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Spike figured things would be routine once he moved out; a job, home, relax, bed, rinse and repeat.

That is, until he somehow became the adopted older brother to a rambunctious group of little girls...all of them with a habit of calling him by 'Onii-chan', but that's not so bad, right? And he managed to get hold of a place big enough for them all.

Now if only he could figure out where these small technicolor horses keep coming from...

And why they're so cuddle hungry.

Chapters (15)

Every weekend when the library's closed and no threats to Ponykind are around, Spike and Twilight enjoy their nights with munchies and some flicks. This time though, their choice of cinema encourages some interesting discoveries between the long-time friends.

(Image is cropped from Frist44's work on Derpibooru.)

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Six months had passed since Spike had vanished during Twilight's ascension. Six months of frantic searching, worry, and finally grief for the Mane 6 and princesses

That is, until a strange object lands during Twilight and Tirek's battle, carrying the lost drake back home...with a few changes and one heck of a story.

(Inspired by Tatsurou's 'Another Hatchling')

Chapters (31)

On the anniversary of her sister's banishment, Celestia comes across a lost dragon egg during her traditional walk that day. Desperate for some form of companionship, she decides to hatch it herself

However, she didn't quite take into account the effect the amount of alicorn magic she used would have on the egg's contents.

Be ready for a Spike quite unlike any you've seen (and I do mean that quite literally ! )

(just using the 'Other' tag because of the five character limit)

Chapters (23)