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I'm colourblind. And British. With a German/Russian hybrid accent. And sarcastic. And something else which I can't remember. Oh well. Maybe next time. Ho hum...

Proof reading

I've actually been doing this for a while, I just fell out of it for a little bit, and recently I'm doing it again.
So I suppose I am announcing I am now available as a proofreader. PM me if you need one, and we'll try to do something. Though currently (i.e, Jan. 2019 as a year), I do have a lot of my plate, so no guarantees.

I'm also able to do some editing as well, but I simply don't have the time to be too thorough.


End of MLP:FiM, and do I care? Not a bit. Also a small update + idea · 11:37pm Oct 15th, 2019

(Thought I'd share this, I absolutely love it. Check out Anontheanon, he is amazing.)

Okay, I haven't watched the show seriously since Season 4. The only episodes I've seen after that is when I really need to understand a fic, and I've no option but the skim through an episode.
I really don't have much to say about the end of Season 9. I'd just thought I'd share my thoughts.

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My stories! Check 'em out, if you can!

Stories I've proofread/edited/co-authored. One of those, anyway.

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Okay. I think my brothers have some of those and I will check them out! I hope that you have time to actually read books soon!

Honestly, no. I've been so busy recently, I seem to have lost the time to read proper books. Though I may want to point you in the direct of Terry Pratchett...

Thank you! We probably like similar book types. Any book recommendations?

Followed you cos you seem like a genuinely nice person. I've seen you commenting on so many stories, mister/miss "thanks for the chapter".
Seriously though, I just kept on seeing you around, and figured I'd give you a little follow. It's not like anything bad could come out of it...

And thanks! It's a random image I took from google when I searched up "kitkat pony" and I deserve no credit for it whatsoever, but thanks nonetheless!

Thank you for the follow! Any reason behind it? Also, I love your profile pic!

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