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What if one day you woke up suddenly drowning? The only saving grace you had was a multitude of pink limbs pulling you out and the next thing you knew you’re surrounded by dozens of Pinkie clones... and that you were one of them.

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Comment posted by Fallenfrost deleted Sep 10th, 2021

I like this.

Wait....No Please don't end....
okay this was fun.
I'm sure somebody will try to argue this has been done before, but I really enjoyed this.
I think the other one of these I read had the Mirror Pool Pinkies being evil or something, but I like how this one 'human' Pinkie was like a coin toss that landed on it's edge; this possibility is so impossible it's possibility is in a infinitesimally small percentage of a percent.
Thanks for your work.
I hope this Pinkie is going to have a fun theoretical adventure

Sweet little short story, written quite well.

Rainbow, Applejack, Twilight are just horrible and terrible in here!!! They nearly killed a human being trapped in a cloned Pinkie Pie body. And despite that, they don't show extreme remorse and guilt?! And she is "cool" with it??!!

*Shakes my head in disappointment*

I mean they pretty much already committed Pinkiecide.
Why would this one clone be the exception?

they are proberbly justifying it as " the clones arent real and destroying them is just stoping a spell". while that might have worked normaly now that they have one walking around normaly along with pinkie then it might click to one of them eventualy that what they did might not be a simple as they thought

one way to keep the human side of her and differentiate them. Lets name her Diane

In the episode...don't they...try to run away?

yes they do but would you think a fly is smarter by running away from you when you squash another or if it sidesteps your squashing then proceeds to verbaly dress you down. if there is a sequal then the pinkies running away could be something that adds on to whoever wonders about if what they did was murder or not

See when something runs away and especially looks like me it is suprising they didn't wait. And they could have popped them later. If it was true...but, because of there impatience they did it anyway.

More over don't they talk? Like by virtue of being a clone...they are a clone? I would not just think well it talks, oh well? Because if even at the end of the day people think I have triumphed. A bad action is still bad even if no one knows it. Or thinks it. I.e them celebrating after they 'won'. Further should Pinkie be more concern and afraid at seeing her face...you burst?

I found some sentences still written in first person.

"For... myself?" I inquired, puzzled at her response.

"Oh thank you!, thank you, thank you!" She gripped a hoof and shook it rapidly, causing my vision to blur before letting go.

"Right." The farm pony said, taking a skeptical glance at me.

well now more survived the purge!
good luck with your new life maybe with your not murder/banishing other clone might make a show in ponyvillage there has to be a few who did ran before the round up or took the train!

I kinda want more. Sounds like a fun character

Great story! Loved every second of it, sad it ended though.

EDIT: Congrats on top of the feature box!

Yeah i agree. Kind of want to know what happens to notpinkie and how she may try to make her identity her own

I know it's a oneshot, but I feel like I speak for many of us when I say I'm insanely curious about the implications of this and what happens next as a result of this.

I might consider a continuation of short stories.


The fact that this particular one was once human!!!! A literal sentient, full thinking being that is just like everybody/everypony. And is not just a mere "clone".

If it was me in this situation?

I would be more complaining, and be more hostile to them. Because they tried to frickin kill me, and also insulting me that I don't have any rights or something?!

Also, the ponies would be super screwed if they were in a different scenario! Like what if the Clone Army of the former Republic from Star Wars. Somehow gets revived, and hears about this "Clone Pinkiecide" incident, and the fact that ponies ( Specifically a purple pony bookworm ) doesn't like "clones", and that they aren't "sentient".

Well Twilight, tell that to over 1 Billion ( Or even 1 Trillion! Considering how massive the clone war is. And the Republic needs many, many, many clones to fight the "Quadrillion" Battle Droids and other Droids from the CIS/Separatists. ) Clone Soldiers from outer space, that you hate and kill other clones?

Twilight : :twilightoops:

Me : :pinkiecrazy:

Oh that rage was getting there, it's just a slow burn for this particular individual. If it weren't for Pinkie, things would have turned sour quickly. I also like seeing ponies being the one at ignorant fault. Not everything is black and white.

I like this oneshot. Someone tells Pinkie that she's can make everyone happy and its okay to not be everywhere. Though it would be cool to see a Pinkie Clone that's not exactly like the original

If the pool is disturbed too much, then it's reflections may not be identical to the original.


Well, they should fully realize of what they almost did. And should feel super guilty and remorseful about it. And that they almost killed a innocent person makes them no better than the villains they have fought.

