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Remain Calm. Prey Endures. The Story Lives. There is Much Work to be Done.

Welcome, one and all, to the unofficial Prey and a Lamb appreciation group! This group is for those who wish to write fan content about this story, those who want to discuss it, and those who just decided to join out of appreciation for it.

Lambs Prey's statement about the question of this group being formed:

To answer your query, I think I mentioned it before, but this is a fanfiction site. And I don't actually own anything but this story and ideas. I can't really prevent anyone doing whatever they want. But, for what good it does, I would say, *Eherm* 'I hope that if anyone does use anything "Prey and a Lamb" related, it is in the spirit of trying to write something they love. Not filth. Just please don't.'

Tenets of the Cult:

1. Ponies bad, except for Crimson, Gloom, and Prey's other (sorta) friends.
2. Death to the Sun Wolf!
3. Eat regularly, because hunger never goes away.
4. Do not pet the sheep.
5. Practice proper mental care, because madness is catching.
6. Don't go in the Wolfing Woods.
7. Always check your food for poison.
8. A person's a person, no matter his origin.
9. Family is important.
10. Randy Pickaxe hate is punishable by a bone rot bath.
11. Life isn't fair.
12. No spoilers for newcomers. (If you haven't read/finished the story, don't look at the threads. They will be full of spoilers.)

I don't own the banner or group image. The group image is the cover art of "Prey and a Lamb", and I got the banner from google images.

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This whole “cult of prey” thing is really taking its time.

Too much time…


Yes... Well, a story as grand as- wait...

Forget that previous comment, I just realized something... Lambs Prey has not joined this group! WE have been forsaken!


I hate this story because it makes all my other favorites look like garbage compared to it.

Comment posted by annetgreyss deleted April 14th

Honestly joined because there wasn't a "super-favorite" option.

I gotta work on tenet #3

Well, that was quick. Let´s build a fanbase elite

All according to plan.

wow what a crew we got going here.

Good, good.

Like any good cult, I'm maximizing potential recruitment

SFW group? Pfft, yeah right, Prey and Lamb is absolutely rated everyone/teen. Yeperions!

I think the only real tenet here was the very last one, no spoilers:rainbowlaugh:

I think the first 11 tenets break the 12th.

Edit(5/622): Also, FIRST! First comment of this group. Hehe, I will forever be first.

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