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I'm colourblind. And British. With a German/Russian hybrid accent. And sarcastic. And something else which I can't remember. Oh well. Maybe next time. Ho hum...

Proof reading

I've actually been doing this for a while, I just fell out of it for a little bit, and recently I'm doing it again.
So I suppose I am announcing I am now available as a proofreader. PM me if you need one, and we'll try to do something.


Notification about some stories I've been helping with. · 12:28am January 8th

Just realised I haven't promoted this yet - I've been helping co-write and edit an Anon-a-miss crossover story. It's actually a rewrite of a story that I liked, and offered to help with it. It's called Born Again, by a guy called Darkiplier1383, and now me too! It's not the best story around, but it's something I'm enjoying. The basic premise is basically Sunset

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My stories! Check 'em out, if you can!

Stories I've proofread/edited/co-authored. One of those, anyway.

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Thanks for the follow

Thank you for adding our story to your Octavia - Vinyl Scratch bookshelf I hope you like it.

-Coco the Bearded :twilightsmile:

Sure! You have a Discord account?

Really couldn't care less. I'd honestly be fine as just being a source of information and then proofreading. I can write, yes, but having multiple authors doing different parts just creates a completely mismatched story. Especially if they're of varying quality.

Tell you what, message me your plans and I think I can work from there.

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