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If anyone recognizes me from Fanfiction.net, Hey guys! It's me.

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Recipe: The Writerwriter Sammich · 9:31pm Jun 9th, 2020

Take two slices Italian bread (I prefer the 'everything' style), spread garlic butter on one slice. add a bit of shredded mozzarella cheese if you like.

On the other side, slap down the following:
sandwich pepperoni
seasoned/marinated grilled chicken breast, sliced up into strips (I recommend southwestern style seasoning for a lil heat)
cooked bacon. Doesn't have to be crispy since it'll be going in the oven
put some shredded cheese in between each layer of meat.

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New fic is fun, but just maybe, work on your incomplete stuff first before yet another new fic?

I still hope that, at some point, "Nympho Next Door", "Good Morning Class", "Right Neighborhood", "Enter the Dragon... layer", and "Not a normal hord" might continue. Really enjoyed them.

Heh... actually tried to write down some ideas I had... unfortunately 1) The stuff spiraled out of controlled nearly immediately, 2) I suuuck at writing stories (at least after having been out of practice since school, also trying to write in what ain't my native language doesn't help.) 3)I think I'm competent at coming up with the scenario (even if that isn't something revolutionary. Not everything has to be the most creative new idea. Sometimes something basic can work just as well) but ain't that great at padding the stuff out... and 4) I hope i mentioned that the stuff spiraled out of control nearly immediately and balooned to rather large sizes. I started 3 stories (admittedly with certain overlaps in terms of story stuff) and one I then split in 2 to at least have some change at finishing one half.

My mind has most of the basic stories worked out, but I just can't really write the stuff down or fill the gaps well...

Good to have you back! ­čśÄ

Do you plan on continuing your ÔÇťoperation: dragon haremÔÇŁ story?

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