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When two different supernaturals come together, they are both becoming desperate. One needs food, the other needs power.

How badly does a sister crave the ability to conquer?

How immoral can one get for survival?

Different powers will be traded, different abilities will be gained. This is what happens when two immortals make deals.

No idea what I was doing with that description....
Anyway, this was a direct ripoff (with permission, of course) to The Exchange, by Daniel-Gleebits. It is a direct continuation from the first part of the story, so read it first. It's also done as a short writing exercise in the darker side of fiction, so if I'm honest, it's gonna be completely dogshite. (Update: it is and I hate it but I am strongly against deletion of things so here it remains.)

This fic involves slavery. If you really don't like that, don't read this. You have been warned.
There are also vampires and a fair amount of violence and blood spilling.

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Sunset Shimmer has ended up wasting both of her previous oppotunities to find a new home in both universes, and with Anon-a-miss looming, will she ever get another chance?
Will she finally find somewhere to go?
And now, she is facing more of her past than ever before. But are things really as they seem, despite an all too familiar face telling her it isn't so?

Self harm is limited to Prologue, but mentions of it will continue through story.

And fair warning, the first half of this story is fairly badly written. I promise it gets better!
Edit from author over a year later: it does get better, but not by that much. Really not that well written overall, so be warned!

Burning Sunset's "A Second Chance to Find Home" is dead, and while I certainly don't want to copy their work, I wouldn't mind to see it have an ending.
Please bear in mind that this story will be substantially different, so it is by no means a replacement, or a copy of any kind. Maybe think of this as an AU to the original story.

21/10/18: Thanks for 100 likes! And 2k views somewhere along the line; I honestly didn't notice!

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