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If anyone recognizes me from Fanfiction.net, Hey guys! It's me.

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One Punch Wizard finally updated · 3:03am May 25th

Took me a while, but the newest chapter is up on FFN.

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Maybe you should stick to finishing one story at a time instead of throwing it out there all at once. Might juggle things up and nothing will get done.

In your story Dragon Bro Z, you're not going to make Spike as stupidly oblivious to the outside world as Goku is are you?

Comment posted by JunkHead deleted July 15th

Thank you for all of you're hard work and i hope you are doing well. I love ya and appreciate ya just sendin some love man

*poke poke * this author dead?

damn it pinkie just relax he's working on it.
Okay I will...HURRY UP

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