Perhaps that can be explored in a later continuation. No promises tho.

Way to go anon for channeling your inner Limestone.

Just off the top of my head the sorts of conflicts I think could be interesting for NotPinkie could, of course first and foremost, figuring out just who they are or want to be and the issues of inherently being trapped in Pinkie's shadow (through no fault of Pinkie of course), or trying to come up with a job/career that isnt a premeir party planner (think that occupation only can hold 1 pinkie at a time and is currently occupied :derpytongue2:)

Or how Pinkie feels about NotPinkie. Pinkie did say that notpinkie was her responsibility so it'd be interesting to see what how she interprets that, and how NotPinkie feels about it.

Also I wonder if NotPinkie has any sorts of PTSD of her death, before becoming a clone, or even after for that matter, when faced with the possibility of being killed a second time. (Weirdly this thought came from Yamcha and Krillin's conversation about being brought back from death near the end of DBZ abridged)

Of course then there's the fact that all of Ponyville is going to have to deal with two pinkies immediately after the events of Too Many Pinkie Pies :pinkiecrazy: wouldnt be suprised if there's a few ponies wary of NotPinkie.

Maybe NotPinkie eventually becomes that pinkie clone in manehattan? After all there's already that theory that the manehattan pinkie clone became a dancer from the very same episode that she was introduced in :pinkiecrazy:

But I dont know, mainly this was just me rambling off different Ideas I'd find interesting. Either way I really would enjoy seeing more to this character :pinkiehappy:

I already have some conflicts in mind (Spoilers):
>The clone started living in the CMC's tree house and lived off of their apples without permission.
>Her cutiemark slowly dissipated 3 days after being introduced to Equestria.
>The CMC finds out and finds her without a cutiemark, thus honors her as an official member and lets her sleep in their tree house.
>Pinkie finds out about her living situation and doesn't want her clone to burden her friend Applejack since the clone is "her" responsibility.
>"Diane" Pie works at the milkshake shop and lives with Pinkie Pie for the time being.

>"Hey Diane!"
>The CMC approaches you as you're working the milkshake bar, eyes filled with hopefulness.
"Yeah? What is it kid?"
>"Could you um, buy us tickets to a scary movie?"
"You mean the movie 'Horns'?"
>"Y-Yeah! We wanna get out cutiemarks in being movie reviewers!"
"...You didn't invite me to your little club just so you three could get tickets to an adult movie right?"
>Their eyes revealed all you needed to know, ones that slowly went from fear to disappointment.
"Hahahah! Okay sure. I'll buy you three tickets."
>Their eyes immediately lights up.
>"Cutiemark movie reviewers hurray!"

>Applejack refuses to acknowledge Pinkie as a real pony, always insisting on calling her a clone.
>Applebloom confronts her about this and Applejack reveals that if she did acknowledge her, she would also have to acknowledge that she helped killing dozens if not hundreds of clones.
>"So, you're just gonna continue lyin' to yerself?"
>>"If that what keeps me mah peace of mind, then yes."

>Rainbow Dash tries to hang out with Diane, insisting on being her friend and hang out.
>Diane relents, but eventually accepts because she had nothing better to do.
>After a fun moment together, Rainbow Dash poorly decides to ask what it's like being a clone.
>This puts Diane off guard, saying that "It's alright I guess... why do you ask?"
>Rainbow Dash finally admits that she hasn't been getting any sleep.
>She sees all those Pinkies, and saw how they ran away from her when Twilight was threatening to pop them.
>How painful it must be to expand and pop like a balloon.
>She regrets it and wants to make it up to Diane for being like this.
>Diane accepts.

It's a neat idea and all, but unfortunately the fandom has basically ruined any enjoyment of this episode for me. I don't think I've ever seen a fandom take something in an utterly ridiculous and non-intended way and then run that fanon into the ground.

:ajsmug: No worries, perfectly understandable. Have a nice day.


Thanks for the understanding. Like I said I don't even remotely mean to imply the story isn't good, it's just not a premise I can suspend disbelief for since it is based on the idea that the episode involved murder.

I liked the story, although the second person perspective is not my taste, the plot overcame my personal dislike, it would be easy for me to read more chapters of this, hopefully with an OC or at least that the MC has its own individuality, but those are more personal tastes, very great work.

Second Chance, I name thee.🧐

Agreed, while there are stories similar to this. It still wouldn't be the same

Well this was an interesting, keep it up.

