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so school · 10:04pm Sep 12th, 2017

so yeah school is back and I got nothing done during the summer mainly because this was a very busy summer me and my family had to move a couple times because money isn't the best right now also I had to get prepared for school i have been in school a couple weeks now and well its pretty hard to do school and try to write a story at the same time also i didn't really make a plan for the story other than the ending and a couple chapters in the beginning and the premise of course so yeah its

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thank you for making good stories

Cheers for the watch.

Good, been working on some fan fics for this site as well as some original works... Turning my written work into comics, but my programming job is eating a lot of my time.

a lot better lately but school is still a killer how about you

how are you?

I thank you for that watch.

I'm glad ti hear that me too don't see many stories of prototype sooo you're welcome :twilightsmile:

your welcome I don't usually see many stories like that and I really like the prototype games

Thank you for following me and my Story :D

just took a look at one of your stories and thought it was pretty well written

D'accord. Et merci for the follow what inspired it?

not my art while I am alright at drawing I don't think I'm that good my friend sent it to me a while ago I don't know if he made it or what but I really liked it so I used it plus it kind fit with my name

Votre Icon is really neat is it your art?

the reason I really liked the story is because of how well you wrote it I actually felt kinda sad when reading the last words of the guy on the other end of the radio and overall I felt really immersed in the story even though it as only a few chapters long

Thank you for adding These Final Words to your Favorites.:twilightsmile:

May I ask what you enjoyed about it?

its been fixed thank god... I've lost my excuse to be lazy :raritydespair:

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