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I'm colourblind. And British. With a German/Russian hybrid accent. And sarcastic. And something else which I can't remember. Oh well. Maybe next time. Ho hum...

This space is dedicated to my personal opinions, and what users should expect of me. I may use it to complain, on occasion.

  • I don't care what you think of my story. At all. I'll take stuff to improve it, but at the end of the day, I don't care if you like it or dislike it. I know it sounds harsh, by I write as a hobby. Something I do in my spare time. Comments and positive feedback do motivate me, but at the end of the day, I decide if I write and what I write, not you.
  • I do care if something offends you, however. I come from a very diverse area of Britain, and am well aware how much a tiny comment can actually be extremely offensive. Please point it out if it is so.
  • I usually am quite creative with my lore, so feel free to ask about any backstory, because I'll probably have an answer. I actually enjoy answering questions, so don't be afraid to ask any. Unless it's about politics. I am so sick of them.
  • My own writing is often inspired and influenced by other stories, so if there is any similarities between two stories, then I make sure to mention it. Otherwise, it is unintentional.
  • As I said earlier, writing is my hobby, so I do it when I have free time. As a result, do not expect any sort of schedule from me.

My stories! Check 'em out, if you can!


New story! · 10:48pm October 21st

A short piece. I've never felt so motivated to write, however. I usually complete 5000 words over the course of a month, but recently I've been able to do 12000 per month.
But enough of that! I have done a new story of 5000 words, but you shall have to go to the story itself to see it. Obviously.
Like my Anon-a-miss story, I have a follow up planned. this one is definitely coming out. When? Dunno.

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Thank you for the watch.

Thanks for the fav!:moustache:

I mean, that was just me remedying accidently unfollowing you, so you're technically a bit late, but you're welcome anyway.

Thank you much
For the Watch

Thanks for faving "Wherever You Find Love". I hope that you read and enjoy its sequel as well.

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