A thanks for the critiques and just general thoughts on the story so far! I hope the story continues to be at least entertaining, and I hope to not force all of you to wait too long between chapters, no guarantees though, cause life is harsh and unyielding.

But, yeah, hope you've enjoyed the latest chapter in the adventures of Pinka and Mena, and hopefully the next chapter will come as easily as this one! Tally ho!

I haven't seen many good fics like this in a while! Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

I imagine a time skip is coming soon. Probably first to either the rainboom or the family finding out, whichever comes first. The next timeskip will probably come when she goes to Ponyville.

Great chapter. I love how their relationship is starting to develop. He has to start learning to let Pinkie trust her gut/Pinkie Sense as much as his advice. Keep up the good work!

Lol, I just put this in my tracking folder today.

great chapter though i prefer Allons-y! it's fun

I appreciate the thought process of the Protag, that acknowledgement of slight greed affecting his decision was pretty real.

I hope he tries his best to stay as secret as possible, it's the smart thing to do after all. Maybe figure out if Pinkie can mentally talk with her so she doesn's sound like she's just talking to herself.

By the way, apparently, it would be Mina, not Mena, as in Pinkamina. This bugged me for a while here.

Ate rock? This one how got here? Did you not remember what you wrote in previous chapter?

If you want them to not be scared when they found out, best lie would be that she is part of pinkie, and not anything alien. Probably better for pinkie too. Just can be probably sensed by her someday.

Huh. Right. I guess, it just sounds wrong, when it cut off the whole name. Also, right before writing comment before, I saw fic using "i". Well, both good enough.

I presume a time skip will be coming up soon. No offense to the fictional characters involved, but the Pie Family don't seem to make an entertaining story. Pinkie excluded, of course.
But I must admit, I always saw the Pie parents as being a slightest bit abusive, not always physically. As a result, I won't be surprised in the slightest if Mena comes to hating them. Which would actually make an interesting plot point, if you think about it.

I posted a comment recently predicting a time skip in the near future, but I also have some thoughts on this stories tie into the show cannon.

I figure once Pinkamena Diane Pie drops the 'mena' part and just goes by Pinkie, likely caused by Mena calling her Pinka always, Mena will potentially be prone to depression as was shown in Party of One. I imagine Mena will grow extremely protective of Pinkie overtime.

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