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Aspiring fanfic writer with several dozen fics currently being written. All at once. In a horrible, inefficient mess. But hey, it's not like I can get a job or anything!

Proof reading

I've actually been doing this for a while, I just fell out of it for a little bit, and recently I'm doing it again.
So I suppose I am announcing I am now available as a proofreader. PM me if you need one, and we'll try to do something. Though currently (i.e, Jan. 2019 as a year), I do have a lot of my plate, so no guarantees.

I'm also able to do some editing as well, but I simply don't have the time to be too thorough.


Not-New fics, if anyone cares. · 5:41pm Jun 13th, 2020

Got a bunch of unfinished fics saved. I'm probably gonna publish them just so they're out there soon. Most of Sunset centric, none are of that high quality. They'll probably be out in a month or so, I want to clean them up first. If any of them get enough interest I might try to finish it.
Just if anyone's interested. Friend prompted me into doing this so I myself am not that invested, but just as a fyi.

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My stories! Check 'em out, if you can!

Stories I've proofread/edited/co-authored. One of those, anyway.

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Okay. I think my brothers have some of those and I will check them out! I hope that you have time to actually read books soon!

Honestly, no. I've been so busy recently, I seem to have lost the time to read proper books. Though I may want to point you in the direct of Terry Pratchett...

Thank you! We probably like similar book types. Any book recommendations?

Followed you cos you seem like a genuinely nice person. I've seen you commenting on so many stories, mister/miss "thanks for the chapter".
Seriously though, I just kept on seeing you around, and figured I'd give you a little follow. It's not like anything bad could come out of it...

And thanks! It's a random image I took from google when I searched up "kitkat pony" and I deserve no credit for it whatsoever, but thanks nonetheless!

Thank you for the follow! Any reason behind it? Also, I love your profile pic!

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