To be fair, this flagrant lack of introspection was inherited from the original episode. In other words, people seem to think it's okay to have this presented as morally unproblematic to literal children, so this isn't the place you should be complaining to. Seriously, what the f:yay: Hasbro?

I always found that episode unquestionably fucked up. the Mane 6 basically killed a bunch of brainwashed children.
But yeah, that *WAS* how the original episode was, huh? :twilightoops:

Damn now I really want a full series of this, it's such an interesting and well done story

The episode itself states that Twilight's spell only sent the clones back to the mirror pool they came from. And according to McCarthy the extra Pinkies were just magic. I don't understand where the idea that they "killed" them came from. :facehoof:

There is no "the episode" to state anything, it's all characters making claims. And being "just magic" doesn't make all that much sense since they're clearly at least as intelligent as animals, while "back to the Mirror Pool" is practically word salad without giving more explanation on what the Mirror Pool actually is. Corporate dropped the adventure elements presumably so that they wouldn't need to explain away people getting exploded, and then here we go with something harder to justify than enemy combatants.

See if that was truly the case, then there would be no reason to have a test to see who's the real Pinkie is. They could have just zapped the real Pinkie and not have the spell do anything. The fact that they did have a test implies that the spell can effect the real Pinkie and trap her in the pool.

I would think that if Twilight, the Element of Magic, says that her spell sends ponies to the mirror pool, it probably does just that. We don't have a reason to doubt her claim in this instance.

Demonstrating a modicum of intelligence doesn't mean that they were sentient. They were most likely golems or constructs, hence "just magic". You can have your own interpretation and make fanfiction out of it, sure, but the show's writers never meant for it to be something so grim as murder.

I'm not really sure what your point is. Her spell can't tell apart ponies from mirror pool clones, it just sends the object she's targeting to the pool. What does that have to do with "killing" them?

Never said it would be killing, but golem or not these beings do seem to share the childlike curiosity and ignorance of a newborn. That, and how self-centered they appear to be as they don't take into consideration of other ponies. It's really up to debate whether these clones are sentient, but if they are then returning them back to the pool could have the same implications of removing them from existence. If they are sentient, then what difference would there be from killing them much akin to a late abortion. If they aren't then one could see why there's no moral issue to it. I think the fandom was just really edgy at that time and like to fascinate about the more grim implications.

Oh, I see what you mean. I always figured the mirror pool was another dimension rather than a state of non-existence. That's interesting. My biggest issue with that episode was Twilight not looking for a way to remove the clones without risking imprisoning the real Pinkie in the pool, so that interpretation makes it even worse to think about. :twilightoops:

The number of times she'd been wrong about how magic works by that point in the show is what makes me question it. To be clear:

Bridle Gossip (Season 1): Twilight claims curses don't exist. This will be important later.
Feeling Pinkie Keen (Season 1): The episode consists of her repeatedly showing a severe lack of scientific acumen by ignoring the orgy of evidence that contradicts her having any idea what she's talking about.
It's About Time (Season 2): "Not scientifically possible" already borders on complete nonsense in a vacuum, and it crosses that border by being used to refer to the existence of the pony directly in front of her at the time. To say nothing of the far more reasonable supposition of a lunatic fanfilly that she completely ignored in favor of claiming that something directly in front her did not exist.
The Crystal Empire (Season 3 premiere): The pony who taught Twilight everything she knows claims that curses totally exist. I told you it would be important later.

In short, Twilight has the classic smart-person problem of assuming that, because she is smarter than everyone else, her preconceived notions override everyone else's actual evidence. (Literally "classic" in the sense that Aristotle was still taken seriously after directly claiming this because science hadn't been invented yet)


Why would they see this Pinkie Clone any differently than ANY other clone.
WE know they are human, or rather have something in them that makes them more, but they do not have that knowledge.
While I do see this as messed up, from their perspective this is just another Pinkie Clone that knows about the Mirror Pool, and will one day go back to make more when it wants to have 'fun'.
All the other Pinkie Clones did do that exact thing, and caused a state of panic.

and we're just a bunch of carbon atoms. Should I be looking beyond the episode itself for context? I didn't realize making any kind of personal reading required reading the author's anecdotes and notes thoroughly. I'll be sure to read the entire wikipedia and cross reference citations before I form any opinion at all about the media I consume next time.


But unlike the rest of the Pinkie Clones, she is not gonna do it anyway.

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